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I’m On The Edge July Teasers 2022

Hey fam, Its about to be a long fun filled ride with Adhiraj the beast. Will Devi be able to conquer the beast in him? Read Zee World I’m On The Edge July 2022 Teasers:

Zee World I’m On The Edge July 2022 Teasers

Sunday 10  July  2022

Episode 1

Heera Learns From Ambika That Devi Is Actually Alive. Later, Maasa Plans To Get Devi Married To Adhiraj. Adhiraj Soon Realises That The Girl In The Auto Is Devi Chauhan. Later, Adhiraj Drags Devi Into His Jeep To Present Her To Maasa.

Monday 11  July  2022

Episode 2

Devi Learns The Reason For Maasa’s Anger. Devi Is Forced By Adhiraj To Abandon Her Journey To Delhi. Later, Adhiraj Arrives At Bharat’s House With Wedding Gifts. However, Bharat Burns The Gift And Injures Himself.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Episode 3

The Goons Rob Bharat’s House And Send The Robbed Ornaments To Maasa As Gifts. Urmi Is Jealous As She Sees Adhiraj With Devi’s Photographs. Meanwhile, Devi Refuses To Leave Sujangar. Later, Adhiraj Tells Kesar To Carry The ‘mehndi’ To Devi’s House.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Episode 4

Kesar Tells Devi That She Cannot Return Without Applying ‘mehndi’. Kesar Returns Home Without Applying ‘mehndi’ On Devi’s Palm. Urmi Enters Devi’s House In Disguise. Adhiraj Tortures A Maid And Forces Devi To Agree To Get The ‘mehndi’ Applied.

Thursday 14 July  2022

Episode 5

Adhiraj Learns About Devi’s College Fees. Rekha Refuses To Jeopardise Krishika’s Future By Accepting Financial Help From Bharat. Bharat Decides To Sell His Press. Adhiraj Scares Devi By Setting Fire To Bharat’s Press.

Friday 15  July  2022

Episode 6

Devi Eventually Agrees To Marry Adhiraj. Adhiraj Is Upset As He Sees Defiance In Devi’s Eyes. Maasa Later Arrives At Devi’s House With ‘haldi’.

Saturday 16  July 2022

Episode 7

Devi’s Family Is Surprised To See Urmi At Their Door. Adhiraj Forces Devi To Wear A Veil. Later, Devi Tells Ambika Her Plan To Go Behind Enemy Lines. Later, Urmi Disguises Herself As Devi And Goes To The Temple.

Sunday 17  July  2022

Episode 8

Kesar Realises That Urmi Has Disguised Herself As Devi. Later, A Policeman Overhears Krishika Talking To Her Doll About Devi. Adhiraj Wonders About Devi’s Bravery.  Devi Continues To Pretend To Be A Good Wife.

Monday 18  July  2022

Episode 9

Maasa Tells Kesar To Treat Devi Like A Servant. Maasa Insults The Chauhans And Tells Ambika To Dance For Them. Maasa Worries About Devi Dancing When A Dignitary Arrives. Later, Adhiraj Thanks Devi For Saving His Family From Shame.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Episode 10

Devi Decides To Cook For The Family. Adhiraj Tells Maasa To Beware Of Devi. Maasa Leaves For The Temple. Later, Sharad Reminds Urmi About A Ceremony.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Episode 11

Devi Reaches For A Knife When Adhiraj Scares Her. Maasa Thinks That Adhiraj And Devi Have Made Love. Later, Urmi Sends Poisonous Oil For Devi Through Kesar But Fails To Harm Devi.

Thursday 21 July  2022

Episode 12

Devi Learns About Krishika’s Issue. Maasa, Bansuri And Urmi Converse About Devi, But Devi Overhears Their Conversation. Later, Devi Hatches A Plan.

Friday 22  July  2022

Episode 13

Devi Tells Everyone Where Adhiraj Is. Adhiraj Burns All Of Devi’s Clothes. Later, A Saint Tells Devi To Conduct A ‘puja’ In The House.

Saturday 23  July 2022

Episode 14

Maasa’s Health Worsens, And Adhiraj Seeks Devi’s Help To Save The Former’s Life. Devi Uses Her Medical Skills To Save Maasa. Devi Manages To Outwit Maasa. Urmi Mixes Poison In The Food To Frame Devi.

Sunday 24  July  2022

Episode 15

Urmi Calls The Police When The Children Fall Ill. Later, Urmi Is Shocked To See The Children. Urmi Sets To Motion A Plan Against Devi. Maasa Learns That Adhiraj Did Not Harm Devi’s Family. Devi Recalls Talking To Bharat. She Vows To Make Adhiraj Believe In God.

Monday 25  July  2022

Episode 16

After Learning That Adhiraj Needs Her Help, Devi Makes Several Excuses And Later Refuses To Help Him. He Blackmails Her. Adhiraj Sends The Email To Sharad, And He Allows Devi To Stay Where She Wants To.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Episode 17

Devi Is Excited To Stay With Adhiraj. Devi Reminds Him Of His Promise. He Turns Back On His Words And Insults Her. Devi Later Cries. Maasa Doesn’t Let Devi Treat Adhiraj. The Doctor Praises Devi.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Episode 18

Maasa Sees Devi and Adhiraj Together. Urmi Plans To Kill Devi. She Later Learns That The Mouse Saved Devi’s Life, And Her Plan Backfires. Maasa Scolds Urmi After Learning About Her Plan. Bansuri Plots Against Devi.

Thursday 28 July  2022

Episode 19

Bharat Meets With An Accident. Adhiraj Learns That The Shares In Devi’s Name Are Giving Him Huge Profits. Maasa Doesn’t Let Devi Enter Her House. Adhiraj Later Insults Devi.

Friday 29  July  2022

Episode 20

Maasa does not want Adhiraj to Fall In Love With Devi. She Makes Adhiraj Recall Their Difficult Times And Asks Him To Harm Devi. Devi Believes That Adhiraj Cannot Harm Her. Kesar Informs Devi That Adhiraj Has Given Her An Ointment To Apply To Her Wound, But Devi Refuses To Apply It.

Saturday 30  July 2022

Episode 21

Urmi Ties Devi And Places A Burning Firecracker In Front Of Her Face. Adhiraj Learns That He Lost. Bharat And Ambika Learn About Devi’s Condition. Devi Decides To Fight Back. Maasa Later Learns That Adhiraj Had Sent Ointment For Devi.

Sunday 31  July  2022

Episode 22

Adhiraj Asks Devi To Complete Her Puja Before He Leaves For Office. Maasa Brainwashes Adhiraj. Devi Goes To Adhiraj’s Office To Give Him His Documents And Sees An Ointment There.

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