I Do May 2022 Teasers Zee World


I Do May 2022 Teasers Zee World

Sanam loses her new job. Later, she rebukes Aahil for defaming her. Coming up on ZeeWorld I Do May 2022 Teasers.

ZeeWorld I Do May 2022 Teasers

Sunday 1  May  2022

Episode 159

Haider reveals that Gaffur is innocent and shows the photograph to Asad and Zoya. Later, Zoya decides to put up an act in front of Tanveer.

Monday 2  May 2022

Episode 160

Tanveer falls for Asad and Zoya’s trap and promises to help Asad. Tanveer realises Zoya’s ploy and puts up an act in front of Asad. Later, Tanveer wants to marry Asad and gives him 24 hours to decide.

Tuesday 3  May 2022

Episode 161

Razia blackmails Tanveer, saying that she has evidence that could ruin her. Tanveer tries to kill Razia, who is rescued by Zoya. Later, Razia says that she has recorded Tanveer’s confession.

Wednesday 4  May  2022

Episode 162

Asad brings home Gaffur, who is grateful for the bail. Later, he owns up to his guilt. Razia tells Gaffur that he has saved her dignity. Later, Zoya’s mood lifts up when she watches her childhood video with Haider.

Thursday 5  May  2022

Episode 163

Tanveer approaches Nikhat’s unattended car. Humeira and Haider exchange regards with Asad and Zoya on a video call. Later, Tanveer lurks around the house and seizes an opportunity to kill Najma and Gaffur.

Friday 6  May  2022

Episode 164 

Dilshad is horrified to see Tanveer stabbing Asad, and she runs away with Sanam and Haya. Aahil conducts a meeting with a client. Later, a relative teases Sanam about Anwar.

Saturday 7  May 2022

Episode 165

Sanam gets surprised to see Aahil’s actions. Aahil blames Simran as the car gets stuck in the mud. He goes to call the mechanic. Further, Haya puts a dupatta over Sanam’s head while Sanam shares her feelings with Haya.

Sunday 8  May  2022

Episode 166

Aahil burns down Sanam’s ‘dhaba’. Later, everyone celebrates Sanam’s ‘mehendi’. Anwar also gives his house as mortgage. Sanam breaks down to hear Anwar’s rejection. Further, Sanam rushes to the bus stop and tries to stop Anwar, but he ignores her.

Monday 9  May 2022

Episode 167

Moneylenders come to Sanam’s place and ask Dilshad to return their money. Sanam gives them a fitting reply. Sanam writes a letter to Dilshad, telling her that she is leaving for Bhopal. Later, Aahil meets his mother in jail.

Tuesday 10  May 2022

Episode 168

Sanam gets a job as a waitress but gets fired because of Aahil’s complaint. Asma and Azhar’s alliance gets fixed. Thereafter, Gazalla hires Sanam as a cook.

Wednesday 11  May  2022

Episode 169

Dilshad feels unwell, and Sanam calls her. Sanam tells her about her new job. Elsewhere, Rehan is concerned about Aahil’s safety because of a business controversy. Sanam’s face is revealed to Aahil, and he asks her if she intends to seek revenge on him.

Thursday 12  May  2022

Episode 170

Rehan advises Sanam to apologise to Aahil. She follows his advice, but Aahil refuses to accept her apology. Further, he asks her to do chores at his house to pay off the debt. Aahil challenges Sanam to fetch his watch from a pool of water.

Friday 13  May  2022

Episode 171

Following Shazia’s direction, Sanam puts a steel container in the oven which causes it to catch fire. Sanam tries to put out the fire but gets her hand burnt during the process. When Sanam accidentally drops coffee on Aahil’s documents, he punishes her. Sanam faints and sleeps through the night in Aahil’s arms after he takes her into his office.

Saturday 14  May 2022

Episode 172

The next day, Sanam puts Aahil’s jacket in the washing machine without water. Shoaib makes Haya feel uncomfortable. When Aahil realises that Sanam is going to win the task, he cheats to make Sanam lose. Aahil then asks Sanam to apologise.

Sunday 15  May  2022

Episode 173

Later, Munisa makes Dilshad and Haya do the housework. Gazalla stops Sanam from moving towards the forbidden room. Tanveer, who is addressed as Begum, arrives at the party. Later, Dilshad is shocked to learn where Sanam works.

Monday 16  May 2022

Episode 174

Sanam forces Dilshad to come inside the ‘Haveli’, much to the latter’s dismay. Sanam figures out that Tanveer is blind. Further, Tanveer tells Aahil to live his life on his own terms. Sanam unlocks the forbidden room, but Lateef does not let her enter the room.

Tuesday 17  May 2022

Episode 175

Begum avoids Sanam’s queries regarding the forbidden room. Later, Masood and his men plant a bomb in Aahil’s room. When Sanam finds Badi Bi, she tries to talk to her.

Wednesday 18  May  2022

Episode 176

Tanveer and Aahil entrust Sanam with Badi Ammi’s responsibility. Later, Gazalla and Tanveer intentionally give wrong medicines to Sanam for Badi Ammi.

Thursday 19  May  2022

Episode 177

Tanveer asks Gazalla and Razaq to be careful. Tanveer threatens Badi Ammi with a snake for the whereabouts of the property papers. Further, Sanam saves Badi Ammi from the snake, and Rehaan praises her courageous act.

Friday 20  May  2022

Episode 178

Sanam informs Tanveer about the improvement. When Munisa goes to visit her friend, Shoaib misbehaves with Haya. Later, a distressed Haya bangs on Rahat’s door for help.

Saturday 21  May 2022

Episode 179

Badi Ammi asks Sanam to visit a graveyard alone. Tanveer’s men catch hold of Sanam, and Tanveer orders them to kill her. Later, Sanam loses her consciousness. Aahil reaches the graveyard to rescue Sanam. Tanveer reveals secrets to Rehaan and hands him a will. Later, Tanveer wonders where Sanam has hidden the will.

Sunday 22  May  2022

Episode 180

Eager to take over Nawab’s property, Tanveer calls in the lawyer. However, things go awry for her as the lawyer declares that Aahil is the rightful owner of the property. Rahat is furious with Haya for changing the decor of his room and throws her out. Aahil is lost in thoughts and is unwilling to marry, despite Tanveer’s coaxing.

Monday 23  May 2022

Episode 181

Rehaan asks Tanveer not to force Aahil to marry Nida. Rehaan thinks of Sanam and gets interrupted by Aahil. Later, Rehaan offers a lift to Haya and Dilshad.

Tuesday 24  May 2022

Episode 182

Rahat scolds Haya for taking him outside. Haya worries about Dilshad’s return. Later, Aahil tries to stop Rehaan from going with Sanam alone.

Wednesday 25 May  2022

Episode 183

Aahil and Sanam tie a thread at the ‘dargah’. Nida purposely falls to seek Aahil’s attention. Later, Nida shows a shortcut to Sanam to lead her astray. Later, Rehaan notices the broker and enquires him about Sanam’s whereabouts.

Thursday 26  May  2022

Episode 184

Munisa throws Rahat’s invitation card into the dustbin. Later, Aahil notices Sanam and Rehaan hugging each other. The henna meant for Nida accidentally falls down and splashes across Sanam’s palms. Nida knows about Tanveer’s plan and asks her for INR 5 crores in exchange for marrying Aahil.

Friday 27  May  2022

Episode 185

Nida plans to acquire Aahil’s properties and poisons Tanveer’s soup. Tanveer realises that Nida tried to kill her and decides to find another bride for Aahil. Meanwhile, Rehaan tells Dilshad that he wants to marry Sanam.

Saturday 28  May 2022

Episode 186

Tanveer meets Dilshad and tells her that she wants Sanam to marry Aahil. Dilshad suffers from a heart attack. Tanveer offers to pay for her treatment and wishes to marry Sanam off to Aahil. Later, Rehaan tells Aahil that he plans to propose to Sanam.

Sunday 29  May  2022

Episode 187

Tanveer asks Sanam to marry Aahil. She also tells her that she can divorce him after three months. Sanam takes Nida’s place as the bride and agrees to marry Aahil. Later, Tanveer tries to convince Aahil to marry Sanam.

Monday 30  May 2022

Episode 188

Tanveer makes Aahil think that Sanam has married him for his money. Rehaan decides to leave the house, but Tanveer convinces him otherwise. Meanwhile, Aahil confronts Sanam about marrying him for money. Rahat and Haya leave for home.

Tuesday 31  May 2022

Episode 189

Sanam and Aahil feed each other to break their fast. Tanveer encounters an occultist. Later, Rahat is interrupted by Sanam when he is about to express his feelings to Haya.

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