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I Do June Teasers 2022

Tanveer gets surprised to learn that Aahil and Sanam won the compatibility test. Read ZeeWorld I Do June 2022 Teasers:

ZeeWorld I Do June 2022 Teasers

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Episode 190

Aahil asks Sanam to sleep in his room to avoid people tattling about their marriage. Later, Rahat confronts Munisa. Sanam says that her father had been a successful businessman before he and her mother had died. Rahat introduces Haya to his brother, Faiz, and the two recognise each other from their earlier encounter on the road.

Thursday 2  June 2022

Episode 191

Tanveer invites an unknown lady for the ‘Dawaat-e-Eid’. Sanam asks Aahil to quit drinking. Later, Tanveer agrees to let Razia stay at the ‘Haveli’ and aid her.

Friday 3  June  2022

Episode 192

Tanveer pays Razia to hide the truth from Sanam. Aahil hurts Sanam while dancing. Later, Aahil refuses to drink with his friends. Later, Sanam finds a secret door. When Shoaib returns, Munisa tells Rahat that she owns the house.

Saturday 4  June 2022

Episode 193

Tanveer gets Zoya and Asad’s room sealed. Meanwhile, Rahat, Faiz and Haya leave Munisa’s house. Later, Tanveer fails to kill Dilshad. Razia is unable to kill Dilshad as Dilshad is released from the hospital.

Sunday 5  June  2022

Episode 194

Sanam learns that her parents did not die in a road accident. Later, Tanveer throws Razia out of the house. Tanveer asks Razia to stay in the servant’s room. Haya mistakenly agrees to marry Faiz.

Monday 6  June  2022

Episode 195

Later, Tanveer worries about any survivors from the attack on Asad’s family. Seher talks to Tanveer, who finds the former’s voice similar to Sanam’s. Sunehri plans to con a rich man for money. Sanam learns about Haya’s wedding, and Aahil agrees to attend the wedding.

Tuesday 7  June 2022

Episode 196

Sunehri steals the necklace from the locker. Aahil spots Sunehri and assumes her to be Sanam. Further, Rahat asks Haya if she is happy with her wedding. Aahil is upset to see Sanam and Rehaan together. Tanveer desires to kill Dilshad during the wedding.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Episode 197

Further, Haya is married off to Faiz and is stunned to see that Rahat is not the groom. Rahat brings Haya to Faiz before leaving for his job. When the vial explodes, and Aahil is fatally wounded, Sanam brings him to a hospital.

Thursday 9 June  2022

Episode 198

Later, security guards chase Seher, who has stolen jewellery and money, to the same hospital. Sanam prays to God, Seher discovers that she is her lookalike. Aahil wants to return home from the hospital as soon as he regains consciousness.

Friday 10  June  2022

Episode 199

Later, Seher tries to dupe a rich and childless couple at a cafe, but Rehaan interrupts her. Salima arrives at Aahil’s house and rebukes him for marrying a deaf and mute girl like Haya. Sanam falls in Rehaan’s arms, and Aahil misunderstands him, which results in a confrontation between them.

Saturday 11  June 2022

Episode 200

Faiz pretends before Salima that his conjugal life is running smoothly. Salima finds out that Faiz had been acting. Later, Rehaan runs over Seher.

Sunday 12  June  2022

Episode 201

Tanveer belittles Sanam for winning the competition. Aahil and Sanam participate in the competition. Aahil gets mesmerised to look at Sanam.

Monday 13  June  2022

Episode 202

Tanveer gets surprised to learn that Aahil and Sanam won the compatibility test. Aahil and Sanam spend quality time with each other. Sunehri tries to open the safe but stops to hear footsteps. Later, Sanam swears to know about Aahil’s past.

Tuesday 14  June  2022

Episode 203

Phupi decides to plot against Haya to evict her. Sanam learns that Razia’s cousin is suffering from paralysis. Later, Rehaan sees a dead man lying on the road. Sunehri tries to steal money from the safe.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Episode 204

Salma creates a misunderstanding between Haya and Faiz’s director, due to which the director feels offended. Tanveer collides with Dilshad and asks Aahil to find out who it was. Sanam finds a whip in the attic.

Thursday 16 June  2022

Episode 205

Sunehri feels reluctant to steal money from Rehaan. Later, Tanveer warns Aahil that Sanam is trying to look into his past. Tanveer finds out that Aahil got the property papers two days ago and gets angry as he did not inform her.

Friday 17  June  2022

Episode 206

Gazalla accidentally mix the contents of Razia’s packet in an apple pie, and Aahil eats it. Aahil and Sanam start singing and dancing, while Dilshad falls asleep. Meanwhile, Sunehri notices that Rehaan has an additional key of the safe.

Saturday 18 June 2022

Episode 207

Haya tells Rahat that he is not strong enough to love anybody. Rozy and Shishupal ask Sunehri to help them steal. Later, Sanam helps Aahil cope with his past.

Sunday 19  June  2022

Episode 208

Faiz learns about Phupi’s plot to turn him against Haya. Devi asks Razia to bring her the hair of a genderless person as the second task of her test. Faiz requests Rahat to marry Haya. Rehaan tells Sunehri that he loves her.

Monday 20  June  2022

Episode 209

Tanveer urges Aahil and Sanam to sign the property papers. Tanveer manipulates Aahil into thinking that he can never be a good husband and that his relationship with Sanam will not last. Rahat tells Faiz that Haya is ready to marry him.

Tuesday 21  June  2022

Episode 210

Sanam suspects Tanveer when her story about Aahil killing his father does not match with the story that Aahil had told her. Sanam steals the property documents from Tanveer’s room. Meanwhile, the police arrive at Rehaan’s place to arrest Sunehri while he proposes her for marriage. Faiz apologises to Haya for misunderstanding her.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Episode 211

Haya asks Rahat about his conversation with Faiz. Tanveer, Gazalla and Razaq resort to violence to get Sanam’s thumb impression. Aahil decides to apologise to Sanam. Razia and Sunehri meet at a temple.

Thursday 23 June  2022

Episode 212

Sanam is on her way to an event in Kohinoor hotel with Dilshad stuck behind her car. Rahat and Haya’s car breaks down while going to the event. Tanveer and Aahil go to the event. Razia tells Sunehri to hide her face.

Friday 24 June  2022

Episode 213

Dilshad comes in close contact with Sanam, Sunehri and Haya. However, the three fail to see each other at the same time. Later, Sanam tells Haya to bring Aahil to the corridor. Aahil assures Sanam that their love will never change.

Saturday 25 June 2022

Episode 214

Razia replaces Sanam with Sunehri, and Tanveer attempts to stab Sanam. However, she gets hurt instead. Thereafter, Sanam tries to reach out to Aahil but fails. Sanam is not scared of Tanveer’s threats.

Sunday 26  June  2022

Episode 215

Rahat tells Faiz to drop his plan of marrying Haya. Meanwhile, Sunehri plans to hurt Tanveer but fails. When Sanam searches for a room to sleep, she has a blurry vision. Haya is confused about Faiz’ actions.

Monday 27 June  2022

Episode 216

The next day, Aahil gifts Sanam a ring. Further, Sanam’s plan to hurt Tanveer fails. While Aahil is excited to celebrate Diwali with Sanam, Tanveer plans to separate them. Faiz saves Haya from an accident.

Tuesday 28 June  2022

Episode 217

Later, Rehaan resists accepting Tanveer’s gift. Aahil is shattered as Sanam withdraws herself in spite of his efforts to mend their relationship. Sunehri reads through Razaq and Gazalla’s demeanour and tricks Razaq to have the spiked ‘falooda’. Sunehri takes advantage of Aahil’s weakness and compels him to change his mind.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Episode 218

Razia gives a letter to Sanam. Later, Tanveer gets suspicious after reading the note thrown away by Sanam. Razia asks Sunehri to get Aahil’s signature on the property papers. Later, Rahat informs Haya that he is going to marry her.

Thursday 30 June  2022

Episode 219

Tanveer fails to expose Sanam in front of Aahil. Rahat tells Faiz that Haya loves him. Later, Faiz swears never to let Haya and Rahat get close to each other. Later, Sanam escapes from Razia’s men.

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