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Sanam loses her memory and asks commoners for help. Read ZeeWorld I Do August 2022 Teasers:

ZeeWorld I Do August 2022 Teasers

Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 251

Tanveer gives Sanam five minutes to save Seher. Faiz challenges Rahat to a fight, and they decide to battle each other. Further, Faiz falls on a sharp object and dies. Later, Sanam goes to save Seher and tries to untie her.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Episode 252

Sanam reveals Tanveer’s secrets to Aahil, who is shocked. Thereafter, Tanveer takes Aahil to the basement and locks him up. Later, She prepares to shoot Seher. Tanveer fires a cannon at the Qureshi family but gets fatally hurt from the backward thrust of the cannon.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Episode 253

Tanveer pushes Aahil away and says that he is not her son. Later, Sanam tells Aahil that the tumultuous phase in their lives has strengthened their relationship. Sanam ties a ‘tabeez’ around Aahil’s neck to stave off the forces of evil from him.

Thursday 4 August 2022

Episode 254

Nayi Sanam imprisons Seher in a cage. She tells Seher that evil never ends but comes in different forms. Later, Nayi Sanam sends an imprisoned Seher’s picture to Sanam. Sanam finds the truck that is carrying Seher.

Friday 5  August 2022

Episode 255

Sanam gets trapped and enquires a girl about Seher. Further, Seher escapes from the goons but gets hit by a truck. Sanam gets thrown out of the truck and falls into a river. Sanam gains consciousness and finds herself in a deserted area.

Saturday 6  August 2022

Episode 256

Further, Sanam loses her memory and asks commoners for help. Later, Nayi Sanam performs black magic on Aahil. Aahil evicts Nayi Sanam from the house. Revolters chase Sanam to kill her, and she runs for her life. Thereafter, Shaad breaks down to find Liyaqat’s dead body. Later, Shaad protects Sanam and fights the revolters.

Sunday 7  August 2022

Episode 257

Shaad refuses to marry Misbah, but his father forces him. Misbah is revealed to be Tanveer’s daughter. Aahil takes Nayi Sanam to the doctor, and she fears being exposed.

Monday 8  August 2022

Episode 258

Meanwhile, Jannat meets Misbah.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Episode 259

A masked Shashi Kapoor plans to disrupt Shaad’s life. Misbah decides not to attend Shaad’s reception. Elsewhere, Aahil misses Sanam, and Nayi Sanam asks him to forget her.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Episode 260

Meanwhile, everyone except Jannat faints at her wedding. Shashi finds the key to the locker where Shaad keeps the files. However, Jannat catches her trying to steal from the locker.

Thursday 11 August 2022

Episode 261

Shashi drops her fake thumb in a dustbin. Meanwhile, Aahil finds out that Nayi Sanam possesses apparatuses for performing black magic. Jannat asks Shaad to have her talk to her parents.


Friday 12  August 2022

Episode 262

Dilawar goes into a coma before giving Aahil the information about Sanam. Sanam fails to recognise Aahil when they talk over the phone. Meanwhile, Jannat catches Shashi trying to open Shaad’s locker. Nayi Sanam finds out that Sanam is still alive.

Saturday 13  August 2022

Episode 263

Jannat sends a distress signal to Shaad. He runs back to Jannat while leaving Shashi in his car. Shashi breaks the window of Shaad’s car and comes out just before the bomb explodes. Meanwhile, Shaad interrupts Nayi Sanam before she can poison Jannat.

Sunday 14 August 2022

Episode 264

Nayi Sanam tells Razaq that Aahil will not accept Sanam even if she regains her memory. Nayi Sanam draws Razaq’s and Gazalla’s blood and makes a magical potion with it. Later, Shaad recites a ‘shayari’ for Jannat.

Monday 15 August 2022

Episode 265

Aahil vows to punish Nayi Sanam as he knows about her evil plan. In Aahil’s office, he asks an employee to keep Nayi Sanam busy while he makes a phone call to inquire about Sanam. Shaad enters a maze near the tomb of Chand Bibi to find Jannat.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Episode 266

Shaad thinks that Shashi is responsible for Jannat’s condition. Aahil learns that Nayi Sanam is not pregnant. Jannat tries to find the keys to a locked room.

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Episode 267

When Jannat tells Shaad about Misbah’s gun, he finds it hard to believe. Jannat follows Misbah into an empty godown and learns that she has kept a lady hostage. Nayi Sanam introduces Saif as Nazia’s boyfriend to Aahil.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Episode 268

The fake Misbah is worried to find the real Misbah missing. Nayi Sanam checks into a hotel with Saif, and Aahil follows them. The fake Misbah finds another woman in Jannat’s room. Later, the immigration officer arrests Jannat. Aahil refuses to accept the test results and demands a paternity test.

Friday 19  August 2022

Episode 269

Jannat stuns Shashi’s men and manages to escape. Nayi Sanam reveals the name of the father of her child. Shashi holds Jannat at gunpoint as Wahida exposes her. While Jannat prevents Shashi from killing Aftaab, Nayi Sanam tells Aahil about Nazia’s pregnancy.

Saturday 20  August 2022

Episode 270

Later, Shashi tries to strike a deal with Jannat to extract the file. Saif wants to be with Nayi Sanam. Shaad follows her in an attempt to capture her. At the ring ceremony, Saif expresses his love for Nayi Sanam but completes the ceremony with Nazia.

Sunday 21 August 2022

Episode 271

Aahil is confident that fate will unite him with Sanam. Shashi tries to create an explosion. Aahil conspires to escape from the trip. Further, Aahil believes that he is destined to meet Sanam.

Monday 22 August 2022

Episode 272

Jannat and Aahil accidentally exchange a few words at the airport shoe store. Mithilesh detains Nayi Sanam. Meanwhile, Shashi escapes from the police. Later, Aahil goes to Dharamshala to get rid of Nayi Sanam.

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Episode 273

Aahil likes the scarf that Jannat chooses for Shaad. Shaad learns that someone has already asked the artist to sketch Jannat’s portrait. Later, Nayi Sanam is shocked to see Nazia.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Episode 274

Nazia tells Nayi Sanam that she is going to sleep beside her. Aahil and Shaad share with each other about the love of their lives. Nayi Sanam learns that Aahil has ousted her from his property.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Episode 275

Nayi Sanam’s mother gives her a pair of slippers. Jannat thinks Sanam is just like her. Further, Aahil asks Jannat how she had met Shaad. Meanwhile, at the ‘Haveli’, the buyers humiliate Nayi Sanam and throw her out of the house.

Friday 26 August 2022

Episode 276

Later, Shashi Kapoor disguises herself as a politician. Aahil talks to Jannat about Sanam. Aahil receives Noor’s call, and they set up a meeting with the family. Shaad tells the truth to Jannat, but the latter falls asleep. Later, Nayi Sanam spots Jannat near the hotel.

Saturday 27 August 2022

Episode 277

Aahil asks Jannat to look at his wife’s picture, but Nayi Sanam intervenes. Nayi Sanam puts up an act in front of Jannat. Further, Jannat gets upset with Aahil’s behaviour.

Sunday 28 August 2022

Episode 278

Nazia refers to Jannat as Sanam. Jannat, who is a guest, seems to be too familiar with Aahil’s house and instructs a waiter perfectly. Later, Aahil reads out a scroll announcing Jannat and Shaad’s wedding.

Monday 29 August 2022

Episode 279

Shashi advises Saif to carry on with his affair with Nayi Sanam. Nayi Sanam declares that Aahil would buy Jannat’s wedding dress. Thereafter, Lateef and Gazalla lock up Aahil and Jannat in a room. Later, Aahil asks Jannat if she loves Shaad.

Tuesday 30 August 2022

Episode 280

Shashi makes Nazia fall down. Nayi Sanam burns an album of photographs that has Jannat’s pictures in it. Later, Jannat arrives at Aahil’s house and tells him that she has consented for her wedding with Shaad.

Wednesday 31 August 2022

Episode 281

Shaad encourages Aahil about finding Sanam. Jannat does not react to the letter, and Shaad thinks that she has accepted his truth. As Lateef snaps the air conditioner’s wire, Shaad and Jannat come to sleep in Aahil’s room.

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