His Mistress Child Sunday Update 5 November 2023


His Mistress Child Sunday Update 5 November 2023

Kamini seeing Babu ji’s dilemma and tells him that Amma says anything and doesn’t tell that Yashoda shall be afraid to be slapped by time. She asks Mahua to give grand son to Amma as soon as possible, else don’t know where Amma will make us stand. She tells Babui ji that she will make tea for him and says we shall not be afraid, but they shall be afraid. Yashoda tries to motivate her daughters and tells there is always a silver line beyond the dark clouds. Krishna says I read somewhere that if we snap our fingers 25 times, then the problems vanish with snap. Aastha refuses. Nupur says we shall do it. Yashoda says lets try. Krishna snaps his fingers. Nupur and Yashoda also snap their fingers. Aastha and Nupur dance and they fall on the bed. Manoj talks to the client. Aastha

asks if anything happened. Manoj calls Yashoda and asks her to come to office, as someone is ready to take the chamber for rent. Yashoda says I will come. She tells the kids and goes. Krishna tells them that this thing was told by his mother actually. Nupur asks if his mother was like their mother. Krishna says all mothers are same, and goes on praising his mother and Yashoda. Aastha asks him not to be emotional and goes. Nupur asks Krishna not to be sad.


Amma wipes the floor to clean the detergent from floor. Arvind asks who did this? Mahua says Krishna. Arvind asks her to wipe the floor. Babu ji says let her do it, he is her grand son. Yashoda comes there and asks what is she doing? Mahua is about to tell her, but Amma looks at her. Yashoda tells her that she is going to give Ashok’s chamber on rent. Amma asks her to go. Yashoda goes. Amma tells that Yashoda’s bad days will be gone. Babu ji thinks Yashoda’s bad days will not go until Ashok returns.

Yashoda and Mano bargain for the rent after showing the office to the client. He says he will give 25000. Manoj refuses to give the office and demands 30000 Rs. Yashoda takes Manoj to side and tells him about her helplessness. The client agrees for 27000 Rs. Manoj asks him to give advance. The guy gives 10000 advance. Yashoda and Manoj leave. Babu ji is standing and hearing them. He comes near the guy and offers to sell the house for 15000. The guy says you are cheap to betray your bahu. Babu ji lowers the price and says 10 lakhs. Yashoda comes home and tells Amma that she got 10000 as token amount. Amma calls everyone and tells them. She asks her to give bills amount to Kamini, and give money to Aastha and Nupur for their shoe and bag. She asks her to give some money to her, so that she can buy good quality detergent powder and soap for her. Kamini and Mahua get upset. Amma asks them to go and says the drama is over. Babu ji comes there with the client and says the drama has just begun. He asks Yashoda to return token amount 10000 Rs to him back. Yashoda asks why? The guy says I have bought it from him. Krishna says Madam ji has rented it. Babu ji says Ashok had made Yashoda and me as joint owners. He says he sold it to him, and taunts Krishna for staying in their house. He asks Yashoda to return the money. Mahua tells Yashoda that the money will not become theirs, if she keeps it and asks the kids to return it. Krishna takes money from Aastha and Nupur. He asks Kamini to give money who smirks and gives. Krishna takes money from Amma and asks Yashoda to return it. Yashoda gets teary eyes and returns the money.

Client telling Babu ji that they will complete the paper work tomorrow. Babu ji assures him and asks Yashoda to give the office papers to him. Aastha hugs Yashoda and says my shoes will not come. Kamini asks Yashoda to give the papers. Yashoda shouts and says she will give. Krishna asks Aastha and Nupur to come inside. Aastha says this is happening because of you. Krishna asks them to come, and tells that he can’t bear them insulting them. Babu ji asks Krishna not to misbehave with his grand daughters. Amma says he is not doing wrong, but you are doing wrong. Yashoda gets the papers, and tells Amma that her illusion broke that the house and family is hers and says people says right that neither mayka or sasural is of a woman. She comes out and gives papers to Babu ji. Babu ji goes.
Kamini says you got it, but the money vanished, now there is no hope. Mahua laughs and says bhabhi has to get water from neighbors and congrats her for her life. Yashoda tells Amma that she will go out and asks neighbors to give some money. She says they can stay without light and other things, but can’t live without food. Krishna thinks to go to station and work as coolie. He comes out and sees Yashoda standing. She says I knew that you will search for work, and asks him to go inside and rest. He goes. Yashoda wipes her tears.


Arvind asks Mahua, how can Babu ji sell Bhaiyya’s office. He says you should have called me. Mahua says you was busy in shop. Bansal comes there and asks him to think about Mahua, as she is going through a weak phase, and asks him to just concentrate on her. Mahua says you are right. Bansal says he will get better. Mahua says he shall be.

Yashoda thinks she can just make khichdi. Manoj calls her and asks if everything is fine. Yashoda tells him that babu ji has sold the office. Manoj says how can he do this, and tells that he will come there and will make him understand. Yashoda refuses. Krishna takes the call and asks him to come, and says he will call the neighbors too. Manoj says he will come. Gayatri takes phone from his hand. Yashoda says even neighbors will laugh at us. Nupur says let them do tamasha, and says dada ji might agree not to sell the office. Aastha blames Krishna. Yashoda asks her to stop the blame game and says we will always be together.

Gayatri stops Manoj and tells that he shall not go. She taunts him and asks him not to help Yashoda, and let her suffer as she was stubborn to bring Krishna home. Manoj says I will go. Gayatri threatens to go to her mayka if he goes to help them. Yashoda brings khichdi for the kids. Aastha says I don’t like it. Yashoda asks her to have it today and says I will make tomorrow. Krishna waits for Manoj and says so much time have passed. Manoj calls Yashoda. Krishna picks the call and asks when you will come. Manoj says Gayatri is unwell, and says he will come in morning, and ends call. Krishna says what he will do in morning, office will be sold. Yashoda cries and asks them to have food. She thinks when husband left, then what to hope from others. She cries.

Krishna takes the plates for washing. He recalls Manoj’s words. Amma comes there and says she will wash the plates. He says no and then comes to her, says I will call you dadi with my heart forever, if you help Madam ji and make Bade Malik understand not to sell the office. He hugs her. Babu ji hears and says you are playing with her emotions and says you are keeping condition for her. He asks where you learnt this? He says you can ask us to give property. Amma says he is a kid else he would have told that he is Ashok’s son and has right on his office. She asks him not to sell the office. Babu ji says when wife is standing infront of husband then the latter feels helpless with guilt, and the one who stays adamant is the winner. He tells that he will win from Yashoda and will sell the house infront of them.