His Mistress Child October Teasers 2023


His Mistress Child October Teasers 2023

Yashoda tells everyone that Krishna is Ashok’s son. However, the family refuses to face the truth. Coming up on Zeeworld His Mistress Child October 2023 Teasers:

Zeeworld His Mistress Child October 2023 Teasers

Sunday 1 October 2023

Episode 57

Kamini pushes Aastha off the stairs to make Yashoda return home. Ashok and Yashoda leave on different buses. Kamini overhears Yashoda and Krishna and instigates Malti. Consequently, Malti scolds Yashoda and asks her to stay away from Aastha.

Monday 2 October 2023

Episode 58

Babuji abuses Krishna. Yashoda is saddened by Aastha’s reaction. Mahua asks Babuji to visit a lawyer in order to get rid of Krishna.

Tuesday 3 October 2023

Episode 59

Later, Kamini’s husband thrashes her. Babuji talks to a lawyer about ousting Krishna from the house. Aastha says that only Yashoda will feed her.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Episode 60

After listening to the lawyer, the family members agree to testify against Krishna. Malti scolds Yashoda after hearing her decision. Manoj and Yashoda track down Ramesh, an auto driver, to prove Krishna’s innocence.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Episode 61

Yashoda and Krishna ask Ramesh for help. Ramesh holds Yashoda and Krishna captive. Arvind goes to save them and Kamini cautions Ramesh. Arvind takes Yashoda, Krishna and Ramesh to the court.

Friday 6 October 2023

Episode 62

Yashoda tells everyone that Krishna is Ashok’s son. However, the family irefuses to face the truth.

Saturday 7 October 2023

Episode 63

Kamini instigates Mahua and they lie to Malti and Babuji. Arvind is convinced that Krishna is Ashok’s son. At Kamini’s instigation, the family members refuse to eat food. Later, Kamini makes a bet with Krishna.

Sunday 8 October 2023

Episode 64

Krishna makes a promise to Yashoda. Kamini and Mahua spread rumours that Yashoda is claiming Krishna to be Ashok’s son.

Monday 9 October 2023

Episode 65

Malti makes a request to Yashoda, who asks her a question. Malti agrees to give Yashoda fifteen days’ time to prove that Krishna is Ashok’s son.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Episode 66

Yashoda does not trust Varun and refuses to hand over Krishna to him. Kamini and her husband scold Varun for their plan being foiled. Yashoda talks to Arvind and asks for help.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Episode 67

Yashoda and Manoj’s plan is revealed. Arvind learns that Ashok wants to become a sage. Kamini asks Babuji to render Krishna unconscious and hand him over to Varun.

Thursday 12 October 2023

Episode 68

Yashoda tries to make Malti realise that Krishna is Ashok’s son. Arvind gives Ashok’s letter to the family.

Friday 13 October 2023

Episode 69

The family opposes Yashoda, but Malti supports her. Varun calls Kamini to meet him and Arvind overhears Kamini. Later, Kamini tells Yashoda and Krishna’s story to Varun and he decides to teach Yashoda a lesson.

Saturday 14 October 2023

Episode 70

Yashoda overhears Arvind and Varun. Yashoda stops Varun from taking Krishna away and brings Krishna home. An infuriated Varun tries to kill Krishna. Dr Ajay tells the family that Krishna and Babuji’s DNA is the same.

Sunday 15 October 2023

Episode 71

Babuji finds it difficult to accept the truth, and Malti talks to him. The neighbours come to question the Guptas, and Malti asks Yashoda to fight for Krishna. An upset Babuji tells Yashoda why he cannot accept Krishna.

Monday 16 October 2023

Episode 72

Yashoda is saddened by Babuji’s accusation. He decides to make Yashoda Krishna’s stepmother, but Malti argues with him. Krishna argues with Arvind for Yashoda. Malti meets Arvind for the fees.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Episode 73

Babuji takes away all of Yashoda’s ornaments. Malti argues with Babuji. The next day, Krishna pays Aastha and Nupur’s fees by stealing Babuji’s money. Chhotu learns about Krishna’s real condition.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Episode 74

Yashoda and Malti lie to the police to save Krishna. Later, Krishna refuses to attend Aastha and Nupur’s school. Krishna overhears Yashoda explaining to an upset Aastha and Nupur that he is a part of the family.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Episode 75

Kamini doesn’t let Yashoda cook breakfast for the kids. Babuji allows Yashoda to prepare breakfast. Yashoda shares an emotional moment with Aastha, Nupur and Krishna. She answers back Kamini.

Friday 20 October 2023

Episode 76

Krishna fights with the people who taunt Yashoda. Later, he is admitted to a government school. Krishna goes to earn money and works as a labourer. Yashoda learns about this after coming home

Saturday 21 October 2023

Episode 77

Krishna lands in trouble. Malti argues with Babuji over Krishna. Yashoda and Manoj go to the police station. Varun shocks Krishna by telling him what he is going to do to Krishna.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Episode 78

Ashok leaves for Sitapur.

Monday 23 October 2023

Episode 79

Ashok decides to find Krishna and sneaks into the house at night. Kamini lies to Mahua in front of Ashok that everyone takes care of Krishna. Malti’s words sadden Ashok.

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Episode 80

Yashoda goes to Chhotu’s house to find out about Krishna, but Chhotu’s mother taunts her. Ashok’s friend learns about his famiily issues from Aastha and Nupur and decides to tell Ashok the truth.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Episode 81

Mandal Baba gets upset with Ashok. Krishna escapes from Varun’s clutches and calls Yashoda, but Mahua answers the phone.

Thursday 26 October 2023

Episode 82

Ashok, disguised as a monk, sets out to look for Krishna. Ashok finds out with the help of some people that Varun is in Goner. He threatens Kamini, who is forced to lie to Varun.

Friday 27 October 2023

Episode 83

Ashok gets to Varun and they end up in a scuffle. Ashok refuses to go leaving an unconscious Yashoda and Krishna, but Alok takes him away.

Saturday 28 October 2023

Episode 84

Babuji decides to bring Ashok back home. Yashoda suspects that Ashok has not yet become a monk. Krishna takes the responsibility of taking care of Ashok’s family, and Babuji tests him.

Sunday 29 October 2023

Episode 85

Yashoda stops Krishna from revealing it to everyone. Mahua instigates Aastha and Nupur by showing Yashoda and Krishna’s photos. Babuji asks Yashoda to share the rest of the household expenses as well.

Monday 30 October 2023

Episode 86

Not available

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Episode 87

Mahua arrives and disconnects the electricity for Yashoda. Mahua tells Arvind that she is pregnant, and they share the good news with the family. Babuji makes an announcement and later asks Yashoda to stay away from Mahua.

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His Mistress Child Upcoming Episodes 

Babu ji and Arvind seeing Mahua having food. Amma comes there. Babu ji asks her to have food. Amma refuses. Kamini asks him to have food and says I will make Amma have food. Mahua gets up from the chair and says my baby must have been woken up, and runs to the room. Arvind says our baby is here. Mahua covers blanket on the pillow. Nupur tells Krishna that Aastha didn’t apologize to Yashoda till now. Mahua asks Arvind to run with her and have food. Arvind asks her to sit and have food, and says if Munna wakes up hearing your voice. Mahua says ok. She says when he grows up, then he will run and we will feed him food. Kamini and Bansal talk that everything will go in Arvind’s hands now. Bansal says Ashok and Yashoda were better than Arvind and Mahua, atleast they would have got property from them by emotional blackmail. Kamini says I did wrong to send papers on Yashoda’s name. Bansal says still there is one day, we shall go and instigate him against Arvind. Krishna comes to Yashoda, who is upset with him. Kamini and Bansal come to Babu ji. Babu ji says if I am doing right to transfer property on Arvind’s name. Kamini says Arvind can throw us out from the house once he gets the property. Babu ji asks what is she saying? Bansal says we thought Ashok competent, but what he did. They instigates him against Arvind and Ashok.


Amma hears Kamini and asks Babu ji to give the property to both sons. Babu ji refuses to give property to Yashoda. Amma asks him not to take decision in their provocation. She says you was provoking him against Arvind. Kamini acts and says you will think me wrong even if I die. Amma asks them to leave from the house, and says we had already given you, your share, but you couldn’t keep it. Bansal says we will stay on the road. Kamini asks Babu ji to say and says if you say then I will not show my face to you. Babu ji stops them and tells Amma that she shall not talk to his daughter and son in law like this. Amma says they are my daughter and son in law too, but if they have behaved well with Yashoda. She says one day you will realize what wrong you have done. She says you have blamed Yashoda for your son’s mistake. Babu ji says Yashoda should have send Krishna to his right place. Amma says this house is the right place for Krishna. Krishna talks to Yashoda who is hurt with Aastha’s words, and asks her to make her have food. Yashoda refuses. Krishna convinces her. Yashoda brings Aastha to have food. Aastha says sorry. They sit to have food. Yashoda feeds food to Aastha. Aastha tells Yashoda that she has torn her socks with scissor, and asks her to buy new socks for her. Krishna asks her to wear his socks, as it is new, and jokes that nobody checks in his school if someone is wearing or not. Aastha blames Krishna for interfering between them. Yashoda tells her that Krishna made her realize and asked her to make her have food. Aastha gets up refusing to have food. Krishna and Nupur also refuse to have food. Yashoda asks them to have food, and thinks she is very unlucky, as the world doesn’t think her as good wife, or bahu and now even her children don’t think her as good mother.

Randhir telling Gayatri that he has sent two clients to Manoj, and he will have two cases tomorrow. Gayatri thanks him. Randhir asks her to do his work and listen to him carefully. Gayatri nods her head. Randhir sits in his car. Yashoda, Krishna and Nupur come to the room and make Aastha sleep on the mat. Yashoda wipes her sweat and says when Aastha gets angry, she forgets her anger seeing the surprise, and says tomorrow they will surprise her with the fan. Krishna says he will go out and sleep. Yashoda asks him to sleep there itself. He sleeps. Later in the night, Aastha wakes up and writes a letter for Yashoda and leaves.

Next morning, Yashoda knocks on the bathroom door looking for Aastha. She comes out and asks the ladies, did you see my elder daughter? The guy says

no. Yashoda wakes up Krishna and Nupur and says Aastha is missing. She finds her letter in which she has written that she can’t adjust and is leaving the house. Yashoda shouts where you have gone. Randhir calls Yashoda.


Gayatri comes to meet Amma and tells her that she came to give them prasad. She asks for Yashoda’s address and says she saw Yashoda with Randhir in the night and she was having icecream with him, so she didn’t disturb them. Kamini says if I had told this, then you would have slapped me. Gayatri says don’t talk to Chachi ji like this and asks her not to add mirch masala. Babu ji comes there. Amma asks Gayatri to give her prasad and says she will give to Yashoda. Kamini asks Amma to make Yashoda understand not to do things and tells Babu ji. Amma says I know my bahu, she knows her limits. She then tells Gayatri that it is difficult to believe her. Gayatri says I said what I saw, and says I came to just give prasad. She says she will leave., and smirks leaving from there. She recalls Randhir asking him.

Yashoda, Nupur and Krishna are searching Aastha. Randhir sees them on the road searching Aastha, and thinks the relations are shattered of enemy house, it is strange, but fun. Nupur cries and says I want didi. Yashoda hugs Nupur and says Aastha will not go anywhere leaving you. She asks Krishna to handle Nupur and sit there. Krishna says we shall go to bade malik’s house. Lawyer asks Babu ji to sign the papers, in which he is transferring property on Arvind’s name. Babu ji asks Arvind to close the door. Arvind closes the door. Lawyer says the property will be fully on Arvind’s name and Ashok Gupta will be out from your property claim.

Krishna, Yashoda and Nupur come to Gupta house. Krishna asks her to push the door and get inside. They push the door and get inside. Amma says yashoda, it is good that you came. Yashoda asks Amma if Aastha came. Babu ji lies that he called lawyer for Ashok’s office case. Krishna tries to get inside, when Arvind throws water on his face holding the jug. Amma shouts Arvind. Nupur says you can’t do this. Arvind says if he can do anything and we can’t do anything. He says this is our house and we will do what we want to, and says we don’t have any relation with you, and if someone keeps relation with you, then we have no relation with them. He asks him to leave. Krishna says I have come to take badi baby. Kamini asks him to leave. Bansal says get out. Yashoda says we didn’t come here to stay, Aastha is missing. Babu ji asks Krishna to stand outside and talk. Krishna goes outside and asks them to say where is Aastha? Babu ji says Aastha is not here and says I am not surprised that Aastha left home. He says I already told that everyone will leave you, and you will be left alone in the end, and that time even Krishna will leave you. Amma says Aastha is not here. Kamini says it is good that Aastha left, whose mother had icecream with stranger guy in the night.
Yashoda telling Kamini that she will not bear if she raises finger on her character. Mahua comes there and asks them not to shout, says her baby will woke up. Yashoda cries seeing her state. Arvind asks her to see Mahua and says you did this to her due to Krishna. He says I always respected you and was on your side, and what you did in return, you killed my baby. She says this is a conspiracy against me. Arvind says all the proofs are against you, you have killed my baby. Nupur says Mummy is innocent. Arvind says law will decide and asks them to go. Nupur says we will search Didi somewhere else. Kamini smiles looking at the door. Yashoda is leaving. Babu ji asks her to return the spare house key which she has. Yashoda gives him keys and leaves with Krishna and Nupur. Krishna looks at Kamini, looking at the door. Bansal locks the door. Babu ji says he will sign now.


Yashoda, Krishna and Nupur are searching Aastha. Randhir comes there and asks if Aastha is found. Yashoda says don’t know. Randhir says where did she go early morning. He thinks this is Yashoda’s sasural mohalla, if I stay with her here then people will gossip and make stories. He asks them to come in his car and says he will search Aastha. Krishna asks him to go and tells that they will search Aastha, and says if you stay here then people will gossip. Randhir argues if someone is helping you. Yashoda asks him to go. Randhir says ok, and thinks Krishna is the hurdle in Yashoda’s destruction, so he has to move him from his way. Yashoda gets worried and cries. Krishna recalls Kamini looking at the room, and tells Yashoda that he knows where is Aastha? Lawyer congratulates Arvind and says you got all the property. Arvind says everything is of Babu ji, he did this to save property from Krishna. Amma says she will go and search Aastha. Babu ji says Aastha is in the house only. Aastha comes out. He recalls Aastha calling him in night from Yashoda’s phone and telling that she can’t stay here, and wants to come there. He says ok. Fb ends. He says his heart is not of stone that it will not melt for his grand daughters. Krishna, Yashoda and Nupur come there. Krishna says we knew this. Yashoda and Nupur come. Yashoda hugs Aastha. Krishna says when Yashoda told you about Aastha, you didn’t worry. And I saw Kamini looking at study, that time only I understood that Aastha is here. Yashoda asks Aastha why did she leave the house, and asks her to come. Aastha refuses to come. Krishna says you are thinking your Mummy wrong. Amma asks Aastha to go. Babu ji asks Amma not to interfere between them. Aastha refuses to go. Krishna says Madam ji brought fan for you. Aastha asks him to go and sit under the fan. She says if you force me then I will not come here next time. Yashoda asks her to stay there and asks Amma to take care of her daughter. They leave.