Hello Pratibha on Zee World full story summary Cast


Hello Pratibha on Zee World full story summary Cast

Hello Pratibha on Zee World full story summary


The story starts out pretty slow about a woman who had dreams of becoming someone greater in life, but some most unfortunate circumstance befalls her life after getting married.

Living as a house wife she sets aside her personal ambition in the life of becoming someone great by staying faithful as a mother and daughter in law. After so many years of not giving her very own self-time, she rediscovers her passion as she rekindles her youthful age when she was young and full of life, she finally sets out on a journey to find something great in life to do after 16 years of marriage.

This episodic television series will air on  Zee World on 21st Sept on Dstv and Gotv and has many fans on the edge of their seats.

Brief Information and Details on Hello Pratibha on Zee Tv:

  • First Episode: 21st Sept, 2017
  • Total number of episodes: 135
  • Total numbers of season: One
  • Channel: Zee World
  • Original name: Hello Pratibha
  • Tele Country: Indian

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Hello Pratibha Actress/Actors list Cast, picture and Real name Zee World

Pratibha Real name is Binny Sharma:


  1. Binny Sharma: The talented Indian Television Star and dancer has been a major player in the Indian television business for some time. She has participated in many dance shows in India and was one of the contestants of the popular Indian dance show called Dance India on Zee world. She has starred in many films like the Khan movie called Sanjog Se Bani Sangini. She has won an award called Telly Awards for a best new star to the movie industry. Her recent show on Zee world is Hello Pratibha.Binny Sharma comes from Ahmedabad India and was born 1987 May 10. She loves Hip Hop music and loves trying out their moves very often. She works on many projects that present itself and can try out new roles anytime it comes around her, Lux DID Season 2 had four finalists and she was one of them. Binny loves having fun and is a very fun lady to be around, she very honest and hardworking with many talents at her disposal to use. She has stated in an interview that her role models are her family, Indira Gandhi and the popular Indian star Singh Bhagat. Binny has a master in commerce and got married to her sweetheart Akshat Gupta at her home town, their honeymoon was held in Singapore and Bali.



  2. Mahendra Real name is Sachal Tyagi: Tyagi is a growing Indian Television actor who stars in this series Hello Pratibha and has others mini projects to his name like Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Mata Ki Chowki and finally Ghar Ek Sapnaa.
  3. Sunidhi-cast-actrees-in-hello-pratibha-zee-world
  4. Sunidhi Real name Sinigdha Pandey: Hailing from Kolkata India she was a tennis player when she was younger but dropped it to focus on her career and her education. Pandey has a master in Economics from a college in Delhi. She started acting in her college days and worked in a theatre group called Act one. She has starred in big roles like Straight 2009, Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain, Navya Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se and finally recently in Hello Pratibha.She is a very talented lady who can star in many roles whether it is good or bad onscreen character, the most impressive thing about this lady is that she can speak many India languages and has starred in many in India roles needing more languages

More Characters Original Names of Hello Pratibha

  • Pehu Mahendra Agarwal real name is Ridhi Arora
  •  Kashi Agarwal real name is Sangeeta Panwar
  •  Sanjeev Agarwal real name is Tarul Swami
  • Shalu Khaana real name is Jinal Jain
  • Pushpa chachi real name is Sheeba Chaddha
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