Happy Hearts Wednesday Update 30th March 2022


Happy Hearts Wednesday Update 30th March 2022

Happy telling inspector that attacker has run away from the window. The inspector asks did you see him and identify him. Happy says my mum is worried, she is scared and saying same thing. The inspector asks did you see anything there. Happy says we can’t ignore this. Inspector says maybe some thief has come and she had seen him, we will give police protection for some days. Happy asks Sandhya not to worry. She goes and calls Grover. She says thanks, commissioner has arranged security for mum, what if my identity is revealed. Meenu does aid to Kabir. She asks did Khushi see you, we can kill her mum any time. He says we have to do this soon, Rocky is a narcotics officer. She says we have to find Khushi’s weakness to control her. Happy says I m worried, I m glad that RV is dead, I have to be careful, none should know I m Happy.

Rocky asks who is the girl, what’s her name, who got me here. Nurse says what can we do if she didn’t fill the form. He asks how did she look. She says she was pretty, she had long hair. He says I have to see CCTV footage. Doctor says we want authorization. He asks for his wallet. Harleen gets his wallet. She asks how does it matter who got you here. Rocky says I don’t want your tips, fake concern and drama, please leave. Honey gets sad. Rocky thinks this girl is Happy, I heard her voice. He asks the man to zoom on the girl. He sees Happy and says she is Happy, I know. Doctor says that girl’s name was Khushi. Rocky says I heard this name somewhere, Khushi. Happy wakes up and says Rocky, I felt you took my name, what’s happening to me, I can’t control my mind, I just think of you, just get fine.

She gets a call and says I will come. Happy talks to police. Meenu and Kabir watch her and think to talk to Khushi about Sandhya. Meenu says we will handle Khushi, we won’t let Sandhya spoil this plan. Kabir agrees. Rocky says doctor said the girl’s name was Khushi, she was Happy, why did she leave me and disappear, where shall I find Khushi. He tells nurse that he has to go. Nurse says you will get discharged at night, watch tv or hear music, you will feel good. He asks do you have radio in phone. He plays Khushi’s radio show. He says RJ Khushi, Khushi means Happy, she is my Happy, I spoke to her on radio, she got me to hospital, Happy used to talk such things, I have touched her face, she is Happy. He goes.

Happy asks Anjali to talk to nurse’s call and tell her. She plays a song Bulleya…. Rocky comes to her radio station and says I have to meet RJ Khushi. The lady asks him to wait. Rocky and Happy think of each other. Honey asks for Rocky. Harleen scolds him. Madhu consoles Honey and asks what happened. He says what if dad goes lost, how will we find him. He gets a headache and cries. Madhu goes to get water. Meenu says target is in pain, his body temperature is high, blast will happen in the house. Kabir asks her to calm the target. Happy talks of love. Rocky waits for her. Happy goes and sees Rocky waiting for her. She gets shocked. She hides. She asks peon to say that she isn’t here. The lady says Khushi isn’t here. Anjali handles the show. Rocky says you said Khushi isn’t here, she changed her voice. Guard says just staff can go inside. Rocky fights them. He shows his card and says its imp to go inside. He goes to see Khushi. Honey gets dizzy. Madhu asks what happened. He says I want dad. Meenu comes there with a gun. Harleen says you won’t get your dad, he doesn’t worry for you. Madhu asks her to call a doctor, Honey is in pain. Harleen goes. Madhu gets shocked seeing a shadow.

Rocky asking where is Khushi. Anjali says that’s me, don’t get angry. Happy thinks Anjali send him, if I meet him, our past will come out, everyone will be disturbed, I don’t know about his life. She sees his wedding ring and thinks he got married, if he sees me, he will be heartbroken. The man says sorry, you should leave me, even if you are a govt. Officer. Rocky goes. Happy cries. Sweety comes to meet Honey. He feels happy and relieved from headache on seeing Sweety. Meenu says how did he calm down suddenly. She tells Kabir that Honey has got calmed down, situation is under control. Honey says m head was aching a lot. He jokes. Harleen says he created a scene for nothing. Doctor asks Madhu to make Honey rest. He goes.

Rocky says I know Happy saved my life and told me to hospital, people may call me mad, why is she doing this with me. Happy cries and says Rocky has moved on in his life, I separated Rocky from myself, I give Gyaan to everyone on radio, love is a sacrifice, we have to walk away from the life of the one we love for the sake of his happiness. Anjali plays a song. Happy sees the coffee cup and leaves. Honey calls her and says I m busy at school, Biji doesn’t want me to do, you tell Biji that you will take care of me. Happy says yes, what happened to you.

Madhu says Honey praises you a lot, you are his happiness, I m satisfied by talking to you, I will send him to school. Honey thanks Happy and says I love you Khushi angel. Honey thinks I wish to meet Rocky the same way, I wonder how is Rocky’s life. Happy comes home to see Rocky. She sees Rocky crying in her memory.

Bekhabar….plays…. She says I shouldn’t be here at this time. She cries and hides from him. Its morning, Honey greets Rocky. Rocky says I will drop you to school. Madhu asks don’t know, how did this happen. She makes Honey ready and asks him to go. Sweety comes and greets Rocky. Rocky calls her very cute. Honey says Sweety is the cutest. Rocky takes them to school.

Madhu says Khushi came in Honey’s life, he is staying happy, Rocky initiated a talk with Honey. She prays that Khushi comes in their lives. Honey says you came to drop me to school, I m very happy, don’t get angry. Rocky smiles. Honey goes to hug Rocky. Rocky gets a call and asks Honey to go. Honey asks do you want to meet my friend, you will be happy, will you meet her. Rocky nods. Jyoti calls Rocky. Rocky says I have urgent work, I will meet her later. He goes. Honey calls out dad…. Happy looks on and thinks is Honey Rocky’s son…. Honey sees Happy and runs to him. Rocky hears Honey shouting Khushi angel. Happy recalls Rocky’s words and their past. Humdum mere…plays….Honey says I want to introduce you to my dad, he would have not left, come, he will be happy to see you. Rocky comes to see her. Happy sees Rocky and worries. Sweety’s mum thanks Rocky.

Rocky talks to her. Happy says principal Sir called me, I will meet your dad later. She goes. Honey says my teacher friend will meet you later. Happy sees Honey caring for Sweety. She smiles seeing Honey. She thinks he is just like Rocky. Honey comes to hug her. He asks why did you not meet my dad. She says I feel scared that he might get angry on me. He says he just looks scary, he is a good girl. Meenu looks on and thinks why is Khushi so emotional, do they have any connection.