Happy Hearts Wednesday Update 16th March 2022


Happy Hearts Wednesday Update 16th March 2022

Everyone crying for Happy. Sania says I did a mistake, what if anything happens to Happy. Bhatia says just go from this city. Servant says Anaya came to meet Sania. Bhatia says tell her we aren’t at home. Anaya says where did they go, I have to find out. She sees Bhatia and Sania leaving in the car. She follows them. Rocky stops RV and goes to meet Happy. He hugs her. She says its aching a lot. He says sorry, are you fine, I almost died seeing you. She says I won’t leave you so soon. He says I want to hear it from you, maybe I know what you want to say. She says you would have done the same thing being in my place, we have the same reason. Bolna….plays… He says I will tell you the reason, Happy I…. Sandhya and Smiley come to see her. Simmi and RV come. Happy says I m fine now. She smiles seeing Rocky. RV sees Rocky. Anaya follows Sania.

Rocky says Happy can do anything for attention. Happy says thank me for saving your life. Madhu comes with police. RV says I called them here to file FIR against Sania, she should get punished. Happy gives her statement against Sania. Inspector says we don’t know where is Sania now. Sania is on the way with Bhatia. Anaya hears the news of Sania’s arrest warrant issue. She calls the police. Inspector says Sania and Bhatia are found. Rocky says I will come along. RV says keep medical team on stand by, Sania is mentally unstable, we should be prepared. Happy says yes, Sania has become dangerous. Police stops Bhatia and Sania at the airport. Sania points gun and threatens to shoot inspector. Anaya looks on. Rocky comes and catches Sania. Sania says I didn’t do this, you are wrong. Rocky says I won’t kill you and see you struggling alone. Sania says you have threat from someone else, not me. She shows RV. She says I m not your enemy. She gets injected. The doctor takes Sania along and speaks to inspector.

Its morning, Anaya comes to meet Sania in the trauma centre. She meets Sania and asks her who is the culprit, tell me, I promise, I will get you out of here. Sania is drugged. Doctor stops Anaya. Anaya says just say the same fast, please. Doctor asks watchman to make Anaya out. Sania says RV is doing this, he is after Happy, he will kill Rocky. Anaya is shocked. She leaves. She says so RV knew Ranveer is the culprit, he played the game to trap Rocky, but how, RV always supports truth, it means RV wanted to do Rocky’s accident, so that he gets Happy, does RV really love Happy, this is obsession, its not healthy, I know RV since ten years, can he fall so low, he killed Ranveer to save himself. She says I have to find RV’s truth.

Doctor calls RV and says Anaya came and met Sania, sorry. RV scolds him. Doctor says Sania was drugged and we made Anaya leave. RV says don’t make this mistake again, none should meet Sania. Sandhya asks is everything fine. RV says yes, it was a case related call. Rocky and RV come to help Happy. Happy holds Rocky’s hand. RV asks Happy to call him if she needs anything. Rocky says we will manage, don’t worry. RV leaves and thinks I always supported you, who is Rocky to come between us, I was helpless to hide truth, I love you.

RV recalling meeting Sania and dealing with her so that he gets Happy. He says we will do what we want. He recalls how he has planned to harm Simmi and made Happy and Rocky fight by his drama. He recalls how he has made Sania attack Sandhya. He had helped Sania flee. He had tried to kill Rocky but Happy spoiled his game. FB shows Sania calling him and threatening to expose him, since he has tried to kill Rocky. RV says I don’t care for your deal, do anything you want, whoever comes between Happy and me will die. He calls inspector to get Sania away. FB ends. RV says I love you Happy, you are just mine.

Everyone takes care of Happy. Rocky says you won’t go anywhere now, take rest. Anaya comes home to meet RV. He asks why did you go to meet Sania. She confronts him for dealing with Sania and Bhatia. She says Sania told me the truth, you did accident with Happy’s family, its not love, its madness, speak up the truth. He says right Anaya, I have sent Rocky to jail, I knew he is innocent, if Happy knew this then she would have hated me. Madhu says Happy got fine now, you did a lot to help her, its time you keep your promise, stay away from Happy.

He says you are blackmailing me, Happy fought with death for me, why do you hate her. She says I love you but I hate her, these two things can never change. He says if I can’t live with Happy, then I will leave this house and you all, this love can’t end now, I won’t step back. RV says if I can kill Ranveer, I can do anything. Anaya gets shocked. She says I have spent ten years with you, we have lived together, tell me its a lie. He says its a surprise, I m such now, Happy shouldn’t know that I framed Rocky deliberately.

Anaya says you have gone mad, I will expose you. He catches her neck. He hits on her head and faints her. Rocky says I lost Happy once, I realized I was a big fool, I m going to propose her for marriage, I love Happy. He goes. Madhu cries. Grover says where is Anaya and worries. Anaya wakes up and shouts to RV to open the door. RV sits drinking. Rocky takes care of Happy. He says everything is fair in love and war, its dinner time, have food. She refuses. He eats the khichdi to show her. They smile talking. Sandhya thinks I m happy seeing them happy after a long time. RV drinks further.