Happy Hearts Thursday Update 31st March 2022


Happy Hearts Thursday Update 31st March 2022

Rocky thinking of Honey’s teacher. Jyoti shows him the evidences they got at the site. He sees the ring and says it belongs to that man. She says our tracker recorded their talks, they have planted a live bomb, we have to find out about it. Honey asks Happy why is she crying now, he will not leave the person who made her cry. She says I m fine, I was cleaning the eyes. Sweety kisses her. Happy hugs them. Meenu looks on. Rocky says there would be some key to off the live weapon. Meenu hears Happy talking of Rocky.

Happy says Rocky moved on and got married, he has a son, he would love Harleen, I have stayed away from him for six years, what if I fall weak, I wish I had married Rocky. Meenu asks what happened, are you fine. Happy says I have an eye allergy, I will wash my face and come. She goes. Kabir comes to Rocky’s cabin. He asks Meenu to find about Khushi. Rocky says who can be behind this planning. Kabir fixes a spy cam in Rocky’s cabin. He says now I will keep an eye on Rocky. He goes. Rocky comes to his cabin. Honey and Sweety dance practice. Happy sees Honey and smiles. Meenu looks on.

Peon says its Honey’s lucky day, his dad came to drop him and now his mum got the tiffin. Honey runs and hugs Harleen. Harleen makes him away and says I had to come on Madhu’s saying. She acts rude and goes. Honey cries. Happy looks on and thinks I thought she got angry that day, but she is always rude. Sweety asks Honey to smile. Honey asks Happy not to waste her time. Happy says I have worked hard on you for the competition, have the Rajma Chawal. She feeds the food to Honey. Honey says my mum doesn’t make food for me, she will not come to watch my performance in the competition. Happy thinks why is Rocky doing this, Harleen also behaves badly with him.

Rocky comes home and sits tired. Honey asks can I help you. He gets a glass of water for him. He says my teacher asked me to hand over water to parents. He says sorry, a fly has fallen inside, teacher said I should give clean water. Rocky laughs and says your teacher looks very smart. Honey says yes, my Khushi angel is smart and lovely, she comes on radio, RJ Khushi Sharma, she is my teacher too. Rocky thinks she is my Happy. He says I will come with you to school tomorrow and meet your teacher. Madhu hugs Honey and asks him to always stay happy.

Happy tells Grover about Honey, Rocky’s son. Grover says you have started your new life and all this started, I wish to help you. She says no, kids will get nervous if I leave today, I will leave from their lives once the competition ends. Rocky says I felt Happy was around, my heart knows Khushi is Happy, its matter of one day now. He sees her pic. Honey and Sweety get ready. Happy smiles seeing them. She thinks Rocky is my heart, I have to go away from you because of Rocky. She asks Honey not to wait for anyone. She asks the kids to enjoy the performance. Meenu looks on. Honey says my parents aren’t coming.

Happy wishes Rocky could come to see Honey on stage, I could have seen Rocky once, I will leave after Honey’s performance. She says so what, I will watch your entire performance and clap. She asks Honey to get ready. Honey says I m surprising Khushi, my parents are coming today. Harleen gets happy to go with Rocky. Ruhi comes to talk to Rocky. He says not now, I m going to Honey’s school. They leave. Ruhi says I doubt Kabir and wanted to tell you. Harleen and Rocky come in the school program. Happy is close to Rocky. Harleen takes selfies with Rocky. Happy is behind.

Rocky going to meet Honey. Happy makes the kids ready. Rocky hears Khushi’s name and comes to see. He sees a little girl Khushi and says I felt my Happy was there. Happy takes Honey with her and asks what happened to you. Meenu says if Honey takes school, he will blast here and this school will be ruined, I have to do something. Happy asks Honey to have a deep breath. Meenu asks what happened to him. Happy says nothing, he got nervous for his performance. Meenu checks Honey’s bomb status. Happy and Sweety convince Honey. Happy jokes. She goes. Someone calls her out. Happy goes to help the kids change costumes during play. She wears the mask. Rocky passes by. He doesn’t see her. Honey fights with a boy. Sweety stops them. Rocky asks them not to fight here and prepare for competition. He asks them to shake hands. Meenu goes. Happy gets shocked seeing Rocky and thinks how did he come, he wasn’t coming.

Kabir says Meenu, Honey is our human bomb, Honey will blast there, we have to make a bigger blast, keep an eye on that kid. Ruhi comes to him. She says I know you had hidden this camera in Rocky’s room, I had a doubt on you. She shows the camera and says I will call Rocky. Kabir gets angry and asks her not to do this. He asks can we go there for a talk, please. Honey and kids come for the play. Happy cries and hides behind the stage. Everyone claps. Rocky waits to see Khushi. Kabir threatens Ruhi and attacks her. She calls Ruhi. Rocky says maybe its something urgent. He goes to answer call. Happy comes on stage and sees Rocky gone. She gets relieved. Rocky answers the call. Ruhi bites Kabir’s hand and runs. Honey feels dizzy. Happy worries. Kabir stabs Ruhi. She falls down. Happy goes on the stage and holds Honey when he faints.

Rocky and Harleen come back and ask what’s happening here. He gets a call from hotel. He gets shocked. He leaves. Harleen asks what happened to Rocky now. Harleen hears about Honey and worries. She asks Honey to get up. Meenu sees the alert and thinks bomb can blast anytime now, I have to leave. Rocky says I m also shocked seeing this, Ruhi was working for us since many years, inspector find out who did this. Inspector asks where were you. Rocky says I was at my child’s school. Kabir gets a call. Inspector asks do you have to tell someone that murder is done, answer the call. Kabir worries. Harleen says if Rocky knows this, he will kill me. Happy worries that Honey’s heart isn’t working. She pumps his heart and calls for an ambulance. Kabir answers the call. Meenu says it will blast. Inspector asks what will blast. Kabir says she is my wife, she is saying about cooker blast. Meenu says I think cooker will blast. He asks her to get out of the house. Happy and Harleen take Honey. Happy goes to get the car. Inspector asks Kabir where was he at the time of Ruhi’s murder.