Happy Hearts Thursday Update 17th March 2022


Happy Hearts Thursday Update 17th March 2022

Happy preparing to go office. Rocky asks her to sit and have food. She asks him to let her go office. He says don’t talk sweetly, stop hypnotizing me. She says I have to do my work, its imp, please understand. He makes her eat food. He says you are more imp than work. She says I want you to get whatever belongs to you, everyone has right on happiness, you should get your happiness, you want to give you then handover soon. He agrees and goes. She smiles. Anaya says dad and I considered you family, how did you change RV.

RV says come on, situation changes, people change, move on. She says right, one who does wrong, bad happens with him. He says I did bad, but I m fine. He threatens her about Grover and asks her to write a suicide note. She refuses. She asks how can you do this. He says I can kill your dad, you are coming between me and Happy, I have to make you away. She says I loved you RV. He says I believe in actions, I will not spare anyone who comes between me and Happy.

Rocky goes to see Happy. Biji comes to him and asks are you going to Happy’s room. She scolds him for hurting Madhu’s heart for Happy’s sake. He thinks to apologize to Madhu. Anaya writes a suicide note. Grover comes to meet RV. Anaya shouts dad… RV shuts her mouth. Rocky says mom knows that I m in pain, if she loves me, how can she see me in pain, she knows I love Happy, once I leave this house, you will have no tensions. Biji slaps him and cries. He says I can’t stop loving Happy. He goes to Madhu. He wants Madhu to see Happy’s good heart. He thinks I have to show anger until you accept Happy. He wishes to wipe her tears. Grover asks RV about Anaya.

RV acts and says I think it happened by my mistake, I had an argument with Anaya, she wanted to patch up, I refused, I couldn’t lie to her, she cried and said she can’t live without me, I asked her to be strong, I can’t cheat her with fake love, maybe she has wrong hope. Anaya tries to get free. Anaya hits the door. Grover hears the sound. Rocky goes to meet Happy.

She says I want help, can you send mum or Smiley, send Simmi. He says they all have gone out, tell me what to do, Simmi isn’t at home, I can help you get ready. Anaya kicks the door. RV makes Grover leave. Anaya cries. Happy says I can trust you. He closes his eyes and fixes her dress’ back strings. Hum tum…..plays…. They have sweet moments.

RV and Grover asking inspector to find Anaya and get her back safely. Inspector says Anaya is sensible, we will find her, if she is in problem. RV says we shouldn’t think anything negative, we will find Anaya. Grover nods. Rocky and Happy are together. He locks the door. She asks what are you doing. He says you locked me outside the door in the morning and now I have locked you inside the door. He holds her close. Mere haath mein….plays… She runs away from him and turns shy. He says we will become one from today, forever.

Anaya struggles to get free. RV thinks its risk to leave Anaya alone. Anaya tries to get out of the house. She sees a hockey stick and takes it. She calls Grover from the landline. RV sees the call and disconnects it. He thinks it means Anaya got free. He switches off the phone and says I will go and find through common friends. Anaya says dad’s phone is off. Rocky takes Simmi’s help in planning a surprise for Happy. He says I would be happy if mum was happy in my happiness, Happy is very nice, mum will accept her. Anaya runs away. RV sees her on the road and goes to hit her with his car. Anaya runs away. She hides in someone’s car dicky. RV looks for her. Happy recalls Rocky and smiles. She keeps the flowers.

Anaya thinks of RV and calls the hotel. She asks for Happy. She asks Happy to come and meet her right away. The call disconnects. RV comes to Anaya. Happy rushes to meet Anaya and asks driver to drive fast, why did Anaya call her.

RV catches Anaya and says I didn’t know you are so foolish. He says we could have been friends, you could have gone to US and had children, you wanted to take revenge on me. She hits him and runs away. They fight. He asks her not to come between Happy and him. Grover says how did my phone get off. Happy calls RV to ask about Anaya. Anaya shouts for help. RV says Grover will know his strong daughter has broken down, life is so unfair. He keeps the suicide note in her pocket and drags her to push her down. Happy says I will call Rocky, but he would scold me for coming too far. Simmi says you should propose Happy, did you buy the ring. Rocky shows the ring and says I will just come. The lady says Happy has left for home. Rocky says I asked her to take rest, maybe she got tired.

Happy comes to the bridge side and shouts Anaya. RV says how did Happy come here, did you call her. Happy asks can you hear me. Anaya hits RV and runs to Happy. RV pushes Anaya and then holds her hand. Anaya says no….. He leaves her hand. Anaya falls down and hangs to the tree branch. He asks Anaya to just die. He sees Happy coming and goes. Anaya shouts for help. Happy sees Anaya hanging and gets shocked. She rushes to help Anaya. RV looks on. Happy says give me your hand. RV says don’t survive Anaya, else I will give you a bad death. Anaya falls down. Happy shouts. Rocky calls Happy and says she is nowhere, where did she go, I feel something is wrong, I will go and find her, Simmi call me if she comes home. Happy runs to Anaya. She asks are you fine, talk to me, I will call ambulance. Anaya opens her eyes. RV says she may tell about me to Happy. Anaya tries to tell something.