Happy Hearts Sunday Update 27th March 2022


Happy Hearts Sunday Update 27th March 2022

Happy seeing the same couple and asking how did you know I m here. The man says we will tell you everything, maybe that boy got scared and gave such statement. They give statement. Happy worries. She switches off the laptop. The officer goes. Harleen says I have to look beautiful. Madhu comes to lecture her. Harleen asks her to go on. Madhu says I always tried helping you, you always accuse me, I want peace of this house, I m ready to do anything, if you get angry on Happy, I won’t tolerate. Harleen argues and asks why didn’t you get this affection when you raised Rocky, he doesn’t listen to you, you had spoilt it, you are garbage for him, I will never let Honey become like Rocky. Madhu says don’t try to insult me. They argue.

Happy thanks the couple. The man asks inspector to call Honey and take his statement. Inspector says we can’t let Khushi go until then. Happy asks them to go. Meenu says no, we will wait. Madhu sees Harleen sleeping in her room. She goes and opens the door. She says your mum is sleeping, come with me and sleep, you can come back and get locked here in the morning. She thinks I have no other way. She takes Honey and goes. Its morning, Madhu locks Honey inside the washroom again. Harleen sees her and asks what are you doing here. Madhu asks her to open the door now. Harleen frees Honey. He comes out and hugs Madhu. Harleen asks Madhu to dress up Honey well before Rocky comes. Honey says I understood. Harleen goes. Honey jokes and says if dad comes, they will send me to hostel again, please stop me. Madhu says I will talk with your dad. He says dad never listens to you, why don’t they want to keep me like other parents keep and love their children, am I so bad. She hugs him and says you are bit naughty.

Harleen sees Rocky’s pic and says just say you missed me, even if you didn’t. Door bell rings. She asks Honey to behave well. She sees police. Inspector says you told us that Khushi kidnapped your son, you and your son lied, come with us to the police station. Harleen says I won’t come. Inspector scolds her. Rocky comes and asks what’s going on in my house. They see Rocky.

Happy asks how long will they take to come. She asks the couple to go home. Meenu refuses. She says if the boy is back home, why don’t we kidnap him from there. The man says police is on high alert, we have orders to win Khushi’s confidence and help her. Inspector says Khushi saved Honey from terrorists at the airport. Harleen says Rocky you know I don’t lie. Rocky says Honey. Honey says yes Sir… Inspector thinks its a strange family, who addresses dad as Sir. Rocky asks Honey not to lie now and say did the girl kidnap him or save him. Honey says truth us, I don’t want to stay in boarding school, I want to study with Sweety in a school here, I want to stay here, I ran away, a bad uncle caught me but Khushi angel saved me, I got hidden in her house, mummy told police that Khushi angel kidnapped me. Harleen says he is lying. Rocky says Honey you did wrong. He says I will come to say sorry and thanks to that girl. Happy thinks of Rocky.

Rocky goes with police. Happy gets a call and hears Sandhya shouting. She says I have to go home. Rocky gets Honey to police station. Happy says I m innocent. Inspector apologizes. Happy says thanks, I respect for your duty. Inspector says Honey and his dad came to apologize, go and meet them. Honey thanks Meenu and Kabir also. Meenu signs Kabir. Honey coughs. Rocky gives him water. Rocky and Happy miss to see each other. Kabir says forget the kid, we have got new orders from madam. Happy comes home and sings a lullaby to console Sandhya. Kabir and Meenu see a girl at the cafe. Meenu acts and adds something in the girl’s coffee. She goes and says that drug will go to her blood stream and then her heart. The girl drinks coffee and faints. Happy says I don’t know why Honey lied, he was very scared of his mum, I hope he is all right, he is naughty but very cute.

Madhu feeling kheer to Honey. Honey gets to see Rocky and Harleen arguing. Rocky scolds Harleen. He asks Honey to go back to boarding school. Honey says sorry, let me stay here with Madhu. Madhu says he isn’t happy here, you are angry on me, but don’t take it out on him. Rocky says none have right on my decisions, my parents had no pity on me, so I don’t have pity for him. He leaves. Harleen cries. Honey calls Sweety and asks why did you tell your mum, mum and dad want to send me to boarding school again. Sweety apologizes. Honey cries and gets an idea to call Happy.

He says I m sorry, I lied. She asks how did you ge my number. He says I dailled my number from your phone when you were sleeping in the flight, you are my angel, I troubled you and made you cry. She says its all right, I forgive you. He says then come home and tell this to my parents, then maybe they don’t send me to hostel. She says I don’t think they will listen to me, God helps us when nothing works, we will look at the stars and pray. He asks really. She says really. He says I wish my mom was like you.

Meenu says I got the teacher’s job. Kabir asks why this job suddenly. The lady says we will use the boy for our plans, we will stay with him. Kabir asks why this. The lady says its not that easy, the bomb that we fitted inside the child at the airport is in experimental state, he is a living bomb now, stop him from going to the hostel. Rocky manages the hotel. A man comes to him and says I wanted to meet you and get our spices tested by you. Happy talks to the guy on her radio show and says alcohol and drugs won’t solve your problems, its easiest way to destroy yourself.

Rocky takes drugs. The man says my boss wants to meet you, its tough to operate business, your hotel is the best, one can operate the business of drugs here, none will doubt on us. Rocky asks are you in senses, the drugs are very costly, police will doubt on you. The man says you don’t see the profits, none will know about it. Rocky says I will think and say. The man goes. Rocky gets a call. The lady asks how was the meeting with the dealer, narcostics officer Rocky? Rocky says his boss wants to meet me and gave an offer. The lady says meet him tomorrow, its imp for us. Happy asks the listeners to wish with her for a little cute boy. She prays for Honey. Rocky hears Happy’s show.

Rocky calls her and says I don’t have Happy in your life. Happy asks him to say aloud, she can’t hear him clearly, maybe connection isn’t right. Rocky says I don’t agree with you so you don’t hear my voice, its nonsense. She says your anger has your pain, what’s your name. He sees the sky and says Akash. She says stars are close to sky, make a wish, it will get true. She gives him hope. He says its filmi talks, the person whom I loved the most would have never left me. She says she will be yours for sure, some connections never breaks, all the best to you, a song for you…. Hamdard….plays…. Happy and Rocky think of each other. They both have same wish to get each other. Kabir cuts come power lines and says I will see how Honey goes to boarding school. Harleen tries to get close to Rocky. He asks her to stop coming close, their distance won’t end, don’t irritate me.

She says I want your love. He says you didn’t marry me for my love, but to get a lavish life, you wanted a child, I didn’t want a child, I fulfilled your wish, learn to manage a child. He goes. He takes Happy’s name in sleep. Harleen gets angry and cries. She says Rocky couldn’t forget Happy, its good Happy died, else I would have killed her. Its morning, Happy gets Sandhya to a cafe and orders icecream. Rocky asks Honey to keep the luggage inside, there is a case of gas leak at school, the school will be closed for some months. Honey says my packing got waste. He gets happy. Harleen says we will go to your previous school. He dances. Happy thinks if Honey’s wish got fulfilled or not. He calls her and says I m at home, you made a wish for me and it got true, the boarding school got shut, I m going to my old school. Harleen asks who are you talking to. She scolds Honey. Happy hears this. Honey shouts I love you Khushi angel. Happy smiles.