Happy Hearts Saturday Update 9th April 2022


Happy Hearts Saturday Update 9th April 2022

Happy explaining the arrangements to Rocky. He says I m worried for Jyoti, we are a team, but Kumar said that Jyoti has gone alone for the mission, I feel something is wrong. Madhu says Harleen, Happy is your enemy, did you forget this. Harleen says please, don’t lecture me, help me instead, you couldn’t control your son. She goes. Jyoti is tied up somewhere. Harleen says I should have taken a cab, its raining outside. She goes to take shelter. Jyoti hears her voice and shouts for help. She makes sound. Harleen looks around.

Happy says I know you want to help Jyoti. Rocky says I will try to find Jyoti. She says I will handle work, you go. He gets a call. He says Kumar has come to meet us. Harleen asks is there anyone inside. She tries to break the lock. Meenu comes there and sees Harleen. She hides her face and shouts thief, wait I will call the police. Harleen says I m not a thief, I m going. She goes. Happy shows the event theme to Kumar. Kumar says wow, that’s why I wanted you to plan this.

Harleen asks Happy to check the presentation. Rocky asks what. Kumar asks is Harleen working with you. Happy says yes, she is helping me. Kumar says I m happy that you both are working together. He thinks Harleen will help me too. Rocky says I shall leave, I have to take Honey to hospital. He goes and meets someone. He asks the man to trace the phone location. Meenu scolds Jyoti. Kumar says Happy has planned the event so well, we will put the real explosives instead fake ones. Meenu says great. Jyoti gets shocked and thinks they trapped Happy, I have to find some way to reach Rocky. The man shows Jyoti’s location. Rocky says I know this place, thanks I have to reach there and find Jyoti. Rocky comes there. Meenu gets shocked. Rocky shouts Jyoti. Jyoti shouts to him. Kumar and Meenu shut her mouth. Kumar points the gun. Rocky is about to enter the room. He gets Honey’s call. Honey says Madhu is leaving the house, come soon. Rocky says stop crying, I m coming home. He leaves.

Happy asks Madhu not to leave. Madhu scolds her. Rocky comes home. He consoles Honey. He says I promise Madhu won’t go anywhere, go in. Honey goes. Jyoti says Rocky will come to find me. Kumar says we have to shift Jyoti. Meenu says this was the safest place, where will we keep her. Kumar says I know a perfect place. Rocky says Honey is unwell and needs Happy, Sandhya and Happy will stay here. Madhu says I m your mum and became your enemy, you had forgiven Happy, why, did you forget how much you suffered because of her, she faked her death.

Rocky says I didn’t forget, I have a duty towards Happy and her mom, she left me and moved on, I couldn’t move on, I still love Happy and will always do. Happy cries. Rocky says we have no relation between us now, I have some duty towards Sandhya, I will fulfill my duty. Kumar says why didn’t I get this idea, Rocky can never think to check my house. Meenu says Harleen is calling me, I have to meet her. Kumar says I have to go to hotel to meet Rocky and Happy. They leave.

Happy recalls Rocky’s words and cries. Honey says don’t worry, mum became your friend and Madhu will also become your friend, dad stopped Madhu, be happy. Happy says I m happy, Rocky is the best person in the world. Rocky comes and looks on. Honey says you and dad are the best. She asks Honey to sleep. Happy thinks our ways couldn’t unite ever. Rocky thinks you never gave me a chance, I can’t love anyone else, we will never get love, maybe this is our fate. He says lights and decorations suppliers want to meet us, come, we have no time to talk, we are getting late. He goes. Jyoti struggles and thinks to do something to reach Rocky. She frees herself from the ropes. She gets some transmitter and thinks I can send some signal to Rocky if this works. Happy checks the fake props.

Happy checking the props and paying the advance. Rocky says none has permission to enter the storeroom except me and Happy. The man agrees. Harleen asks the man to open the storeroom, Happy has sent her to make the list of things. The man says no, Rocky asked us not to let anyone in. Harleen says I will call Happy. She calls Meenu. Meenu says Harleen is Rocky’s wife, let her go in. The man says okay sorry, come. Harleen checks the things and asks the men to leave. She opens a door and gets Meenu out.

Meenu says this is the best way to make Happy out of your life, we have to make the fake weapons nuts and bolts come out, it will be embarrassing for Rocky, he will make Happy out, the event will get ruined. Harleen says it will ruin the hotel name. Meenu says yes, Rocky will scold Happy for this, you have to pay a small price. Meenu changes the fake weapons with real ones. She says its done. Harleen says even I m done. She asks Meenu to go. Meenu leaves.

Happy asks Sandhya to sleep. Sandhya says I m not getting sleep. Honey says I have a plan, we will go and play. Sandhya says we will play, come. Honey makes everyone sit. He says we will play dumb charades today. He explains the rules. Rocky says you guys play, I won’t play. Happy says even I have work. Honey asks them to play. Harleen asks Rocky to play for Honey’s sake. Rocky thinks what’s going on in Harleen’s mind. Harleen asks Happy to play the game for Honey’s sake. Happy says fine. They sit back. Happy falls over Rocky and sits right. Honey asks Madhu to play with them. Madhu refuses. Rocky says lets start the game.

Kumar comes to his house and sees Jyoti sleeping. She wakes up and says your game is going to end soon. He says wow, you are trapped here and have the same confidence, have some water or you will faint, I m not so cruel. She refuses. He says you can’t even imagine the explosion, you will hear it from here, I will show you the news, you won’t be able to stop me, take care, good night. He goes. She frees herself and gets the radio back. She puts cells and says its not working. She repairs the radio. She tries to reach Rocky. She says I hope these signals reach Rocky, I will show that Kumar. Honey gets a chit and acts. Happy says mujhse dosti karoge. Honey hugs her and says you are the best. Happy says you are the best as well. Sandhya says I m next. Rocky guesses the movie Beta. Happy smiles. Madhu gets angry.

Happy thinks thanks Rocky, mum is happy here. Meenu comes to Kumar and says Harleen did what I told her, we have replaced the fake guns with real ones. He says this time none can stop us, don’t worry for Kabir, I will free him from jail tonight, its imp for us. She says but Rocky will doubt more. He says don’t worry, I have made a fantastic plan. Rocky gets a chit. He says I don’t want to play. Honey asks Happy to stop him. Happy says Rocky, try for Honey’s sake. Honey says I will give you a partner if you find it hard. Happy says I can’t do this. Honey says just try. He gives the chit. Happy reads the chit…Hum dil de chuke sanam. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage….plays… Rocky and Happy try to explain. Harleen says we can’t understand anything, say it. Happy and Rocky say Hum dil de chuke sanam. Honey says it was an easy one. Sandhya claps for them. Honey says all of us enjoyed, lets clap. Happy and Rocky kiss him. Jyoti says its working, I can contact Rocky now. The men get Kabir to Kumar. Kumar interrogates Kabir and beats him.

He asks Kabir to act if he wants to go out, he has to bear some wounds. Kumar says don’t you dare lie to me. Kabir says I told you whatever I knew. Kumar says I know how to deal with you. He asks the men to take Kabir away and lock him in the cell, no one will go to him and don’t give him food. Kabir says you can’t make me divulge details. Kumar says leave him, I will take him to solitary cell. The men leave. Kumar says people will think you are in jail, we will be completing our missing. Rocky says everything should be proper. Jyoti contacts him using the makeshift radio. Rocky replies to her. He says Jyoti is trying to contact me, she is in danger, shall I talk to Kumar, I have to save her. Happy tastes the food and says it can get better. She sees Rocky leaving and asks what happened. He says Jyoti….

Harleen thinks I saw her once, she was trying to call Rocky, I thought she has an affair with Rocky. He says Jyoti’s life is in danger. Happy says I will come with you. Harleen says Happy is always with Rocky. She gets Meenu’s call. Meenu asks did anyone know about us. Harleen says no, I do everything well, your plan is flop, Happy took Rocky away with her, you asked me to befriend her, I can’t fight with her, if the plan fails, I will not leave you, I want to see Happy getting ruined. Meenu asks where did you go. Harleen says Rocky was saying Jyoti isn’t safe, she is missing, no worries. Meenu gets shocked.