Happy Hearts Monday Update 28th March 2022


Happy Hearts Monday Update 28th March 2022

Happy talking to the flowers and smiling. She says Honey didn’t wish to go boarding school, I also made the same wish and it got fulfilled, he will be with family now. Harleen drops Honey to school. He sees Sweety and waves to her. He holds ears and apologizes. Sweety smiles. The principal says we have organized a big event on 15th August. He introduces the teachers selected for training. Honey signs her. Meenu smiles and says target is in front of me. She says I have the list of kids name. Honey thinks please select me, I can spend time with Sweety. She names Sweety and Honey also. Honey smiles. Sweety says welcome back. He says I came as you were alone. Meenu says we have to work hard and in the competition.

The man says you didn’t show interest in the deal before. Rocky asks the deal, its risky to operate drugs from my hotel. A lady shouts on the waiter. The men turn to sort the issue. Rocky takes the man’s phone. Sandhya talks of Happy. Happy thinks when will you know I m your Happy. Sandhya says Rocky loves Happy a lot. Happy asks do you love me.

Sandhya says I love you as well, but I love my little Happy a lot. Happy thinks how would be Rocky. The man pays money to Rocky and goes. The lady in burqa is an officer. She says its narco terrorism case, we have to stop the terror attack, the chip in the mobile phone can help us tap it. Happy sees wrappers and thinks of Honey. She wishes for a miracle that Sandhya gets fine. The lady says we have called the shortlisted people. Rocky sees Kabir. Kabir says I have helped Honey that day, check my resume. Rocky asks why do you want to work here. Kabir says for my wife, she is pregnant, she wants to stay here. Rocky says you are perfect for this job.

Kabir thanks him. Happy comes to Honey’s school and gives him a tiffin. He jokes by telling a story. She calls him intelligent. She asks does new stars come in the place of broken stars. She says you ask so many things, I got aloo paratha for you. He likes it. She asks didn’t mum not give you tiffin. He says no, Biji makes tiffin for me, she said she will feed me Rajma chawal. She recalls Rocky. He says Sweety is my BFF, she is going to become my GF, you can become my second BFF, girls make a line for me, I will get taller like Sir, he came to say sorry to you. She asks who is Sir. He says my Papa. She asks do you call your dad as Sir. He says he doesn’t like me calling him dad. She thinks he needs his parents’ love. She says tell your Sir not to say sorry to me. He asks more questions and explains. She says we will be together.

Meenu says its tough to put this fake stomach and roam. Jabir says its matter of few days, you can do anything then. The man sees her and says you are cheating everyone, I will tell everyone. She gets shocked. Honey says I run away because of mum. Happy says don’t say this. He says saying truth isn’t a bad thing. He gets up and his shirt gets torn. He worries. She says calm down, I will make everything fine. She asks for needle and thread. Peon says you will get it in arts and crafts room. Happy thanks him. Meenu drags the man by her dupatta. Happy and Honey come there. Meenu hides the man. Happy fixes Honey’s shirt. He goes. Madhu asks Honey to have chwayanprash. Honey doesn’t listen. Rocky instructs his staff. Honey greets Rocky and eats it Chwayanprash. Harleen comes and plays tv. They see the news of teacher’s murder. Honey says this is my school teacher. Happy sees the news and says he is Honey’s school teacher.

Rocky hearing Khushi’s radio show. She asks Mr. Akash to make a wish and wait for a miracle. He says my wish can never get fulfilled, my Happy can never return. Harleen comes to him. Happy finishes her show. Harleen asks Rocky to talk to her once. He asks her to do anything but leave him alone. Happy asks how can I train school kids. She thinks its risky. She refuses. He says you may lose the job, MD’s son studies at that time, you have to go and join the school. Meenu trains the kids. Kabir comes to her. She says none can stop our plan from succeeding. Happy is introduced by the principal to the students as Khushi Sharma. Honey runs and hugs Happy. Kabir and Meenu look on. Honey says you surprised me.

Happy spends time with the kids. She meets Sweety. Meenu says Khushi will pose some hurdle. He says don’t take her tension, we will put all blame on her and run away, we needs funds now, we have Honey with us, just make that kid and school win in the competition, there will be a blast in front of foreign delegates. Peon says all the teachers are called by the principal. Sweety says I m scared. Honey says why fear when Honey is here. Happy says I will make you play a game, you have to say another line while you connect. They play the game. Honey talks to Sweety. Happy recalls Rocky. She thinks just Rocky and I had such strong connection. Rocky thinks of Happy. Happy spends time with Honey. Madhu dumps Rocky’s old things. Harleen checks it and doesn’t see Happy’s pic. She sees Rocky’s pic and says he looks so handsome. She hugs the pic and cries. Madhu comes. Harleen goes. Happy’s pic falls down. Rocky instructs his staff about handing the foreign delegates. Kabir disconnects some calls. Rocky asks what happened, is there any problem. Kabir says no, its my mum’s call.

Rocky gets a call from the lady officer. She informs him about the drug dealers. Kabir tells some address. Rocky tells the same address. He sees Kabir. Kabir acts to call to his mum. Rocky says what’s their plan. The lady says we will find out everything, we have to keep an eye on the drug dealers. Rocky says we know about terrorists so late. Happy thinks my identity always has a risk. Honey asks Sweety not to have any fear. Principal and all the teachers talk to officers. Peon says Kashyap Sir was looking for Meenu. Meenu says I don’t know, I haven’t met him. Happy says even I went to arts and crafts room, I didn’t see anyone there, Meenu is pregnant, how can she kill him. Meenu says I m six months pregnant, I m working as I need work, not to get such blames. The officer says we will continue the investigation.

Happy helps Meenu. Meenu says I m happy to see you in this school. She thinks Kabir was right, Happy helped me today. Honey and Sweety come to Happy. Honey says you passed in this test. Happy says I don’t have answers for your questions. He asks silly questions and laughs. Happy hugs Honey. Meenu looks on and smiles. Rocky comes to Honey. He asks what’s happening. Honey says I have polished your shoes. Rocky says your work is to study, go and clean your face. Madhu hugs Honey. Harleen shows his old pic framed. He asks what’s all this. She says you look happy in this, so I framed this. He says I was happy that time, I m not happy now, old Rocky is dead since Happy went away, you know this, stop hurting me. He gets Happy’s pic there.