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Happy Hearts February Teasers 2022

Happy is shattered due to Chintu’s death. Read Starlife Happy Hearts February 2022 Teasers.

Starlife Happy Hearts February 2022 Teasers

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Episode 5

Chintu consoles Happy, who turns sad, recollecting old memories. Later, Happy defends Sandhya when Biji humiliates her.

Episode 6

Even after Pratap forbids Happy from attending the engagement, she resolves to attend the ceremony. But how?

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Episode 7

Pratap allows Happy to attend the marriage ceremony. Later, Rocky vows to defame her when she comments on his frivolous attitude.

Episode 8

Chintu acts crazy after having the spiked drink which was meant for Happy. His family members hold Happy responsible for his condition.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Episode 9

Chintu leaves the wedding venue after Happy criticises him. Later, a shocker awaits Happy when she decides to apologise to him.

Episode 10

Happy and Chintu share their views on the subject of ‘the ideal partner’. Later, Biji reveals Happy’s activities to Pratap.

Friday 4 February 2022

Episode 11

Happy expresses her gratitude to Smiley on returning to the marriage venue. Later, when Aliya stalls the engagement to give Rocky an ultimatum, things get out of hand.

Episode 12

Khulwant threatens Rocky and warns him against returning to his house. Later, Pratap decides to get Happy married at the earliest.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Episode 13

Chintu informs Kulwant that he loves Happy, following which, Kulwant brings this proposal to Pratap. But, will Happy accept it?

Episode 14

Happy asks Chintu to call off their wedding and snaps at Rocky when he accuses her. Meanwhile, Pratap and Kulwant go ahead with the wedding procedures.

Sunday 6 February 2022

Episode 15

Happy searches for a job, while Rocky plots to stop her from marrying Chintu. Elsewhere, Sandhya tries to arrange money for Happy’s wedding.

Episode 16

Happy brings Rocky to task for trying to defame her. Chintu is ecstatic after receiving some terrific news while Happy plans to do the unthinkable.

Monday 7 February 2022

Episode 17

Rocky kidnaps Happy and tortures her. Meanwhile, when Kulwant is blamed for his decision, Chintu makes a request to him.

Episode 18

Happy infers that Rocky and Biji are conspiring against her. Chintu remains dismayed as a distraught Happy confronts him about Rocky’s misdeed.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Episode 19

Biji and Rocky successfully counter Happy’s allegations. Later, Pratap takes a shocking decision when Bhatia makes matters worse for Sandhya and Happy.

Episode 20

After saving Happy from Rocky and his goons, Chintu decides to marry her. Later, Kulwant takes a shocking decision when he learns about Chintu’s deeds.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Episode 21

Chintu resolves to get Happy back to her cheerful, bubbly self and assures Sandhya of the same. Rocky gets on Happy’s nerves during a heated argument.

Episode 22

Chintu gets heavily injured after using a faulty lift. While his family blames Happy for his condition, the doctors make a shocking revelation.

Thursday 10 February 2022

Episode 23

Happy is shattered due to Chintu’s death while Rocky sits next to his deceased brother and cries his heart out. Later, Kulwant takes an unexpected step.

Episode 24

An inconsolable Rocky turns livid hearing Happy’s confession and ends up shooting Sandhya at Chintu’s funeral. Later, Kulwant blames Rocky’s father for the misfortunes.

Friday 11 February 2022

Episode 25

Happy gets Rocky arrested with the help of Mansi and Babbi. After meeting Happy, a helpless Biji urges Bhatia to free Rocky. However, he has other plans in mind.

Episode 26

The Khoslas are shocked to learn that Chintu had taken a huge loan. Happy joins a job and is stunned to spot Kulwant there. Later, she saves him from meeting with an accident.

Saturday 12 February 2022

Episode 27

Happy gets emotional after going through Chintu’s mobile and decides to withdraw her complaint against Rocky. Later, Chintu’s spirit visits Rocky in jail.

Episode 28

Rocky rescues his family members when Bhatia’s men attack them. On the other hand, Happy comes up with an innovative idea to sell her product.

Sunday 13 February 2022

Episode 29

Rocky tricks Kulwant to get his signatures on the property papers. Meanwhile, Happy feels blessed as she gets promoted.

Episode 30

Happy fights the goons who try to set Rocky’s house on fire. Later, Bhatia makes a shocking revelation when Rocky slaps him.

Monday 14 February 2022

Episode 31

Rocky has a tough time coping with Chintu’s death. Later, Khushi spots an angry Rocky being escorted out of the bank.

Episode 32

Rocky struggles to arrange money for Kulwant’s treatment. Elsewhere, Happy sets out for Chandigarh, but ends up taking an unexpected decision.

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Episode 33

Happy wants to help Rocky start Chintu’s hotel, but everyone except Kulwant denies. Later, Smiley disagrees with Happy’s decision to stay in Amritsar.

Episode 34

Rocky is worried about getting an investor for his business. A neighbourhood doctor gives him and Happy a lead for the investment. They visit the doctor’s acquaintance.

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Episode 35

Rocky and Happy are delighted when Mr Grover asks them to plan his daughter’s birthday party. Later, an infuriated Sania does the unthinkable.

Episode 36

Anaya meets Happy and states that she does not like the proposed theme for her birthday party. Later, Rocky races against time to impress Anaya. Can he turn the tables?

Thursday 17 February 2022

Episode 37

As per Sania’s plot, Rocky and Happy fail to find labourers to work on their project. With time running out, Happy implements a new plan to kickstart the project.

Episode 38

Rocky defends Smiley when Ranvir misbehaves with her. Later, Happy and Rocky put aside their differences to make Chintu’s dream a reality.

Friday 18 February 2022

Episode 39

Sania’s henchmen mix some substance into the food while she distracts Rocky. Later, Happy hurries to get things ready for the hotel opening.

Episode 40

Happy tries to alert Rocky about the poisoned cake. Later,Anaya, unaware of the conspiracy, passes a slice to Grover.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Episode 41

Rocky and Happy dance gracefully in each other’s embrace. Meanwhile, Sania learns about her failed plan and becomes more aggressive.

Episode 42

Happy uses an ingenious tactic to board the train after Rocky forgets to book the tickets. Later, he confesses his feelings to her.

Sunday 20 February 2022

Episode 43

Happy and Rocky escape Sania’s henchmen by jumping off a train. Later, they are chased by the assassins into a desolate forest.

Episode 44

Happy gets shot during her escape with Rocky while Sania and her father are frustrated. Later, Happy is worried when the truck leaves without Rocky.

Monday 21 February 2022

Episode 45

Kulwant praises Rocky and Happy while his family prepares to celebrate Holi. Meanwhile, Ranvir comes up with a crooked plan to trap Smiley.

Episode 46

Sania sneaks into the Kulwant’s Holi party with an evil plan in mind. Meanwhile, Rocky struggles to control Happy after she has bhaang.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Episode 47

An infuriated Sania barges into the Khosla’s house, holding a gun in her hand. Later, Ranvir does the unthinkable.

Episode 48

Rocky desperately searches for Smiley while Anaya receives some unexpected news. Later, the police arrest him on charges of kidnapping and molestation.

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Episode 49

Sania meets Rocky in jail and claims to possess a vital evidence. Later, in the court, RV fights Smiley’s case, assassinating Rocky’s character.

Episode 50

In order to mislead the court, Sania makes a shocking statement. Later, a dejected Rocky pleads with Bappi to arrange a meeting with Happy.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Episode 51

Infuriated, RV thrashes Ranvir for his misdeeds while Rocky escapes from police custody. Later, Rocky learns a disturbing fact about Kulwant.

Episode 52

Grover testifies against Rocky in court. Later, Happy does the unthinkable before the court announces its shocking verdict.

Friday 25 February 2022

Episode 53

Three years later, Rocky is vengeful and vows revenge from everyone. He manages to escape prison but gets nostalgic seeing his house.

Episode 54

A disguised Rocky saves Happy from an accident, but feels jealous seeing her bonding with RV. Later, an unaware Happy thanks him, when Madhu feels his presence.

Saturday 26 February 2022

Episode 55

Rocky is shocked to witness RV’s secret meeting with Sania and Bhatia. Later, two strange men hand over a stick of dynamite to him.

Episode 56

Sania stalks a disguised Rocky during Bhatia’s success party. Later, using dynamite, Rocky blows the buildings constructed by Bhatia to smithereens.

Sunday 27 February 2022

Episode 57

Rocky leaves a vital clue as he escapes from the Bhatia Mansion. Meanwhile, RV cherishes his childhood memories after he visits his orphanage with Happy.

Episode 58

Happy feels betrayed when she learns a shocking truth. Later, Rocky feels guilty for the menace at the hotel which misleads RV.

Monday 28 February 2022

Episode 59

RV thrashes Bhatia and his men while Rocky decides to have a changeover. Later, Happy gets a new investor for the hotel. Kulwant encourages her.

Episode 60

RV doubts the new investor, Shaan, while Happy tells him not to worry. Later, a curious RV and Happy decide to visit Rocky in prison.

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