Guddan September Teasers 2023


Guddan September Teasers 2023

Ganga tries to sabotage Guddan’s work. Coming up on Zeeworld Guddan September 2023 Teasers:

Zeeworld Guddan September 2023 Teasers

Friday 1 September 2023

Episode 27

Six months later, when the Jindal’s argue over who will massage the child, Guddan calms them down. Everyone receives a photo on their phone of the child in the basket. Dadi decides to conduct the naming ceremony while Ganga devises her plan.

Saturday 2 September 2023

Episode 28

Guddan asks everyone to write a name for the child on a piece of paper. Later, Guddan’s daughter is named ‘Choti Guddan’.

Sunday 3 September 2023

Episode 29

Later, the fake police arrive and get arrested. Guddan demands a DNA test, leaving AJ and Ganga worried. During the DNA test, Ganga’s plan of tampering with the samples fails. A furious Ganga later makes another attempt to harm the child.

Monday 4 September 2023

Episode 30

A bored Saraswati thinks of ways to kill time without her phone. Guddan suspects Saraswati’s actions and follows her. Ganga reaches the hospital to collect the reports. AJ, disguised as a doctor, sees her and rushes home to confirm the same.

Tuesday 5 September 2023

Episode 31

Guddan wakes up as she sees a nightmare. The DNA report comes in Guddan’s hands. Listening to the couple, Ganga tries to give them the child. The flame of the lamp extinguishes which makes Guddan uncomfortable.

Wednesday 6 September 2023

Episode 32

Guddan and AJ manage to reach Dampatti. Guddan asks Ganga about the baby but is left shocked on seeing her behaviour. Avinash tries to stop Ganga, but her goons arrive there and she discloses her conspiracies. Further, Ganga asks Guddan to play a game in exchange for the baby.

Thursday 7 September 2023

Episode 33

Guddan stops AJ from falling before Ganga’s feet and accepts her challenge. Ganga gives Guddan exactly 7 minutes and tells her to replicate AJ’s Roti. Guddan tries again and again to replicate the Roti.

Friday 8 September 2023

Episode 34

Ganga decides to keep Choti Guddan hungry which infuriates Guddan. Guddan wins the second challenge put up by Ganga which makes her angry. AJ confesses his sins and Ganga gets a whip to beat him.

Saturday 9 September 2023

Episode 35

AJ steals Ganga’s phone. Ganga comes up with a new plan on Janmashtami. The arrival of two priests diverts Guddan’s attention and Choti Guddan eats the butter.

Sunday 10 September 2023

Episode 36

Ganga tries to sabotage Guddan’s work. Guddan. Just when Guddan is distracted, Choti Guddan ends up in a woman’s basket.

Monday 11 September 2023

Episode 37

Diljit pretends to be friends with Ganga, who shows him the video of Choti Guddan. Diljit tells Ganga to give him the responsibility of watching over Choti Guddan.

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Episode 38

Diljit pretends to be friends with Ganga, who shows him the video of Choti Guddan. Diljit tells Ganga to give him the responsibility of watching over Choti Guddan. Saraswati sees Diljit hugging Guddan but she handles the situation. Later, Diljit agrees to get engaged to Ganga.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Episode 39

AJ saves Choti Guddan. Guddan agrees to put her life on the line. AJ and Guddan stop Ganga from succeeding in her plans.

Thursday 14 September 2023

Episode 40

Ganga shoots AJ and Avinash buries him. AJ fights with Avinash’s goons on one side and Guddan tussles with Ganga on the other. Avinash stabs AJ and makes a deal with Guddan.

Friday 15 September 2023

Episode 41

AJ feeds Guddan and Choti Guddan. AJ gets shot. Ganga and Avinash manage to find Guddan.

Saturday 16 September 2023

Episode 42

AJ and Guddan jump into a trench for Choti Guddan. Guddan refuses to save her own life when AJ’s life is in danger. Guddan asks for a promise from her daughters-in-law.

Sunday 17 September 2023

Episode 43

Durga and Laxmi warn Saraswati. Saraswati takes Choti Guddan on a hill and scares her. However, Choti Guddan is saved from falling off the hill. Later, Pushpa Birla arrives to buy AJ’s restaurant.

Monday 18 September 2023

Episode 44

Ten years later, the similarities between Choti Guddan and Guddan are visible. During a kitty party at AJ’s restaurant, Choti Guddan once again faces Pushpa Birla.

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Episode 45

Pushpa Birla joins hands with the chef of AJ’s restaurant and plans to ruin it, but Choti Guddan foils their plans. Later, a new person enters Choti Guddan’s life.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Episode 46

A few goons come to empty the restaurant and Agastya teaches them a lesson. Aarav and Durga warn Pushpa Birla to stay away from Choti Guddan.

Thursday 21 September 2023

Episode 47

Choti Guddan goes to talk to Agastya and gives him some documents.

Friday 22 September 2023

Episode 48

Pushpa Birla’s actions shock Choti Guddan.

Monday 25 September 2023

Episode 49

Agastya gives the restaurant’s documents to Pushpa Birla and Choti Guddan comes to know that he is her son. She feels devastated due to this and says that one day, she’ll get her restaurant back.

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Episode 50

Pushpa comes to the Jindal house with sweets. Aarushi makes Agastya realise his mistake. A man promises to give Choti Guddan the money. Choti Guddan mortgages the house to raise the money.

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Episode 51

Hukumchand asks for INR 10 lakhs in exchange of the documents of Jindal House. Pushpa talks about the kind of bride she wants for Agastya. To get some money, Aarav decides to sell his medals. Agastya arrives at Jindal house and reveals that Rashi is his daughter.

Thursday 28 September 2023

Episode 52

Mani manages to return the documents of the Jindal House back to the Jindal’s but Aarav refuses to believe him. Everyone talks about Agastya and Nia’s alliance. Choti Guddan arrives there and gets insulted by Pushpa.

Friday 29 September 2023

Episode 53

Saraswati comes to Jindal House and says that she was the perpetrator behind Pushpa’s actions. Rashi tells Agastya to help Choti Guddan. She comes to Birla House where Pushpa explains her the work.

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