Guddan October Teasers 2022


Guddan October Teasers 2022

Durga blames Guddan for the unhappiness in the house, to which Guddan vows to give her best to become a good mother-in-law. Coming up on Zeeworld Guddan October 2022 Teasers.

Zeeworld Guddan October 2022 Teasers

Saturday 1 October  2022

Episode 20

Guddan is confused as the daughters-in-law proceed to welcome the guests for the ‘Muh Dikhai’ ceremony. Revati reveals that she and Inspector Parv love each other. Later, the daughters-in-law prepare Guddan for wedding night.

Monday 3  October  2022

Episode 21

Guddan arrives at her parents’ house and warns Revati that Parv might try to meet her. Parv tells Kaushalya that he loves Revati and would keep her happy.

Episode 22

Bhushan comes to meet Guddan and senses a hesitation in Guddan’s voice while she lies about being happy. Lakshmi and Saraswati trick Guddan into applying a lipstick that has glue in it. During the prayer meet, Guddan cannot recite the prayer as her lips are sealed because of the glue. This leaves her embarrassed and she walks out.

Tuesday 4  October  2022

Episode 23

Later, when Guddan sees Lakshmi without make-up, she bursts out laughing. Dadi suggests Guddan to break her fast. However, when she arrives in the kitchen, Lakshmi tells her that there is no food left for her. When AJ arrives, Guddan gives him a piece of her mind.

Episode 24

Guddan feels that AJ is innocent and she would prove it to Rawat. lures Kaushalya by giving her silver coins. AJ scolds Guddan for breaking the lamps. She tries to make new lamps but in the process dirties the whole room.

Wednesday 5  October  2022

Episode 25

When the power cut happens in the Jindal house, the neighbours call it a bad omen. Two unexpected guests arrive, shocking the daughters-in-law and Dadi.

Episode 26

Guddan suspects that Dutta is cheating. The Guptas arrive at the Jindals’ for Diwali. When AJ keeps on increasing the stake, a worried Guddan asks him to stop. AJ doesn’t listen to her, to which Guddan tries to snatch his cards. In the process, the cards get revealed to everyone.

Thursday 6  October  2022

Episode 27

Before Guddan can show her cards, AJ stops her. Later, Guddan gets suspicious about Dutta. She finds out his cheating tactics and reveals it to everyone. AJ throws Dutta out of the house and warns him of dire consequences if he ever comes back again.

Episode 28

Saraswati learns that Parv is planning to divorce Siddhi and warns him against doing so. AJ and Dadi question Guddan as to how she got trapped in a box. Finally, after repeated questioning, she points a finger at Durga.

Friday 7  October  2022

Episode 29

Parv visits the Guptas and gives them Diwali gifts. Later, he boasts to Guddan about touching Revati. AJ gets annoyed by the sound of the firecrackers. Siddhi confronts Parv, who then threatens to jump off the roof if she tells others about his affair.

Episode 30

Guddan blames AJ for not being a good family man. AJ gives the keys of the house to Guddan and tells everybody that henceforth, Guddan will be in charge of all the decisions. While the daughters-in-law rebuke Guddan, Dadi stands by her.

Saturday 8 October  2022

Episode 31

Durga tells Guddan that she’ll have to earn the title of the ‘head of the house’. Parv tells Kaushalya that Siddhi herself jumped off the roof, but Kaushalya says he is lying. Revati says that she doesn’t want to marry Parv considering Siddhi’s condition. AJ gets angry on Guddan when he sees that his room has been decorated in a fancy manner.

Monday 10 October  2022

Episode 32

Guddan warns Parv to stay away from Revati and later slaps him for trying to get close to Revati. Later, Parv beats up Dutta and orders him to follow his instructions. Dutta, acting as a director, calls Guddan for an audition.

Episode 33

When one of Parv’s men calls Guddan for the audition, she declines to come. Dadi tells AJ that she shouldn’t have scolded Guddan so badly since she is trying to do her best for the family. Dutta hits Guddan unconscious, after which Parv arrives.

Tuesday 11  October  2022

Episode 34

AJ gives the legal documents to Dutta and asks him to release Guddan. Guddan and AJ visit a mosque. Dutta arrives with his goons, who beat up AJ with Guddan at Dutta’s gunpoint.

Episode 35

Guddan calls the last dialled number in Dutta’s phone and Parv’s phone starts ringing. Durga blames Guddan for the unhappiness in the house, to which Guddan vows to give her best to become a good mother-in-law.

Wednesday 12  October  2022

Episode 36

The next morning, everyone finds that the objects of the house have been stolen. When Guddan sees AJ depressed, she asks him to vent out his anger on her by scolding her. Majnu, Guddan’s friend, comes to the Jindal house to help Guddan with finding Antara’s picture.

Episode 37

Durga scolds Lakshmi and Saraswati for not taking the position of responsibility seriously. Dadi notices Guddan’s ornaments and ‘mangalsutra’ missing and questions her about the same. Guddan makes up a false story and justifies herself.

Thursday 13  October  2022

Episode 38

AJ gets hold of the dealer and brings him home. AJ arrives and is happy to see that Durga has arranged all things back in order. Durga hands certain responsibilities to the daughters-in-law. However, she doesn’t give Guddan any responsibility claiming that she is good for nothing.

Episode 39

Guddan cuts Lakshmi’s saree for her decoration assuming it to be a rag. Revati hides Parv behind the fridge. Durga arrives and invites the family for Christmas. Bhushan comes dressed as a joker but realises that no one else is wearing a costume.

Friday 14  October  2022

Episode 40

Durga humiliates Guddan, but Bhushan defends her. Durga asks Guddan to take a stand or leave the house. Dadi tries to stop her, but she decides to uphold her father’s honour and walks out with them. Guddan decides to clear the misunderstandings between the two families.

Episode 41

Guddan confides in AJ about her lies. Meanwhile, Parv and Revati meet secretly, and he wants to kiss her. Guddan appears as Santa and tries to diffuse the situation by revealing the gifts the families had brought for each other.

Saturday 15 October  2022

Episode 42

Dadi gives bangles to Guddan as a Christmas present and asks AJ to help Guddan wear them. Saraswati eyes Guddan’s bangles and slyly steals them. When Guddan insults Parv, he vows to teach her a lesson and plots to get Guddan bitten by a snake.

Episode 43

Parv lies about getting a chit that asks him to propose Revati in front of everyone.  Guddan makes Parv propose to Siddhi in the family’s presence, leaving him shocked. The couples in the family play a newspaper-dance game. AJ and Guddan come closer due to the dance. Elsewhere, Rawat prepares a dangerous plan.

Sunday 16  October  2022

Episode 44

The daughters-in-law reunite against Guddan. When Parv visits the Guptas, he sees Revati’s marriage proposal taking place. He thinks Guddan is the reason behind it all.

Episode 45

Guddan realises that she forgot to take her phone. Saraswati and Lakshmi celebrate Guddan being thrown out of the house. Guddan tells Dadi that while she was leaving, she saw genuine honesty in AJ’s eyes and realised that he couldn’t be the one to kidnap Revati.

Monday 17 October  2022

Episode 46

Guddan tells AJ that it’s extremely important for her to find out the person who had kidnapped Revati. Durga agrees to help Guddan. Guddan suggests inviting all the guests who had attended the wedding again so that she can identify the eyes of the kidnapper.

Episode 47

Guddan bumps into Parv, who mocks her plan of using eye masks and calls it a clichéd idea. Parv confesses to Siddhi about kidnapping Revati and being responsible for AJ and Guddan’s marriage.

Tuesday 18  October  2022

Episode 48

Parv intercepts Dadi on the way and gets the box. Lakshmi and Saraswati’s ploy creates an embarrassing situation for AJ when Guddan spills juice on him.

Episode 49

Guddan spots the kidnapper but gets distracted when Lakshmi bumps into her.

Wednesday 19  October  2022

Episode 50

AJ reveals something that leaves Guddan stunned. Durga reveals that the kidnapper is Kaushalya. Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga tell Guddan that her purpose for staying in the Jindal house is fulfilled, so she should leave. Dadi persuades AJ to stop Guddan from leaving and to accept her wholeheartedly as his wife.

Episode 51

Guddan participates in a neighbourhood competition which promises a winning reward of one lakh rupees. Parv gives a wedding card to Kaushalya stating his intention of marrying Revati in a temple on ‘Makar Sankranti’. With Revati’s help and after creating a mess, Guddan sets the khichdi to cook and leaves the kitchen.

Thursday 20  October  2022

Episode 52

AJ rebukes Durga for disrespecting her mother-in-law. During the competition, a nervous Guddan’s spirits are lifted by the arrival of her family. Abiding by the competition’s rules, AJ arrives to help Guddan, but she refuses his help. Meanwhile, Kaushalya forcefully tries to take Revati away to get her married to Parv.

Episode 53

Revati, who is in a temple, looks distressed due to her impending marriage to Parv. Later, Guddan is accosted by Rawat, who asks for her help in arresting AJ for Antara’s murder. Guddan rejects him and defends AJ by saying he is innocent of this crime. Revati is worried thinking how Guddan will react when she comes to know of her marriage.

Friday 21  October  2022

Episode 54

Revati rejects marrying Parv and despite Kaushalya’s pleas, she leaves the temple. To celebrate Republic Day, Guddan plans for the entire family to spend their day in an amusement park. Later, seeing Durga and Guddan engaged in an argument, Dadi locks them in the kitchen till they resolve their issues.

Episode 55

Guddan and her family reach the amusement park unaware of the lurking danger. Guddan’s act of jumping from a ride to prevent the national flag from falling is appreciated by the crowd. Later, Guddan comes across the terrorist, but being unaware of his reality, she bandages his wound.

Saturday 22 October  2022

Episode 56

Guddan gets herself into trouble. Guddan manages to call AJ and informs him about a planned bomb blast in the park. She also passes some information about the terrorist and the contents of his bag. AJ informs the police about the situation and calms the crowd to prevent a stampede.

Episode 57

A thankful Durga promises to support Guddan in the future. Guddan is left stunned when AJ introduces Rawat to her.

Sunday 23  October  2022

Episode 58

Guddan declares her intention of never leaving the Jindal house, and not repaying the money she owes. Later, two men attack Guddan, who is sitting in the hall, at night time. Suddenly Rawat appears and saves Guddan. Rawat declares his intention to get AJ punished for Antara’s death.

Episode 59

Rawat tells Guddan that he will prove AJ culpable within a week, or else, he will leave the Jindal house. Later, a frustrated Guddan lowers the temperature of AJ’s room to make him realise her plight of sleeping outside in the cold.

Monday 24 October  2022

Episode 60

Upon seeing Rawat investigating AJ’s room, Durga gets shocked. After finding the hidden safe, Rawat uses the password and finds Antara’s pre-recorded tape in it.

Episode 61

Dadi, who gets to know about Guddan sleeping by the poolside every night, reprimands AJ. Guddan tells Rawat to stay away from AJ until he gets a convincing evidence against him. Learning that Rawat doesn’t drink, a suspicious Guddan spills the alcohol before AJ could consume it. But later, she herself consumes it, thinking it to be a cold drink.

Tuesday 25 October  2022

Episode 62

Revati wonders why Guddan wants to keep Parv away from her. Guddan thanks AJ for always supporting her.

Episode 63

Revati blames Guddan for falsely targeting Parv. AJ’s manager Vijay ends up killing his wife Ria owing to a suspicion.

Wednesday 26  October  2022

Episode 64

AJ manages to save everyone, but Vijay escapes. Abandoned by Parv, a helpless Revati is saved from the fire by Guddan.

Episode 65

Guddan learns about the ‘puja’ held for Antara’s death anniversary. However, Rawat’s threats make Guddan worried about AJ’s life. Running, she goes to AJ but ends up spilling the food prepared for the ‘puja’.

Thursday 27  October  2022

Episode 66

Rawat threatens Guddan that he will prove AJ guilty as soon as the proof against him arrives. Rawat loses control and accuses AJ of murdering Antara.

Episode 67

Guddan promises Dadi to secure AJ’s release soon. Guddan accuses Rawat of tampering with the evidence tape. Later, Rawat is seen paying money to a girl who dubbed Antara’s voice in the tape.

Friday 28  October  2022

Episode 68

Parv shows Guddan some injury marks on his back and blames AJ for them. Guddan’s scooter crashes with a car belonging to the dubbing artist, Divya. Rawat, who comes to know about Divya and Guddan being in the same lock up, instructs for them to be set free.

Episode 69

Some men arrive at Divya’s house and kidnap her. Rawat admits that as the real cassette was damaged, he fabricated a fake one. Later, upon Guddan’s request, all three of her daughters-in-law promise her their support in saving AJ.

Saturday 29 October  2022

Episode 70

The prosecutor plays the fabricated tape in the court and declares AJ as guilty. After hearing Divya’s confessions and Rawat’s involvement in the entire tape fiasco, the judge releases AJ and suspends Rawat.

Episode 71

Revati punishes Parv by blackening his face. On learning that Revati is at the hotel, AJ also goes there along with Guddan. Parv, who had drugged Revati with a sleeping pill, tries to sexually exploit her.

Sunday 30 October  2022

Episode 72

Guddan suspicion strengthens when she sees AJ leaving for somewhere in the night. When AJ returns, she demands that he reveal the truth about his indiscretions. Later, She promises AJ to unmask the identity of the person in 24 hours.

Episode 73

Guddan resolves to find out AJ’s truth. AJ finally reveals that the person is none other than his mentally unstable brother, Angad. For all these years, AJ had kept him hidden for the fear of him being implicated in Antara’s death.

Monday 31 October  2022

Episode 74

Guddan makes a stunning declaration. AJ becomes surprised to see Angad bonding with Guddan.

Episode 75 

When AJ goes on an outing with Angad, Guddan tags along with them. Rocky arrives at the beach and goes into the water to scare Guddan on Saraswati’s instigation. AJ reaches there and helps Guddan out of the water.

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