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Guddan June Teasers 2022 Zee One

A man tries to kidnap Rashi but Choti Guddan and Agastya save her. Later, the man reveals the relation he shares with Niya. Read Zee One Guddan June 2022 Teasers:

Zee One Guddan June 2022 Teasers

Saturday 11  June 2022

Episode 223

A few goons come to empty the restaurant and Agastya teaches them a lesson. Aarav and Durga warn Pushpa Birla to stay away from Choti Guddan.

Sunday 12  June  2022

Episode 224

Pushpa comes to the Jindal house with sweets. On Durga’s prodding, Choti Guddan goes to talk to Agastya and gives him some documents.

Monday 13  June  2022

Episode 225

Pushpa Birla’s actions shock Choti Guddan. Choti Guddan trusts Agastya and sends him for the restaurant’s work and goes with Durga to Guddan and AJ’s ‘Shraddh’. Later, seeing Pushpa Birla in her restaurant, she gets shocked.

Tuesday 14  June  2022

Episode 226

Agastya feels devastated due to this and says that one day, she’ll get her restaurant back. Later, Pushpa comes to the Jindal house with sweets.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Episode 227

A man promises to give Choti Guddan the money. Choti Guddan mortgages the house to raise the money.

Thursday 16 June  2022

Episode 228

Hukumchand asks for INR 10 lakhs in exchange of the documents of Jindal House. A small girl tries to escape from Agastya and Choti Guddan helps her. On the other hand, Pushpa talks about the kind of bride she wants for Agastya.

Friday 17  June  2022

Episode 229

Agastya arrives at Jindal house and reveals that Rashi is his daughter. Later, Mani manages to return the documents of the Jindal House back to the Jindal’s but Aarav refuses to believe him.

Saturday 18 June 2022

Episode 230

Choti Guddan gets insulted by Pushpa. Saraswati arrives as Saru Maa and Pushpa, on her insistence, gives Choti Guddan a chance. Choti Guddan accepts it and Sona devises another plan.

Sunday 19  June  2022 

Episode 231

Choti Guddan makes a mess in the kitchen when she tries to cook. Later, Pushpa tastes the food and Saraswati thinks of ways to get Choti Guddan to make a mistake.

Monday 20  June  2022

Episode 232

Niya threatens Rashi. A man tries to kidnap Rashi but Choti Guddan and Agastya save her. Later, the man reveals the relation he shares with Niya.

Tuesday 21  June  2022

Episode 233

Meanwhile, when Rashi closes her eyes and thinks about her mother, she sees Choti Guddan’s face. Rashi prays to God for Choti Guddan to become her mother. Meanwhile, Choti Guddan accidentally becomes a part of a ritual.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Episode 234

Pushpa loses her temper. Niya threatens Rashi. Agastya comes to Jindal House and asks Choti Guddan about Rashi.

Thursday 23 June  2022

Episode 235

Choti Guddan tells Agastya about Rashi. Saraswati gets her feet washed by Durga who then teaches her a lesson. Choti Guddan and Agastya get worried about Rashi.

Friday 24 June  2022

Episode 236

Pushpa feels embarrassed due to Sona’s stupidity. Pushpa finds Agastya and Choti Guddan in a room and gets furious. She slaps Choti Guddan and refuses to give her the restaurant.

Saturday 25 June 2022

Episode 237

Niya punishes Rashi and Choti Guddan realises her true nature. Saraswati asks for Jindal House in exchange for the restaurant. Mani gets injured between Aarav and Agastya’s argument. Mani proposes to Choti Guddan.

Sunday 26  June  2022

Episode 238

Durga tries to talk to Choti Guddan on Mani’s insistence.