Greatest villains in the history of Zee World Africa


Greatest villains in the history of Zee World Africa

Most Indian series are incomplete without the presence of high voltage drama arising from enemies and sinister. There is always someone who seeks revenge and plots evil activities. Most of these villains usually comes from the family ( a family member). Keep scrolling as we present to you, the Top Villains in Zee World’s history, including past & present. The roles they played, and the awards gotten from these roles.


Kamya Punjabi villain Actress


Kamya Punjabi is an hindi TV actress who generally plays negative character in series. She is known for her role as Sindoora Pratap Singh on Zee world old show, The Vow. Her character as Sindoora can never be erased in the heart of viewers. Sindoora being the oldest sister, in the Pratap singh’s family,  hated her step brother (Sagar) so much. She despise Sagar to the extent of hurting anyone who tries to save him from her wrath. Sagar’s wife Vidya,manages to protect her husband all the time from Sindoora’s plots. Sindoora paralyzes her husband (Aniket) when he tries to stop her. She did not even hesitate to harm her own son (Bharat) for her selfish interest. Her evil nature leads her to shooting Sagar and Vidya on a mountain. She also sent Aniket to jail. Kamya Punjabi cast zee world villain
Awards/ Recognition.
In 2007, Kamya Punjabi received an Indian Television Award (Best Female Actor in a negative role). This made her more popular in the industry and she bagged numerous shows after.

2. SHIKHA SINGH Shikha Singh cast zee world villain
Shikha Singh is a familiar face on Zee world. Her show,Twist of fate recently ended on our Screens. There is hope that it makes a comeback with season 3. Aliya is the series name which viewers know her as. In an extended family with their Grandmother (Dadi)  the oldest, Aliya is the last child of their late parents. Her brother (Abhi)  is a musician and a rockstar.  Aliya takes care of him and behaved nicely towards the family until Abhi marries a simple girl, named Pragya into the house. Aliya hate Pragya and her sister, for two main reasons. One, Aliya’s crush Purab, doesn’t feel anything for her. Instead he loves Bulbul. Two, Aliya’s best friend Tanu, could not marry Abhi due to Pragya. These situations turns Aliya into a deadly person. After causing Bulbul’s death, she plans several accidents for Pragya. Aliya does not care if she put anyone’s life at risk to accomplish her evil motives.
Sikha_Singh villain Actress
Awards/ Recognition.
Nominated for (Best Actress in Supporting role) 2017.
3. RADHA BHATT Radha Bhatt cast zee world villain
Radha Bhatt made her TV debut in 2016. She became more recognized after delivering the character of Swetlana on Mehek. Viewers watching Mehek currently has seen what lengths Swetlana can go to ruining Mehek’s reputation. Her last attempt to frame Mehek for murder leads her to jail. However, her chapter is not closed yet as she will be returning in full force to destroy Shaurya & Mehek’s love story. Swetlana will kill the love birds in cold blood. She will also attempt to kill them once again when they are reborn.
Awards/ Recognition.

4. ASHWINI KALSEKAR  Ashwini Kalsekar cast zee world villain
Ashwini Kalsekar is one of the most loved villains so far. She calls herself the ‘Almighty Jigyasa’. Jigyasa’s nature is not really bad like other villains. It’s just that she became overzealous out of love for her brother, Jai Walia. The show, she acted (The Promise) was repeated twice on Zee world.
In 2007,she won the Indian Telly Awards (Best Actress in Negative Role)
In 2006, she won the kalakar Awards (Best Actress in Negative Role).
5. RATI PANDEY Rati Pandey cast zee world villain
Rati Pandey is popularly known as iron lady among Zeeworld fans. Meanwhile, she was seen in the action packed series ‘Begusarai’ as well. Rati essayed the role of Komal (Choti’s grand-daugher). Komal sneaked her way into the Thakur house & caused a huge division in the family. She turned the Thakur family against the ruler, Bindiya. As if that was not enough, she became obsessed with Lakhan Thakur and tried to send his wife, Poonam out of the mansion. She failed in doing this, hence, she killed the Thakur brothers (Mitlesh & Lakhan) & Poonam as well.


6. JASVEER KAUR Jasveer Kaur cast zee world villain
Jasveer Kaur has been seen in 3 other shows on Zee world apart from the one she is acting in presently as Mohini on ‘the heir’. Mohini is a sly character, full of deceit & manipulation. So far, she has taken the lives of 3 people. It didn’t end there as she also kicks Hajeet’s wife out of the house & then marries him. Mohini is the sole reason of the battle going on between the Pawanias & Bajwas. She is a poisonous snake.
7. SHAGUN AJMANI Shagun Ajmani cast zee world villain
Shagun Ajmani makes her entry into King of hearts as Shabnam, Roshni’s step sister. She was accepted into the house with love & care. Her real colours started to show when she decided to have Sid (Roshni’s husband) & the properties to herself. When Shabnam could not get closer to Sid as she wants, she kidnaps Roshni. She shoots Sid on the chest and frame DD (Roshni’s mom) for his death. Shabnam is taken aback when Sid returns in a new avatar. Yet, she never gave up on her bad ways.
In 2015, won Zee Rishtey Awards (Favourite Sautan)

In conclusion, there are still countless villains, which we have not fore mentioned. This doesn’t mean they are weak but the above-listed proved how far they can go to make evil prevail.