Geet Wednesday Update 8 July 2020


Geet Wednesday Update 8 July 2020

Arjun it means.. MSK din push NT?? Dev never… bro can never do such a thing..!! He was trying to save Geet! Everything is known to Dadi… she wont lie to u….ask her! Arjun is shattered..n recollects NTs words to him …
Dev n Annes justifications! Dev sits next to Arjun n says..thats why told u to listen to me one time… now u can decide! Dev i repent for my sins….n m trying to correct them..! I expect same thing from u.. accept the truth! I know she was ur sis.. but i also know that it will take u time to accept all this!
Geet making Rangoli….n is happy n smiling!  Nacool watches n says…its very nice!  Dadi comes n says never knew u make such nice Rangoli!! (All are in white attire).. Dadi asks wheres MSK.. Geet says..still asleep.. m going to make breakfast!! Dev comes n says Rangoli very nice!! Dadi asks Dev where were u last nite?? Dev diverts… Dadi says..u got a call at nite n u left!! Dev a call from Adi….Dadi says u came in morning n Anne was with u?? Dev says..her car broke down so i gave her lift!  Dadi leaves…..! Anne thanks Dev..!!
MSK gets up..n flashaback of Geet forgiving Dev..!! MSK says..its so late in morning.. Geet din wake me up… she din even tell me why she forgave Dev!! Maybe she is weighed down by Devs help of saving me…n thats why she din tell..!! Need to find her!!

Manisha cribbing that Anne is firing orders on us on Holi as well…. Dadi comes n says.. its not fair… on holi… no one is boss ..all are friends.. Romeo suggest to get Anne out…!! Anne self thot. .wish u were here Arjun!! Geet asks Anne whats up?? Anne says nothing n leaves!

MSK in white kurta pajama n lost in flashback of Geet forgiving Dev..!! Geet comes n says Happy Holi all smiling.. n MSK startled… !! Geet says ..i know u wondering how i changed?? Well thats coz we need to move ahead in life..i wont forget our baby ..but wont cry over it..only cherish its memories..!! U know how i changed?? Well thats coz of Dev!! When i read ur note n the card u wrote..that Dev gave to me! (MSK startled  & leaves) …n Geet says..i know Devs name makes u angry.. but its coz of reading ur card about new beginnings! … For new beginnings i dun want to keep old memories in our i forgave Dev!  Geet surprised to find MSK having left n decides to appease him!
Anne comes in the lawn n is overlooking arrangements of holi n Romeo chasing Manisha n sees Anne n all decide to put colors on her..!! Anne says have sinus so put little…n as Romeo tries to put color Anne runs..n then stops hearing Dhol sound n its Arjun playing Dhol (Both look at each other n Sajna Ve in bg)!! Arjun comes near Anne ..both smile n eyelocks!
Geet comes to the room n sees MSK is still sleeping n wonders ……he was just talking to me n is asleep so fast..why is he doing this! Geet comes out of room towards hall ..n Dadi says.. why u looking sad?? MSK said something..!! Geet says.. his health dun seem alright.. he seems sick!! Dadi says.. if u asked me before should have told u.. MSK is scared of holi… he wont come down.. let him relax! Dadi leaves.. Geet looks at MSK n says..why u doing this!
Anne says .. u here Arjun?? Arjun says..came to meet u… again eyelocks n Sajna Ve Ouch! Arjun goes down on his knees n says.. came to say SORRY n that please forgive me..!! Anne need… Arjun gives Anne a forehead kiss!  AA hug!
Romeo chasing Manisha around n Dadi sees n says..why u troubling Manisha.. n Romeo apologises n then continues chasing Manisha!! Dev sees n smiles n says.. everything looks awesome..!! Dev says..wheres MSK?? Dadi says..u know since childhood MSK scared of Holi not here!! Dev asks wheres Geet?? Dadi says.. she said she is not feeling well so din come.. guess wants to be with MSK.. lets not interfere with them!! Dadi says..come lets play..!!
MSK self thot.. how can Geet forgive Dev so easily.. how she forgave Dev so easily..!! Till now she din feel like telling me the reason.. why Geet.. why?Geet shown walking listlessly in the lawn!
Anne and Arjun are lost in a passionate hug…!! Arjun says..’i luv u Anwesha!’ Anne says..’Say again!’..Arjun repeats…! Arjun says..’I cant live without u..!!’ Anne says..’I luv u too..!! Please dont let any misunderstanding come between us ever again!’ Arjun says..’Never..!!’ Romeo n Manisha come n see the two of them and Manisha says..’Whats happening here?? Why are they looking at each other?’ Romeo says…’These two are lost in each other..!’ Manisha says..’I cant believe this man.. with the colors of holi.. the color of luv is also flying..!!’ Romeo says..’I  can believe ..i had a doubt on these two!’ Arjun suddenly hears and turns and asks ‘Whats the matter guys?? Why looking at us like this?’ Manisha says..’Nothing.. just like that.!!’ Romeo says..’Continue..’ and both leave!! Anne-Arjun smile at each other! Anne takes color in her hands and applies it on Arjuns cheeks and says..’Happy Holi Arjun!!’ Arjun does the same! Anne holds Arjuns hand! Arjun tells Anne ‘I troubled u so much… !! Just coz of a small lie told by my sis!! Coz of my sis …till date i thot ur family was guilty..! I culdn understand ur luv and kept breaking ur heart!! Why Anne .. why did u love me so much? And that other nite..!!’ Anne puts her hand on Arjuns mouth and stops him from speaking! Eyelocks again

Arjun continues… ‘I told u …how much i hate u..Anne ..but i culdn keep myself away from u!’ Anne smiles..!! Arjun says….’I kept trying to show off that i have forgotten u..but in reality i always wanted that u be present before my eyes..!’ Arjun pulls Anne closer.. and says…’Whenever u used to talk to me in anger.. i used to feel like…’  Anne interrupts Arjun and says…’U dun need to say anything! I can read everything in ur eyes..!!’ Anne – Arjun close in for a kiss….. ! Right then Anne hears.. Dadi’s voice and is startled and backs out and says..’Arjun what are u doing? Dadi will come!’ Arjun holds on to Anne and says…’She hasnt come yet !! When she will come then we will pull apart!’ Arjun slides his arm around Anne’s waist and says.. ‘Now stay close to me for a while!’ Anne says…’Do i want to die staying close to u..!! Someone will see!’ Arjun says…’Why are u so scared??’
 Dadi walking in the lawn and sees NaCOOL and asks him …’Have u seen Anne?’ NaCOOL points ahead and says…’I saw her going over there..!!’ Dadi looks in the direction and says..’Ok’ !! Anne-Arjun are still standing close …lost in each other when Romeo comes screaming.. ‘Manisha…’! A-A back away again..!! Romeo sees them and says..’Ahh.. have u seen Manisha?’ Arjun says..’Manisha ..i think has gone towards the kitchen.. right?’ Anne says..’Yes!’ Romeo says…’Obviously ..he must have gone to the kitchen!’ Arjun says..’See ur so intelligent!’ Romeo smiles and winks at Arjun and leaves..!! Anne tries to leave as well when Arjun holds her and pulls closer again and says..’Where are u off to?’ Anne says…’Someone will come!’ Arjun says..’If anyone does come.. we will tell them.. that.. we love each other..!!’ Anne says..’If MSK got to know.. he will kill us both..!!’ Arjun picks up Anne and Anne protests… !! Arjun says..’Come then ..lets see ur MSK bro as well..!! We will tell him that we love each other..!!’ Anne says..’Leave me.. i was just kidding..!!’ Arjun puts her down and says…’Got scared?’ Anne smiles and pushes Arjun and leaves..!! Arjun smiles on!! 
MSK walking around in the bedroom and noise of people enjoying comes from the lawn..! A frustarted MSK goes to close the panes of the window when he sees in the lawn….. Manisha being chased by guys with color pichkari..!! Behind them… Anne is trying to put color on Dev..! Dev tries to dissuade Anne but .. Anne says…’Today u have to let me put color on u..!! Since morning i too kept saying no to all..but no one listened to me…so now its my turn…!’ Dev says..’We are not kids anymore..!!’ Anne says..’We are not much older than kids as well!!’ Dev finally relents and says…’Ok fine.. put …but put little!’ Anne puts color on Dev and Dev does the same.. ! Both wish each other.. ‘Happy Holi!!’ MSK startled seeing them..!! Anne then nods to Dev and points in Dadi and Geet’s direction..!! Dadi is trying to stop Geet from putting color on her..!! Dev and Anne run towards Dadi and Geet… and Dev puts color on Dadi…. !! Anne follows..!! In excitement Dev turns to Geet… but freezes…!! MSK keeps staring..!! Dadi and Anne turn and see Dev standing frozen as he looks at Geet..!! Geet then gives an encouraging smile..and Dev puts color on Geets cheeks and says.. ‘Happy Holi’ !! Geet puts Tikka on Dev and wishes him back…!! MSK glares from above.
Dadi asks.. Geet to go to the kitchen  n check whether Gujiya (sweets) have been made or not..!! Geet nods and leaves…!! MSK watches Geet go inside the house!! Right then some guests come and Dadi-Dev-Anne welcome them..!! Dev tells to Dadi.. ‘I will be right back…!!’ and goes inside the house..!! MSK watches Dev going in …and self thot.. ‘He must be going to Geet…! Geet is not able to understand him..! This Dev can and will never change!! By staying here for such a long time.. he has tried to poison mine and Geets relation!! It was my mistake that i let him stay in my house! I reared a snake for such a long time!! Enouf Dev.. Enouf..! U have saved my life right? But now its enouf..!!’ MSK shown walking out of the bedroom towards the hall and to the kitchen!
Geet comes in the kitchen and NaCOOL is there stirring a vessel on the gas!! Geet starts to arrange the glasses of cold drinks and asks to NaCOOL ‘Have the gujiyas been make?’ NaCOOL shakes his head and says.. ‘Yes’ ..!! Geet starts to look into the vessel NaCOOL is stirring and NaCOOL says… ‘The halwais are making it… outside!’ Geet gives plate full of samosa and jalebi to NaCOOL and asks him to take them outside!! NaCOOL takes the plates and leaves! Geet continues stirring the vessel and then self thot.. ‘Why is MSK doing this? Why is he not talking to me properly?’  Geet is lost in thots. .when Dev walks in ….and asks… ‘Geet.. did u  get to talk to bro?’  Geet gets startled and stares at Dev..!! Dev says…’What happened Geet.. .say something? U dun worry.. i will talk to Bro!’ Geet looks at Dev and Dev says.. reassuringly…’All will be ok