Geet Wednesday Update 1 July 2020


Geet Wednesday Update 1 July 2020

Geet takes the stool to climb n to get the bottle of methi when Dev comes n stops her..n says dun take risk …tell servant!! Geet says..servant aint home! Dev tell me..i will get it..! Dev asks what u want..

Geet says methi. without lookin at him! Dev searching for the box  n says..not able to identify! Geet gives description of Methi when MSK enters n glares..! Dev hands over box to her .. n Geet thanks him..!!  Both see MSK n freeze.. its awkward..! Dev says..came to get water ..n leaves! Maneet steal glances at each other..! Geet gives explanation n MSK says.. so u were trying to get up..i told u so many times to not take risk.. Doc asked u to better rest! Geet self thot.. he is angry again God ..he is Mr. Khadoos again! Geet says.. i understood all..! But from what she said.. m tensed!! MSK says..what?? Geet says..let it be..!! MSK insists.. Geet diverts n teases MSK that are u like this from birth or some accident.. MSK says what?? Geet says..ur eyes always big n brows furred?? MSK u have problem with my face?? Geet says so baby will b  like u..!! MSK says what?? Geet says.. well i m scared that my baby will b like u..full of anger! Geet says i will just come!

Don in Annes cabin n Anne and Romeo try to excuse themselves out of the wedding suggesting Arjuns name..n Arjun recos Anne..!!  Manisha says..btw that wedding was of ur daughter.ur too young n hot..!! Don says..i m Babu’s son… n i m unmarried!! Anne once again suggest Arjuns name n Arjun vice versa! Don says…shut u think i m a fool.. my name is Sangram Gurjar..n my sons wedding plan will be done by u…! Arjun says Anne u will… Anne says..u ..n Sangram says.. both of u will plan! I know..that when u both work together..its a hit..when not its a u both have to work together! Arjun protests but Don says..enouf!

MSK comes to Dadis room n Dadi says..what?? MSK stammers .. Dadi says..u want to ask..then ask ..dun hesitate! MSK says..well when i was born.. how was Dad looking.. Dadi says..what?? MSK says.. was he serious or happy?? Dadi says..ur Dad was serious types.. MSK self Geet was right! Dadi says..what u said?? MSK says..she said if i m angry.. Baby will be angry too.. Dadi says…she is right.. u smile n keep Geet smiling too then baby will b hale n hearty! MSK says got it!

MSK comes to Geet n starts smiling..n Geet says …what? MSK says nothing n searches something.. n Geet says..lemme take it out..n jumps up n MSK shouts first n then tells calmly.. calm down..not good for baby! Geet confused!  MSK checks himself smiling in the mirror n Geet says..what?? MSK says..see im no longer angry.. so our baby wont be angry.. Geet no longer angry..but will be a joker..n MSK shouts n then calms again n says..what u said?? Geet says..nothing..LOL MSK says.. u called me joker n Geet smiles n MSK says for u .. i will change my name everyday for u..n Geet hugs MSK n says..u talk so sweetly that i feel like melting .. MSK says..sure .. i never saw a FAT CANDLE melt..n Geet gets angry
Next day morning…Romeo is telling to Nitya n Manisha that we are dead..what will we do! Manisha says..dun worry with Arjun-Anne ..! Romeo says..look at them they both want to trap the other..! Nitya what?? Manisha suggest shifting to escape Don! Anne-Arjun blame each other… about inviting Don in..!! Romeo says..stop fighting n think what to do next ! Don comes..all freeze! HE asks about wedding plans.. Arjun says no plan.. Anne says we did but computer crashed!! He says.. tell me…!! Manisha says m about to faint..!! Anne-Arjun both says..we have no plan.. ! Don says..i luv this teamwork.. n by tomorrow morning want plan! Romeo-Manisha-Nitya request Anne-Arjun to make up and work together
MSK asks Dadi..what happened.. Nacool havent gotten breakfast.!! Geet starts to serve MSK n MSK tells many times i told not to work..n then calmly says..Dadi why dun u explain Geet… why she needs to work..! Dev comes n says.. Dadi i m going for interview..shall come by afternoon..!! Dadi asks Dev u said that ur interview at Mr. Kapoor went off well?? Dev says..but he refused.. MSK says.. he din..i made him to.. Dadi.. Geet Dev all startled
Dev comes to tell Dadi that he is going for interview..! Dadi says.. why? u said interview at kapoor was good.. Dev says.. he said no.. MSK says..not him.. i did..! MSK tells Dev…u wont go anywhere else..u will work at KC at Gurgaon office n Adi will xplain u the work..! Dev startled… all infact! Dev says… yes.. n thanks..!! MSK says.. say thanks to Dadi or ur surname..! I cant tolerate tat Khurana family member beg before others..!! MSK gets up to leave..n Geet says..breakfast..! Peon comes with lunch to MSK …n MSK soon?? Servant says..Geet mam said! MSK opens the thing n sees a note from Geet…n it reads.. u promised to smile yesterday… !  MSK eats..n Geet calls..!! MSK says..yes ji..!! Geet says… din feel like calling ..n asking how is Geet…!! MSK says..was busy..n Geet says..u must have thot of me..when u read the note..that Geet i luv u.. Geet thank u!! But u dun have time!! MSK says..know one thing.. that fighting wit me is ur biggest aim..!! Geet says..sorry i disturbed u n cut th call!

A worker comes to MSK cabin n says.. i need half day leave… n MSK says..why?? Worker Mr. Sharma says… wife is pregnant n i have to take her to yoga class…its gud for family! MSK says ok n tell me about the class n its address!! Geet cribs.. he din even call n then fears he  mite be angry..!! Dadi come n says.. come with me.. MSK asked me to bring u urgently to St. Mary Clinic! Dev sees them going n asks..where dey went?? Servant says to clinic! Dev wonder if anything happened to MSK..!!
Geet and Dadi arrive and are surprised to know that MSK has joined Yoga Classes…as its good for baby n parents!! Geet says she cant believe MSK joined!! MSK our baby wont be either fat or angry!! Dev arrives n says Bro….n MSK startled n unhappy to see him..!! Dadi asks u here?? Dev says..worried for bro..!! The attendant says… sign Mrs. Khurana…n asks … who is babys father looking at MSK n Dev…! MSK says..give to me..i m the father..!! Dev looks on sadly.n says..m going n leaves!! Attendant tells MSK to join in…. n MSK says..just did yoga.. Attendant says.. being dad isnt easy..n all smile!! Dadi says..m going..!! Geet says..u knew n din tell.. !! Dadi says..dun wanna get stuck!! n leaves!
Geet enters n Teacher says.. do pranayam..n asks… where is others?? Teachers says.. MSK booked exclusive for u… n Geet says.. wanna do with other moms..its fun! MSK says.but.. nGeet wont do alone.. MSK asks Attendant to change.
Geet is doing yoga…n attendant says..its done! MSK comes to fold the cover and MSK says..shall put it..!!  Attendant says.. first time parents are gonna be.. Mr. Khurana n Mr please share… as hubby care when wife has first child!! Attendant asks MSK ..n he is shy but Geet says…come on share… asking about baby!! MSK says…Dad. .. when i first called my Dad.. Dad i dinno what it meant…!! Heard many kids call Dad..!! These days..everytime..when i think … that when she will come.. Geet glares… n MSK corrects n says..when he will come… how he will call me Dad..!  I feel lots of emotions… like luv..i will luv it more than my life… .responsibility.. to take care of it…. a care to protect him from hurt… .a confidence that when he will grow he will make me stronger..!! Have started to understand a lil… i guess this is called being a Dad! MSK wipes Geets tears n Attendant compliments MSK for the speech!
MSK holding a toy baby in his hands n Geet looks at him.. fondly looking at the toy n gives to Geet..!! Attendant teach how to put diaper on! MSK repeats n asks Geet how it is..n Geet nods its ok..!! MSK n Geet smile n grin at each other..