Geet Tuesday Update 30 June 2020


Geet Tuesday Update 30 June 2020

Geet comes to hall n sees MSK n taps his shoulder and says.. u culdn have come to kitchen to talk..?? U ruined my food..!! MSK says..u ruined my meeting so i did same..!! Geet says ok my son will take revenge… n MSK says..not possible coz it will be girl..!!

MSK says lets play chits n will get to know boy or girl..n Geet prays for boy n picks up chit n its girl..n Geet says..lost..!! MSK says..see god wants girl… n gets up…n leaves..!! Geet sees the other chit n its girl as well n says.. u cheat..n chases MSK n about to fall when Dev n MSK both scream.. GEET..!! MSK stares at Dev… n MSK says..u never take care of urself… u sit i will call Doc..!! Geet says m fine.. ! MSK says from now on i will take care of u n baby..! Geet says who wil run company?? our neighbors?? MSK says m not in mood for jokes!! Dadi comes n says whats wrong n MSK says.. !! Dadi says take care.. MSK says..doesnt even take vitamins n milk….. n Geet says din..!! MSK says sit i will get!! Dadi says..take food on time!! MSK heating milk in a huge tumbler for Geet…LOL  !! MSK adds fistful of sugar…n is about to add hing thinking its kesar..n Dadi stops n gives kesar! Dadi says now will add dry fruit.

MSK tastes the milk first  n Dadi smiles.. n says..ur a good hubby ..but its time u become a good brother as well! I know u wont like what i say! Dev is running from pillar to post for a job.. atleast u give him a good job! MSK remains quiet n pours the milk n takes to Geet! Dadi sad!

Geet in baby room seeing the babys toys.. n smiling..!! MSK comes n sees Geet lost in thots n MSK says..why u came up here? Geet says.. my heart said so.. MSK says..ur heart says a lot these days..we need to do something! MSK  offers milk n Geet says dun want.. MSK says its for baby.. or i will call dadi like u do n Geet challenges but MSK shouts n Geet stops ..n says..ok ..u drink half n i will drink half..!! MSK says..this is strange n i dun like milk n Geet says drink or i call Dadi..! MSK looks in a fix n Geet says u  can escape this if u color the room blue.. MSK disagrees n drinks! Geet drinks as well n MSK says why u drank? Geet says seeing ur angry face n MSk glares n both start smiling..LOL n leave room with MSK holding Geets shoulder!
Geet wakes up n wonders where MSK so early?? Geet sees MSK working on computer n reads a site…’How to be good dad’ ..n Geet self thot ..he is doing so much to be a good dad!  Geet squeezes MSks shoulder!! Geet says from today i will listen to all u say..! MSK says can i ask …will..the color of the room will be pink?? Geet says no..i said yes from today ..n color was ydays topic! Romeo meets up Nitya and gives the no. of Bhai..
MSK writes a cheque to Mr. Kapoor and is about to leave when Mr. Kapoor says.. that is Dev working with u or not?? MSK shocked..!! Mr. Kapoor says..he came to me begging for job n to few others too.. doesnt look nice that Mr. MSK bro asking for job… !! MSK says..thanks to know..!! Kapoor says what to do of Dev?? MSK says say no n leaves..! Dev calls Mr. Kapoor who turns him down
Arjun compliments Nitya about getting new contracts n Nitya talks about the Bhai saying its some corporate  n Arjun sees th no. n realises that its Bhai  n says..who gave u the no. n Nitya says Romeo! Arjun comes to Anne n asks ..u did this on purpose.. Anne plays innocent n Arjun says.. dun play games! Arjun says ..dunno why Bhai wants to plan the wedding by us..!! Right then the new entry opp. Anne enters..n all stare… he says..if u cant figure ask me!
Arjun comes n asks the person who he is ..n he replies.. Babu Gujjars younger son…!! He asks are u the wedding planner n Arjun says yes!
Geet making cudi n search for Methi n realises its kept in cupboard above..n tries to take it out.. n as she tries to rise high.. Dev comes n stops her..n Geet freezes
Geet takes the stool to climb n to get the bottle of methi when Dev comes n stops her..n says dun take risk …tell servant!! Geet says..servant aint home! Dev tell me..i will get it..! Dev asks what u want.. Geet says methi. without lookin at him! Dev searching for the box  n says..not able to identify! Geet gives description of Methi when MSK enters n glares..! Dev hands over box to her .. n Geet thanks him..!!  Both see MSK n freeze.. its awkward..! Dev says..came to get water ..n leaves! Maneet steal glances at each other..! Geet gives explanation n MSK says.. so u were trying to get up..i told u so many times to not take risk.. Doc asked u to better rest! Geet self thot.. he is angry again God ..he is Mr. Khadoos again! Geet says.. i understood all..! But from what she said.. m tensed!! MSK says..what?? Geet says..let it be..!! MSK insists.. Geet diverts n teases MSK that are u like this from birth or some accident.. MSK says what?? Geet says..ur eyes always big n brows furred?? MSK u have problem with my face?? Geet says so baby will b  like u..!! MSK says what?? Geet says.. well i m scared that my baby will b like u..full of anger! Geet says i will just come!

Don in Annes cabin n Anne and Romeo try to excuse themselves out of the wedding suggesting Arjuns name..n Arjun recos Anne..!! LOL Manisha says..btw that wedding was of ur daughter.ur too young n hot..!! Don says..i m Babu’s son… n i m unmarried!! Anne once again suggest Arjuns name n Arjun vice versa! Don says…shut u think i m a fool.. my name is Sangram Gurjar..n my sons wedding plan will be done by u…! Arjun says Anne u will… Anne says..u ..n Sangram says.. both of u will plan! I know..that when u both work together..its a hit..when not its a u both have to work together! Arjun protests but Don says..enouf!

MSK comes to Dadis room n Dadi says..what?? MSK stammers .. Dadi says..u want to ask..then ask ..dun hesitate! MSK says..well when i was born.. how was Dad looking.. Dadi says..what?? MSK says.. was he serious or happy?? Dadi says..ur Dad was serious types.. MSK self Geet was right! Dadi says..what u said?? MSK says..she said if i m angry.. Baby will be angry too.. Dadi says…she is right.. u smile n keep Geet smiling too then baby will b hale n hearty! MSK says got it!

MSK comes to Geet n starts smiling..n Geet says …what? MSK says nothing n searches something.. n Geet says..lemme take it out..n jumps up n MSK shouts first n then tells calmly.. calm down..not good for baby! Geet confused!  MSK checks himself smiling in the mirror n Geet says..what?? MSK says..see im no longer angry.. so our baby wont be angry.. Geet no longer angry..but will be a joker..n MSK shouts n then calms again n says..what u said?? Geet says..nothing..LOL MSK says.. u called me joker n Geet smiles n MSK says for u .. i will change my name everyday for u..n Geet hugs MSK n says..u talk so sweetly that i feel like melting .. MSK says..sure .. i never saw a FAT CANDLE melt..n Geet gets angry!
Next day morning…Romeo is telling to Nitya n Manisha that we are dead..what will we do! Manisha says..dun worry with Arjun-Anne ..! Romeo says..look at them they both want to trap the other..! Nitya what?? Manisha suggest shifting to escape Don! Anne-Arjun blame each other… about inviting Don in..!! Romeo says..stop fighting n think what to do next ! Don comes..all freeze! HE asks about wedding plans.. Arjun says no plan.. Anne says we did but computer crashed!! He says.. tell me…!! Manisha says m about to faint..!! Anne-Arjun both says..we have no plan.. ! Don says..i luv this teamwork.. n by tomorrow morning want plan! Romeo-Manisha-Nitya request Anne-Arjun to make up and work together!
MSK asks Dadi..what happened.. Nacool havent gotten breakfast.!! Geet starts to serve MSK n MSK tells many times i told not to work..n then calmly says..Dadi why dun u explain Geet… why she needs to work..! Dev comes n says.. Dadi i m going for interview..shall come by afternoon..!! Dadi asks Dev u said that ur interview at Mr. Kapoor went off well?? Dev says..but he refused.. MSK says.. he din..i made him to.. Dadi.. Geet Dev all startled!