Geet Tuesday Update 23 June 2020


Geet Tuesday Update 23 June 2020

23 June 2020 Tuesday Update on Geet Update: Geet walking in trance remembering Dadi talking about Dev…n flashbacks of Dev in HP…n how he cheated on her..!! MSK’s anger on Dev…!! How accident happened!  Dadi leaving for Shimla..

Geet Monday Update 22 June 2020

Adi accompanying her..!! Anne says..wanna come… Dadi says..better stay here..n with Arjun arrange for blood…. i need to be there with Geet..n support her..!! Dadi asks Arjun to stay back n try for blood..Arjun assures..! Arjun Anne eyelock..!  Geet outside MSKs room n looks at MSK n says..whatever happened today was coz of me….i m responsible for this condition of urs..!! Geet gets flashbacks of MSKs promise of never leaving her alone!! Geet says..u promised never to leave me…and u kept that promise..but me.. i culdn give u any happiness..!! Coz of me… ur here..n today.. only HE can save ur life..whom u hate the most..!! Anne weeping.. Manisha.. Romoe try to calm her….assuring..nothing will happen to MSK.. as long as Geet is there..! Anne realises n says..i should be strong…i should talk to her…. she is all alone there..n we should support her..!! Receptionist tells Geet..that her call has come..n Anne on line… assures Geet..not to lose hope..n that all will be well n that Dadi has left….for Shimla….! Manisha also speaks to Geet..n says..dun worry ..all will be well. .we are going to temple to pray for Maan…n all leave…n Anne asks Arjun..wont u come..n Arjun says..i dun believe in it..!! Anne says…cant u do something for my happiness… !! Arjun says..what my heart doesnt agree to…how can i do it..!!

Anne tells Arjun..ur so can u make joke of our feelings…! Arjun says.. i m like this only! Arjun leaves..!! Geet praying before babaji..that what fix is this… how can i beg Dev for help to save Maan?? Geet flashbacks of Doc saying..MSK is critical… Dadi saying about Dev..!! Geet says… Babaji….i dun have any other option..i have to seek help from Dev…!!
Dev near reception n discusses the accounts..with him..asks him to explain all to the junior..n that he will stay in touch on phone..! Dev asks about… Maneet  n Reception idea..!! Geet trying to find number of Dev…at the hotel..n a receptionist finds….but phone is busy!  Geet manages to reach the hotel and asks..about the manager… n Receptionist tells that he is going out of time for a month….. n Geet says..need to find him urgently.. a guest comes n receptionist puts call on hold.. Geet begs to hear…but line disconnected! Geet way but to go to hotel!  Geet reaches hotel…but Dev leaves..!! Geet request Receptionist to locate Dev….but Receptionist say..i dun have..but someone comes n says..i have…number..take..!! Geet dials Dev… but call goes unanswered..!! Geet shattered..!!  Geet walks out of hotel in a daze…
Dev arrives back at the hotel…to take an important file..!! Receptionist says..u came back for this?? Dev says..yes..its imp plus some big accident on its traffic jam!! Geet walking in the alley..n doesnt notice Dev…!! Dev walks past Geet n is about to sit in the car..when he notices Geet …n Geet sees him too n comes to him n says… Maan has met with accident..n no one but u can save him! Please dun refuse…save him…Geet falls on her knees before Dev and begs with folded hands…. that please save ur brother..!! Dev shrikes..Geet… dun say this.. i will do anything for bro.. i will give blood to save him…but one condition.!! Geet stops in her tracks n self thot.. i know..u wuld take advantage of this situation….u cant do anything for free! Geet says..i Maan
Arjun on phone n tells a strict terms..i need the blood of AB -ve group….n i m not asking.. but saying..!! Anne overhears… AA look at each other..! Anne thanks him for helping her..! Arjun says..u misunderstand..i m helping to save Maan..for fulfiling my promise to my sis.. he cant die so soon..he has to know about us..!! Arjun leaves from  there..!
Geet begging before Dev to come and give blood to Maan to save him….! Dev says..i will give blood for bro. .but on one condition… Geet self thot..i had same expectation..u wuld exploit this situation… but for me..nothing is more important than Maan..!! Geet says…i agree to all…conditions..just save Maan..Dev comes to hosp n sees MSK n enters the room..n Doc says..did u come to give blood n Dev says yes!! Doc asks..sister to arrange for taking blood n arranging operation theater! Geet teary eyed sees MSK…!! Dev giving blood …! MSK operation starts.. ! Dev flashbacks of MSK praising Geet..n how he confessed his sins to MSK n MSK slapping him..! How MSK asked him to stay away from Geet in the hosp!! Geet praying to Babaji to save Maan…n says..if after that u take away all hapinness from life..its ok..but save MSK! Dev has finished giving blood .. Geet praying..!! In the OT.. MSKs bp starts dropping.. Devs blood being given to MSK…docs go frantic.! Operation over.. Doc comes to call Geet…n say.. Congrats..ur hubby out of danger..!! Geet delighted.. n thanks Doc n God…n asks to see MSK.. Doc says..a while later…! Geet decides to thank Dev..!! MSK shifted to room n Dev sees…

Dev decides to stay away..based on MSKs warning..n leaves…!! Geet searching for Dev….n sees him..n calls back… n says..Thank u for the favour!! Dev says..its not a favour….n Geet says..yes…i know… ur condition..what is it? Dev silent…..! Some random goon (Raka) comes n asks Dev to come with them….. n Dev goes..!! Nurse comes to tell Geet that Dadi has come..n Geet goes to meet….! Dadi congratulates Geet that operation was successful….n says..i knew..when ur with Maan.. he had to be safe….n today if he is safe n sound..its coz of u..n ur love..n Geet din do anything.. only Babaji did…. Dadi n adi says..Babaji helps those..who make efforts..!! Adi goes to meet Doc.. Dadi wants to meet the Angel who saved Maan..n asks who is it? Geet silent…n says.. Dev..!! Dadi shocked n can he be here..n Geet says..he was manager of that hotel where we stayed..!! Dadi way its good he met u.. n i m happy that he made the right decision.. he loved n respected MSK from the start….. but yes..with NT he committed an unforgivable sin…but we shouldnt overlook his good work..!! Dadi asks where is Dev..n Geet says..he left…

MSK conscious n Geet goes to meet him…Geet looks at MSK …admist tears of happiness..

MSK extends his hand towards Geet..n Geet comes to reach to it..and kisses it.. n touches MSKs face..!! Geet apologises to MSK …for his conidtion n says..punish me…as u wish..n MSK says..but coz of u..i m ok now… i knew..u wuld have saved me anyhow!! Doc comes n says.. Mrs. Khurana..don talk to MSK…much.he is weak.. n Geet gets up to leave..n turns n smiles at MSK n MSK closes his consent..n both smile.. !! Doc tells MSK ..ur very lucky. .ur wifey loves u a lot..she gave u second life…!! Geet looks at MSK from outside the hosp room ….
Geet comes in the hosp room.. MSK is asleep and kisses MSKs forehead… n MSK wakes up n says..u..n Geet less…. as Doc asked u to n MSK says…must have asked u….u talk so much..!! Geet says..i harass u a lot? MSK says..n i like that…. n says.. I love u ……!! Geet smiles..n rests her head on MSKs shoulder! Dadi comes….n sees Maneet n says… u havent recovered yet..n ur back to being naughty! Dadi comes n says.. What u did son.. i almost died…dun do this ever again! MSK says.. Geet is there na! If Geet is there with me.. if i m in danger..Geet will save my life..! Geet self thot..i din do anything.. Dev saved u..! Geet self thot..if MSK knew that to save him i took Dev’s help…what will happen….! Geet lost in what Dev said about his condition n wonders what his condition is.