Geet Thursday Update 9 July 2020


Geet Thursday Update 9 July 2020

Geet walking down th stairs n bg of MSKs voiceover n all the lines about Gairat etc…!! Geet in tears…Dadi sees n stops Geet and goes to Dev..!  Nacool tells the tale to Romeo/Manisha/AA! As Geet starts to walk.. she recollects the marriage rituals of gruh pravesh!
Geet steps out.. as Dadi cries with Dev..! Dadi comes running and says…. stop…dun leave ur house n go.. u know MSK he gets angry n says rude stuff..!! Geet says..this time i cant stop..! Dadi begs.. pls stay …! Geet says..sorry cant…n hugs Dadi..!! Anne comes and hugs Geet n says..dun go… n everyone around is crying…!! Geet says..i know u all luv me a lot..but this time dun stop me.. i have to go..!! Anne says..i will talk to MSK… i will explain to him!! Geet says..what will u explain to him?? Theres nothing to explain! Anne says..stop for Dadi and me..! Geet says..NO! Geet hugs Anne and starts to go out..!! Dev watches sadly! Geet leaves!
MSK in the Maneet bedroom and recollects all the kitchen lines……esp the blood n gairat lines! Geet saying. . MAAN!  He notices an empty cupboard n is taken aback! MSK says..Geet left me n went …n all this is coz of Dev..!! Geet shown being driven in a car…..n self thot.. what did u say Maan.. such a huge thing..u called me Baigairat..! Right then she notices a Punjabi religious type place and asks driver to stop..!! Geet sends driver back home..!! Geet says… from here on i will decide future course of journey! MSK imagines Geet sitting on the bed holding toy baby and smiling! Suddenly as he blinks she is missing.

Dadi is crying her heart out and says…get my daughter back… then i will relax..!! Doc comes to check and says.. her bp is low… give her meds!! Dadi says.. i wont have them till Geet comes!! Arjun says.. we will get her..but u take meds..!! Anne says.. Dadi how will we get her back after what MSK told her.. Dev says..yes MSK hurt Geet a lot..!! Dadi says.. ok i will talk to MSK right now. .as she gets up..she faints..!!
Dev asks Arjun to tk Dadi to the room n Dev decides to talk to MSK…n self thot..its enouf have to talk to bro and make him realise.. .what he did is wrong! Dev comes to talk to MSK..but MSK is on the way out and Dev calls out.. ..bro want to talk!! Dev taunts MSK…. go ahead hurt everyone .. this is ur habit..hurting someone for someone else’s anger..!! MSK says..Dev.. stop it n leave right now or… Dev says..what will u do?
Dev says…or else what.. u will hit me.. go ahead..its ur right.. but i m going to say what i want to say!! Dev says..i wuld have been quiet.. but after all that happened.. i cant…n MSK almost starts to lunge towards him n says.. i dun wanna talk to a person like u..!! Dev says.. u have to.. u have sidelined the luv of such a true person…. n MSK says.. u will tell me?? Dev says..yes one else has courage to talk to  u..i know how many misunderstandings u have in ur heart..!! Dun make such a huge mistake..!! Its touf to get true luv… . by pushing Geet away ur pushing ur good fortune away..
MSK says..u r advising me..the man who can give up life for luv… n u .. someone who never cared for luv!! Dev says..yes i m the unlucky one ..who never got true luv..but ur unluckier that me … ur true luv left u and went away…!! U can give ur life for luv..but u can humiliate it in the shadow of doubt as well..!! U hurt the one who culd do anything for ur small happiness..!! She culd stand on her one feet and dance with joy when u were happy!! U always pity others…. !! The one who luvs u truly has left n gone… n will never come back..n coz of u urself u will be thirsty for that true luv ..!! She had a small wish.. that u forget all misunderstandings….!! She wanted to start a new life with u… she was so happy n u hurt her so much that she had to leave home..!! U too wanted a fresh start and wanted to say it to her.. but u culdn.. so i n Dadi planned to set u up…n make u both meet …..n sort ur issues..!! MSK startled..
Dev tells the entire truth of the farmhouse n his convo with Geet…!! MSK recollects Geet saying about how she changed..n how she read his letter… MSK realises his folly.
Dev tells MSK… u have a problem that Geet forgave me?? Well her forgiving me is the sign of her strength not weakness.. she forgave me for u.. for the blood of the khurana family which u referred to.!! Dev says… realise ur mistakes bro.. or else it will be too late.. n u will keep repenting! Dev leaves..! MSK lost in Devs dialogues..n has tears in his eyes!
Dev comes in Dadis room… Dadi says.. has Geet returned?All are sitting near Dadi.. AA/Manisha/Romeo! MSK comes as well and says to Dadi..what happened to u?? Dev says..culdn bear Geet leaving.!! Dadi tells MSK.. get my Geet back… please!  MSK gets flashbacks of what he told to Geet..n Devs lecture! MSK says..yes i wil get her back.. ur Geet will come back here! MSK says..i made a huge mistake..! Till Geet comes back n i apologise to her.. i wont forgive myself! MSK leaves…!! Dev says..where are u going?? MSK says.. wherever in world  my Geet is there .. i will find her..!! One of the servant says.. driver said..he left Geet at Motibag Gurudwara! Geet shown walking in the tent at the Gurudwara..! MSK on his all black.. on black jeep!! Geet serving food! One of the ladies notices Geet looking all lost..n says..pray to Babaji to set alright..!! Geet says.. what will Babaji do?? Another lady says..wheres ur house?? Geet says.. i dun have any ..all is lost..!! Lady says.. with Babaji there.. no one can be homeless.. u come with me to Amritsar..!! MSK reaches the spot.

Lady tells Geet to let her carry her own bag. .but Geet says no its ok!! Lady asks driver about when will bus leave.. Driver says in 5 mins..!! MSK reaches.. Anne gets infor from driver about Geets whereabout and all leave to meet Geet!  MSK enters the tent n looks around for Geet.. who is about to alight the bus! Maneet walking in opposite directions cross each other ..but dun see !! MSK self thot. where are u Geet?? Geet senses something n turns to look but doesnt see MSK! Geet gets on the bus!! MSK asks the people there if they have seen some girl.. one lady says..the fair one.. she went out n is about to leave for Amritsar.. go n check the bus!! MSK goes to check!! Aunty with Geet says.. forgot to get water.. Geet offers to go to get it.. n comes down!! In the meantime MSK gets up the bus Geet was sitting in  n doesnt find her.. One of the men on the bus says who u looking for.. MSK wife..!! Man says..go n check other bus! MSK goes to check. by then Geet boards Amritsar bus and it leaves..!! MSK stands all sad… Dev/AA reach n assure MSK dun worry we will find her.
MSK prays to God to help to find Geet..!! Dadi-Adi try Maneet number but cant reach to them.. !! In the meantime they return (except MSK) n all are sad…!! Dadi asks them (AA/Dev) about Geet.. Arjun says. culdn find her!! Dadi asks wheres MSK… Anne says.. bro said he wont return till he finds Geet..n apologies to her!! Dadi cries….n wonders whose evil eye has fallen on Maneet..!! MSK driving self thot..where are u.. where to find?? Flashbacks of convo with Geet..  about Aloo Tikki.. etc… n flashbacks of what he said to Geet…about Gairat!! MSK says.. i made a huge mistake.. i ruined my own house for my anger..!! I want to meet u for a second n apologise.. dun go away from me.. forgive ur Maan! Till i apologise to u..i will burn in this fire!
Geet gets flashbacks of all the childish fights with MSK……pullover fight.. calling him joker and smiles n then recollects the white blood line and she has tears in her eyes!! Aunty with Geet asks..what u thinking? Geet nods.. saying nothing!! MSK keeps driving wondering where Geet is!! Bus halts at Dhaba for 15 mins n Aunty pulls Geet down from bus to eat something.. Geet hesitates but gives in..!! Aunty says.. want roti… Geet says m not hungry n Aunty says..get tea to dhaba person! MSK reaches the same spot and his jeep breaks down (oh i luv MSK ki dhanno Embarrassed)! MSK gets down n starts to repair it!! Geet shown sitting at the dhaba.
MSK moves towards the dhaba.. for water..!! Geet shown sitting beside Aunty …all are eating n she is sitting still! The dhaba person says to MSK.. wanna eat roti or have tea?? MSK need water..!! Dhaba person insits.. n MSK says..get lassi..!! Geets dupatta gets dirty from tea spilling n Geet goes to clean it with water..! MSK washing his face and suddenly behind the Dhaba wodden partition Geet is also shown standing cleaning her dupatta… !! Both sense something as wind blows and Geet goes stationary…n MSK slowly turns his face towards where Geet is standing.

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