Geet Thursday Update 2 July 2020


Geet Thursday Update 2 July 2020

Geet is sitting on the bed and is playing with the baby doll! MSK comes carrying some CDs and starts to put the CD in the player..!! Geet asks ‘What are u doing Maan? Which film are u watching?’  MSK answers ‘Not film…. music!’

Geet is taken aback and says..’Music?? What music?’ MSK puts the player on and goes n sits next to Geet and says..’Now listen quietly!’  MSK closes his eyes to enjoy the music..!! Geet says…’Is this music? (Geet puts her hand on MSKs shoulder) And tell me one thing.. u din find any better way to bore me?’   MSK says..’Bore? This is best music for u..! Yoga Teacher said that during pregnancy …moms should listen to this song and if baby hears this song ..the he will be very active!’  Geet says..’This music?’ Geet covers the ears of the baby doll and says…’No way… neither does this music have any heads or tail and neither is it understandable! If my son hears this type of songs..he will be completely lazy..! Either he will keep sleeping whole day or ..keep crying whole day! And if u want to play some music..why dun u play some Punjabi songs… some Bhangra..! Then u will see how active my baby will be!’ MSK says…’Yes.. i guess in childhood ..u too heard this Bhangra and Punjabi music..thats why this is ur condition!

U cant sit still at any place! Keep quiet and listen to this music!’ Geet talks to the baby doll saying.. ‘Did u hear.. i m pregnant.. i m supposed to hear music .. who are u to decide?’ Geet wrests the remote  of the CD player from MSKs hand and changes the track ..n plays FM station!! The FM RJ says..’Now we will listen to the next song..  this is the song for those.. in whose life..someone is going to come …ushering in tons of happiness!’  Maneet stop fighting and start hearing intently

The song …’Jeevan ki bagiya mehkegi.. lehkegi..’ (Lifes garden will bloom…) starts..! Maneet start smiling hearing the song! Both glance at each other and smile! Geet gets up from the bed and holds the baby doll and starts singing.. ‘Woh mera hoga…woh sapna tera hoga’ (It will be mine.. that dream will be urs) ! Geet turns the baby doll around and  continues to sing to it Embarrassed  MSK joins in and starts singing! Embarrassed MSK cuddles the baby dolls face! MSK puts his arm around Geets shoulder and its a Maneet family hug..! Geet touches MSks face!  Geet signals MSK to hold the baby doll and MSK holds the baby doll and Geet gives a signal of  ‘PERFECT’  to MSK! MSK grins! Maneet share another family hug!

Maneet are on the bed and in their nite suits..!! MSK-Geet repeat the lines  while lying on the bed….! MSK holds Geets hand and turns to her side ..and croons.. ‘Hum tum kuch aur bandhenge’ (Both of us will get bonded some more!) Geet touches MSKs cheek and MSK touches Geets cheek! MSK pulls Geet closer to him and Geet rests her head on MSKs chest as MSK holds her in his arms! Embarrassed  The cradle is shown moving and Geet sees it and gets up and sits on the bed and sings on…..’Mera Rajdulara….’ (My pince)! MSK gets up and rests his head on Geets back and joins in with Geet and sings!! Maneets heads are touching each other and Geet puts her hand on MSKs shoulder and MSK turns and holds Geets hand and Maneets head touch!! Geet touches MSKs nose tip..n MSK repeats! Both smile and look at the cradle!! MSK then turns and rests his head on Geets lap! MSK removes a lock of hair from Geets face and Geet kisses MSKs forehead!

Its the middle of the nite and Geet is tossing and turning in her bed! Geet gets up and switches on her bedside lamp! Geet wakes up MSK…! MSK gets up with a start and says..’Geet what happened? U r ok? I will call the Doc..!! U r not having labor pains right? Come lets go to the hospital!’  Geet holds MSKs hand and says…’Shall i speak now?’  MSK says..’What?’  Geet says…’Why do u get scared on such small small things? And labor pains dun occur so early!’  MSK says..’Then whats the matter?’ Geet says..’I m hungry! And i want to have something spicy!

MSK says…’U want to have something spicy?? (MSK looks at the watch n it shows 1am) At 1 am in the nite u r hungry and u want to have something spicy?’ Geet says..’Who told u that at nite one cant have spicy food?? And ..this is not my demand..this is baby’s demand! How does that poor soul know..that outside its day or nite! Right?? Well he wants to eat.. so he wants to eat!’  MSK holds Geets hand and says..’Ok Geet..then come..lets go to the kitchen and make it!’ Geet holds MSKs hand and says…’Stop ..I dun want to eat home food…!’ MSK says..’Then?’  Geet says ‘I want to have… Spicy Spicy.. Tangy Aloo Tikki .. with Pudina and Imli Chutney!’  MSK says…’And at 1.00 am in the nite..from where will we get this Aloo Tikki of urs?’  Geet says…’That i dunno… all i know is that ..i want to eat!’  MSK says…’At 1.00 am..where will i get Aloo Tikki! Lemme call Adi’  MSK calls Adi.. who is asleep on a  sofa !! Adi picks up his landline thinking its ringing and keeps saying hello before realising that its his moby thats ringing! Adi picks up his mobile and says.. ‘Hello’  !! MSK says…’Well tell me right Delhi..where can i find Aloo Tikki?’  Adi in half sleep answers.. ‘Aloo tikki.. yes yes..sir u will get them!’  MSK says…’Will they give delivery at home?’  Adi says..’Yes yes…. u just call them and ask..’ Adi cuts the call.

Geet who is watching the whole thing gets up from the bed and comes and taps MSKs shoulder!! MSK holds Geets hand and MSK says…’He cut the call!’ Geet tells MSK.. ‘Why are u harassing people at this late hour? I dun want to eat Aloo Tikki sitting at home!’  MSK says…’Meaning?’  Geet says…’Meaning ..i want to eat Roadside Aloo Tikki… spicy spicy.. sweet sweet..tangy tangy ones!!’  MSK gets irked and says..’Oh so u want to have Roadside Aloo Tikki?’  Geet says..’Those are the real Tikkis…!! Ur shopping mall ones are…!! Baby said …so said… ! He wants to have roadside tikkis!’ MSK looks at Geets tummy and says… ‘No way… I wont let either of u have roadside tikkis!’ Geet gets annoyed and goes n sits on the bed and grumbles.. ‘Then i will tell baby that its daddy doesnt care for its feelings!’  MSK says…’See  Geet ..ur emotionally blackmailing me..! And from where did baby get feelings?’  Geet turns and looks at MSK and says..’If baby can feel hungry.. then cant its feelings get hurt? (Geet takes MSKs hand and puts it on her tummy)  U feel for urself.. baby is feeling so hurt! And see how its sitting all sad’ ……….MSK intently tries to feel and says…’Yes.. it appears to be sad!’ MSK says…’Ok Geet.. u get ready quickly..  i will take out the car… and yes.. u come slowly!!’  As MSK gets up to leave…. he gets a call from Adi..!! MSK says..’Adi u let it be…we are going out ourselves..!’ Adi says…’I havent called for the Aloo Tikki

Adi says…’I called to talk about the problem at the Panchkula site !’ MSKs expression turns serious. n he asks… ‘What happened?’.!! Adi continues…’Theres been a fight between Management and workers! Workers have gone on a strike!’  MSK says…’On a strike? But for us to complete this project this month is very important!’ Adi says…’I know sir… i know… thats why we have to start for Panchkula rightaway so that by the time its morning we can try and solve the problem! If strike continues.. we wont be able to complete this project till due date! And only u can convince the workers!’ MSK says…’Ok ..u come here quickly.. till then i will pack my luggage!’  Adi says…’Alright sir..i m on my way!’  MSK tells Geet… ‘I have to go to Panchkula..theres some problem there!’  Geet says…’No probs.. u go.. n yes dun worry about me!’ MSK puts his hand around Geet and gives her a forehead kiss! Embarrassed Geet says…’Go’ …MSK grins…! MSK gets up and leaves and Geet grumbles…’

Its next day morning! Geet is walking in the alley holding her moby n is near the steps and says…’Maan left at 2.00am .. meaning he must have reached by 8.00am! Yet he hasnt called me! Whenever .. Maan sees work.. he forgets all other things!’ Geet corrects herself and says..’May be he is genuinely busy! Right??’  Geet suddenly overhears some loud conversation in goes.. ‘Dude chill.. this is house.. not Bangali Market! Keep the stuff properly inside!’ Geet looks down in the hall and shouts.. ‘Who is it??’  Geet doesnt hear any response…  Geet comes down the stairs to check on who it is..!! Geet comes outside the mansion main hall into the alley and sees vendors with all ‘Spicy.. Tangy’ roadside food..!! Geet looks around and is delighted..!! Geet smiles…and says..’All this must have been done by Maan..

At the Panchkula site.. MSK is sitting on the chair and workers are standing in front.. shouting and complaining..! MSK says…’One minute! See.. u all sit down and talk peacefully ! By blaming each other like this.. problem wont get resolved!’  One of the worker says…’Khurana sir ..till  ur Manager doesnt apologise with folded hands to our worker ..theres no question of talking anything ahead!’ The agitated Manager turns to MSK and says…’Sir when i havent made any mistake then why should i apologise!’ The workers get more agitated hearing this and one of them says…’U raised ur hand on our co-worker and  ur showing ur attitude…! Even ur father will have to apologise..!’ The manager says…’Mind ur language..!’  The workers get more excited and start screaming…!! MSK screams…’One minute…!! See …theres no need to use this kind of language..! Whatever grievances u have.. u can discuss it in clean language! I came from Delhi to talk to u guys!’  The workers say…’Theres no question of any more discussion..Khurana saab.. ! We will make him rub his nose at our feet!’ Geet is still trying MSKs number but no response! Geet says…’He isnt receiving my call ..lemme try again! How can anyone be so busy..!! Nyways leave it..even i wont call him!’ Geet is walking up the stairs ..!! 
At the site… the workers say..’U will hit our worker??’ and they charge at the manager..! MSK tries to intervene and stop the workers…..! The workers start to beat up the manager! One of the workers in the crowd accidentally touches MSKs mobile and it turns on..and Geets number gets dialled..!! Geet sees her moby ringing and says….’Oh so finally..u remembered me!’ Geet overhears the voices/screams in the background and hears..’Hit him… Beat him..’ and hears MSKs voice as if.. requesting them to calm down! Geet is confused and starts to get worried hearing all the noise! 
The workers continue beating up the Manager and MSK keeps trying to stop them …! He keeps saying…’One minute..just listen..! Stop!’  Adi comes and sees the Chaos going on n sees MSK amidst it all! MSKs moby is still on and Geet says…’Maan…’ Geet starts to get increasingly worried and keeps repeating.. ‘Maan!’ One of the worker picks up a stone and throws at MSK and it hits his forehead! Adi sees and rushes towards MSK and screams..’Maan Sir… ‘ Adi brings MSK out of the crowd and says…’Maan Sir ..ur alright?? Oh my God!’ Geet screams…’Maan!!’ .. Geet screams.. ‘Dadi ma..’ and rushes down the stairs !! Dadi comes out of her room and rushes to the hall and sees Geet running down th stairs and screams…’Stop Geet…what are u doing?.!’ but Geet continues to run ….down the flight of stairs screaming..’Maan’ ! Adi brings MSK to a side and MSK is holding his forehead! Dadi rushes towards the hall and says.. ‘Stop Geet.. stop!’  Suddenly Geet slips ..loses her balance and falls ……!!  Dadi screams…’Geet!’ Geet holds her tummy and cringes in pain..!! Dadi screams..’Geet’ and rushes towards Geet..! Geet cries and yelps in pain!! Dadi says..’Geet what happened..!’ Dadi screams..’Dev’  ..! Dev rushes in and comes to where Dadi and Geet are…and says..’Geet .. what happened Dadi?? How did it happen?’ Dadi says…’Go get ambulance.. pick her up… ‘  Geet keeps screaming.. ‘Maan!’ and loses consciousness!
Adi  takes MSK out of the crowd to the side ! MSKs forehead is bleeding.. ! Adi suggest MSK ..’Sir things are out of control here..! Its better that we leave from here!’ MSK says…’Dun worry ..i m perfectly fine! I will handle this!’ MSK goes near the workers and shouts ‘Enouf..!!!.i wont tolerate this anymore..! If u all dun stop i will end the project.. !! So u decide… whether u want to sit down n sort it out.. or u want this project to stop!!’  Workers say… ‘Guess ur right.. ! Guys lets cool down and sort it out…! If the project closes ..all will be over..!’ Workers assure MSK that things will calm down..! MSK says…’Now only that will happen .. what i want!’ 

Dev n Dadi  are rushing Geet to hosp… Geet is still unconscious! Dev and Dadi are worried as they accompany Geet in the hosp!
Dev and Dadi are rushing Geet in the hosp….Geet unconscious!! Doc asks…how this happened?? Dev says..fell from stairs.. Doc says..this can be dangerous in pregnancy..!! Dev is comforting Dadi….!! Dadi says..what will happen now.. how to tell MSK that we culdn take care of Geet for a day… MSK wont forgive us ever?  Dev says..calm down.. please dun cry.. whatever happened..isnt ur fault! Nothing will happen to Geet! Dev says..i will call bro rightaway! MSKs moby rings but MSK busy in meeting with workers so doesnt see…! workers agree to MSKs offer  n say that sorry to trouble u by bringing u here..!! MSK throws off the manager from site…n workers rejoice!  Geets operation is on…..n Romeo/Manisha n Anne reach..! Anne hugs Dadi n tells Dev…what happened n how? And bro isnt he doesnt know?? Dadi says.. we tried calling him..but he isnt receiving. .dunno what to do!
A lil girl comes n compliments MSK for being very nice..for having helped her family when her dad who worked with MSK  had died!   MSK picks up the girl…n girl tells her name Palak.. ! The girl notices MSKs cut n tells MSK ..i know magic n i will fix it… !  MSK tells Adi that they will finance the kids education.. ! The girls mom tries to touch his feet n MSK stops n says..m a normal man.. n a dad too! Doc comes out n Dadi asks…how is she?? Doc says..things are bad… u pray to god for her quick recovery !! Dev assures Anne that all will be ok!! Dadi MSK fast…. Dev says..not receiving no one with him.. DAdi says.. Adi..!! Dev calls Adi… n asks to talk to MSK about Geet..!! Adi gives phone to MSK …..n MSK says..yes?? Dev stammers n then says.. bro.. Geet…!! MSK says..what happened?? Dev says..she fell from stairs….n is in the hosp..!! MSK shocked… n asks..she fell?? how is she..  she din get hurt?? what did Doc says..?? Dev says…she is in operation Theater…! MSK keeps phone away n rushes …!! Dadi asks Dev what did he say?? Dev says… he din say anything.. i think he is in shock!
Operation on.. MSK on the way… !! all wait for some news from Docs! Anne tells romeo to look after Dadi as she goes to get water! Arjun comes n says.. to Anne ..u sit.. i wil get! Theres some accident on th way.. n MSK stuck!  MSK helps to remove the blockade!  MSK calls Romeo n Dadi picks up ! MSK asks hows geet  n Dadi says..still in OT.. doc saying nothing!   MSK drives on ..n Flashbacks of all moments with Geet n baby talk..n Devs call!
Doc comes n Dadi n Anne ask.. how is Geet..n Doc says.. there were lots of complications.. n thankfully we culd save her…!! Dadi thanks God n then asks about baby..!! Doc says.. after lots of effort.. also we culdn save the baby!! Cry  MSK arrives by then..n overhears..n is in a state of shock!
Screen goes black n white..n MSK walking forward in a daze … n ask… u culdn save the baby?? Doc!! MSK asks about Geet n Doc says.. she is conscious n knows it all.. u can meet her..!! I m so sorry! Dadi hugs MSK n cries
MSK looks at Geet from outside the hosp room n she is sitting still ….!! MSK has tears in her eyes.. looking at her…n the sound of baby chime comes in bg