Geet Sunday Update 5 July 2020


Geet Sunday Update 5 July 2020

5th July 2020 Sunday on Geet Update: Geet gets a call from an orphanage …n the lady says..’MSK has donated a huge amount so we wish to felicitate u n him! We tried his office but seems he is not available! Request u both to pls come..!’  Geet says …’ok’..!!
Dadi comes to the hall n sees Geet and asks..’Who called…?’ Geet says..’A lady from the orphanage ! They have invited me and Maan to attend a function today evening!’ Dadi says..’Its already evening..! U go n get ready..! I will call MSK.. n ask him to reach there directly.!’ Geet says..’Ok’!   Dadi calls up office and says..’Please connect me to Maan’! Adi receives the call and says..’Dadi.. sir is not in office, he has gone out!’ Dadi says..’No problem..i will try on his mobile!’ Dadi tries on MSKs moby but its switched off! Dadi wonders why MSK moby is switched off! Right then Nacool comes running and says…’A major incident happened.. our cook Shankar, his kid is sick and has been hospitalised! Shankar is in very bad shape!’ Dadi says..’This is very bad… Do one thing u ask driver to keep the car ready.. i will go to the hospital rightaway!’ Nacool says ‘Ok’ and leaves from there! 
Nitya comes to Arjuns cabin and handsover a file! Arjun tells Nitya ‘We need to work more speedily! Particularly for this wedding proposal.. i want us to work fast and finish it…! I dun want that Anne to see Sangram’s face for too long!’ Nitya says..’I know’  Anne comes right then and says…’Arjun..Sangram called again.. i m totally fed up..! I dunno what to do!’  Arjun says…’What can i do Anne?? Yesterday when i told u ….that lemme handle this n finish it all for once.. u only stopped me and said i will handle it all by myself!’ Anne says…’So u want to say that u cant help! Good very good..! I m an idiot that i thot u will help me n so came to you!’ Arjun says..’When i wanted to help u ..u only said that u dun need my help!’ Anne gets up and leaves! Nitya self thot.. ‘Sangrams guess seems to be correct..! He caught it on the first day itself that theres something between Arjun and Anne! But i dun think Arjun loves Anne! Maybe Anne has feelings for him!’ Arjun notices Nitya lost in thots and says…’Nitya? What happened..what are u thinking?’  Nitya says… ‘Nothing! I will be right back’ n Nitya leaves!

Geet comes down the stairs and looks around for Dadi  n says…’Wonder where Dadi went? Anyways…she must have informed MSK!’ Geet sits on the couch in the hall n starts to flip thru a magazine as she waits for MSK! Geet says…’Its been an hour and MSK hasnt come yet! Wonder where he is!’ Right then the phone in the hall rings and Geet receives! Its the lady from the orphanage … She says…’Mrs. Khurana …u all din come yet?? The kids are waiting for u! They havent even eaten yet!’ Geet says..’Please ask them to eat!’ The lady says..’The kids are not agreeing..!!They are insisting that they will eat with u!’ Dev enters th hall n spots Geet on the sofa…! The lady says..’Please…if u can hurry up!’ Geet says..’Ok.. i will come right over!’ Dev walks over and sits on the breakfast table! Geet while sitting on the sofa says…’The kids are waiting for us hungry and theres no news about Maan!’ Geet calls the servant (Sunil) and says…’Ask driver to take out the car!’ Servant replies ‘Mam no driver is available! One has gone with MSK.. other with Dadi and the third driver is on leave!’  (Dev overhears the conversation while at the breakfast table!)  Geet says..’Ok’ and wonders to herself..’What to do now?’ Dev says…’Geet i will take u!’ Dev says…’If theres no one to drive u …then how will u reach? The kids are waiting for u to eat their lunch! I will take u there!’ Geet looks away n says..’Lemme try again to contact MSK!’ Geet calls KC and Adi receives….! Geet says…’Please connect me to MSK!’ Adi says…’He is not in the office.. he has gone out for a presentation!’ Geet says..’Ok ..i will try contacting him on the moby!’ Geet tries MSKs moby..but its switched off! Dev says..’Dun think..ur coming with me..! Just think that a driver is driving ur car! The kids are hungry there!’ Geet reluctantly agrees…!

Nitya is walking in the alley of the office and spots Anne talking to some staff..! Nitya comes to Anne and says..’Anne ..i need to talk to u..regarding something important!’ Anne asks the staff girl to come later..!! Nitya says…’Anne please dun take it in the wrong sense..but i think.. Sangram really likes u a lot! He has very strong feelings for u his heart!’ Anne says..’So u think..u told me something new?’ Anne starts to leave when Nitya says…’Anne ..see.. Sangram isnt bad in the heart..! He really likes u..! The person u like..doesnt even care for ur feelings!’ Anne says..’What do u mean?’ Nitya says….’I mean…the other day u were telling Sangram that u like someone else?’ Anne says…’So?’ Nitya says…’So i feel that the person u like…doesnt like u as much..! He doesnt even care for ur feelings!’ Anne says…’U know what Nitya… i dun need any opinion..n especially urs!’ Anne leaves from there! 
The orphanage is shown with Kids busy painting and playing around! Geet arrives at the orphanage….with Dev..!! The orphanage lady welcomes them and says…’This is our activity room where we teach the kids amidst various games!’ The lady calls all the kids and asks them to gather.. n says…’Kids…the garden where we play has been gifted to us by her!’ All the kids chorus..’Thank u Didi (sis)’  One of the kids says…’Thank u Didi.. we go to play in the garden everyday!’ Geet picks up the kid and asks him his name..! He says…’Krish!’ (Dev looks on happily!) Geet repeats the kids name..! One of the girl pulls Geet to her table and shows her the painting she was making…! Geet hears a shell that one of the boy gives her n smiles! Dev happily looks on as Geet seems to be lost amidst the kids ..playing and chatting with them! Geet helps Krish to color his painting and is all smiles! 
Dev gets a call ! He receives it and says…’Yes.. regarding that Gurgaon highway contract? (He looks at Geet ..who is busy playing with the kids!) Actually i m a bit busy today..n i will get little late ! Shall we meet tomorrow? Ok!’ Dev cuts the call and turns and sees Geet playing with the kids! Dev smiles! 
Nitya gets a call from Sangram….n says…’Yes Mr Gujjar… ur guess is perfect..! So what to do now?’ Sangram says…’Plan is what ..we both thot of ..! U spend more n more time with Arjun…n leave Anne for me!’ Nitya smiles ! Sangram continues…’First and foremost.. u arrange for me n Anne to meet in solitude!’ Arjun comes to Nitya and tells her… ‘Quickly prepare all the papers ..we have to meet a client at Shalimar hotel in half n hour! Also inform Anne to come there directly! I went to her cabin …but she wasnt there!’ Nitya says…’Right Arjun!’ Romeo comes to Nitya and says…’Are u going somewhere?’ Nitya says..’Yes.. going to a meeting with Arjun!’ Romeo grumbles! Nitya says…’Romeo..will u do one thing for me..! When Anne comes… tell her to come to Summer Plaza for the meeting!’ Romeo says..’If ur saying with so much love..then obviously i will pass it on..! Just think..Romeo has already passed the message!’ Nitya thanks him and leaves! Nitya quickly messages Sangram about the location and asks him to reach there as Anne will be coming there alone! Sangram is delighted reading the message!

MSK arrives at the mansion and sees Nacool and asks… ‘Wheres Dadi?’ Nacool says…’She has gone out!’ MSK asks…’Wheres Geet?’ Nacool says…’She has gone out as well!’ MSK self thot.. ‘Seems Dadi has taken Geet somewhere! Its good…having gone out of the house.. will help divert her mind!’ Nacool asks MSK for Coffee …but he refuses! MSK self thot..’This is a good oppurtunity.. to tell Geet about making a fresh start to our life… Geet and our baby! I will surprise Geet and say…! Geet likes surprises..she will be happy!’ 
Anne comes to the location n finds it beautifully decorated but totally vacant..! Anne self thot.. ‘It doesnt appear like a presentation at all!’ The manager of the location comes and says..’Ur Miss Anne?? Well please come in.. n a hearty welcome!’ Anne says…’Well i m here to attend a meeting with our client Mr. Nair..and my colleague Mr. Arjun Rathod! Have they arrived?’ The manager says…’This hotel has been booked exclusively for u!’ Anne startled…n says..’For me? What do u mean?’ The manager says.. ‘Please come in and sit.. u will understand..!’  The manager leaves..!! Anne confused and suddenly a shadow shown entering the hotel…! A voice says..’Welcome Anne ji!’ Anne recognises Sangrams voice and is shocked to see him! 
MSK comes to Maneet bedroom n  gets flashbacks of happy times with Geet..the truck n playing with hay… the hugs.. feeding Geet… the baby related experiences! MSK has a smile on his face and says..’No Geet … i will bring back those happy times in ur life! U will smile again! We will start afresh… where i u n our baby will b there..!! And we will start from today itself…! From today… it will be a new beginning!!’ MSK  picks up the toy baby and sits at the desk and puts the pic of Maneet near toy baby n grins!
Sangram asks Anne to sit n relax..! Sangram tells Anne ‘Please sit….and by the way u were asking??’ Anne says..’Yes i was asking …wat u r doing here??’ Sangram says..’Till now i was waiting for u..!! And now…we can talk a bit!’ Anne says..’Listen Sangram i told u before.. !’ Sangram interrupts and says…’Listen Anne… please listen to me..! I only want to say ‘Sorry’ to u!’ Anne startled..! Sangram says…’That day.. i crossed the line..! I know ..i hurt u…! I admit that i luv u a lot..n i know that u dun have same feelings  for me..! Hence i want to be friends with u!’ Anne smiles and says…’Sangram..i m very happy to know that u respect my feelings.. ! And about being friends.. i have no problems..! I want that we both should remain good friends!’ Sangram extends the hand of friendship and says…’Friends?’ Anne takes his hand… n shakes! Both smile! 
MSK is sitting on the couch n looks at the watch n says..’Dadi and Geet have taken so much time..!! Why havent they come yet!’ Right then Dadi enters and notices MSK… MSK gets up and comes to Dadi and asks..’Where had u both gone?’ Dadi says..’Our cook Shankar.. his kid was serious and has been i had gone to meet him!’ MSK says..’Oh ok.. how is he now!’  Dadi says..’A bit better! By the way.. how did u come back so early? Did u talk to Geet?’ MSK says..’Talk to Geet? Geet had gone with u?’ Dadi says..’No.. when i left she was at home!’ MSK says..’Then where did she go?’ Dadi suddenly recollects and says…’I forgot..! There was a call from Orphanage.. they had called to invite u n Geet to a function! I had asked Geet to go.. n i had told her that i will inform u.. but what to do.. ur phone was switched off!’ MSK says…’If Geet din go with u.. then whom did she go with?’ Right then.. Dev and Geet enter..!! Both dun notice MSK n Dadi and continue to go in the direction of their respective rooms..!! MSK stares in shock! Geet goes upstairs to her room! MSK looks on!