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Geet Sunday Update 14 June 2020


Geet Sunday Update 14 June 2020

Geet  Update 14 June 2020 Maan Disappears from Mansion:
Maan is AWOL from KM, leaving Geet to wander the hall in Nupur’s clothes from MJHT.  Daadi gives answer to her sawaal.  He’s gone for business to Chandigarh.
Geet’s pretends she forgot that he told her.  But, in the bedroom wonders about his changed swabhav.  The office staff (Pinky, Maanisha, Romeo) comes for a visit and asks about her suhaag raat.  She has flashbak of SR but, gives no jawab.  Pinky n Co. open Geet’s wedding gifts, but get a call from Nissar to also disappear.
All alone in the bhoot bangla bedroom, Geet opens Maan ki wedding gift.  Its a globe with wedding couple in it. Could the Maan be more thrift? Symbolic of their rift, someone calls her name and Gith breaks the gift.

Annie dressed in Rosh’s salwaar from Love Ne Mila Di Jodi cries over Arjun’s changed bartaav .  She thinks what for her was night of her life for him was a mazaak. Tears wash her and Geet’s face.  So there is no need to change or shower the next day
Unwashed Anwesha goes to confront Arjun next day in the same yellow outfit. She asks Arjun to say it is a joke and say their love is is true.  But, Arjun declares his love is fake and  he wants to see her blue.  He declares that she is just a pawn to harm Maan.
Annie cannot handle this asamaan and crashes into a car.  Don’t get excited, she does not die! In the hospital, she lie. She tells Daadi and Bhabhi all is well.  Down the staircase she fell.
In the hospital, Geet learns from her doctor that all with the baby is not well.  That doctor told Maan not consummate because it could cause miscarriage.  This makes Geet realize that Maan is swell though he did not dip into her well!
Geet self thot….everytime i misunderstood u.. .always thot u were wrong… pls. forgive me.. i m really sorry!! Dadi notices Geet and her sad face n asks…n Geet says..all is well n Dadi says..u had gone to get water?? Geet says….sorry culdn find … Dadi says.. ok… was searching u to get Annes discharge papers..rather go n talk to docs..! Geet asks Dadi… have u talked to MSK?? Dadi says..u havent talked?? Geet lies….n says… thot of telling about Anne…n Dadi need ..he will be worried..!! Anne in the hosp gets flashbacks of what Arjun said..!!  Arjun comes to visit Anne…n Anne delighted to see him!!  Arjun says..thot to check if u felt bad ..n Anne says…no i dun feel bad about anything…since  u are here..!! Arjun says…had to come to see what effect my words had on u..Anne!! Anne says…cal me Anwesha..n Arjun says..those days are gone….!! Arjun says..u love me a lot…dun u?? Anne says..even u love me a lot..!! Arjun says…btw isnt MSK hurt to see u in this pain?? Anne bro doesnt know..!! Arjun says..then tell him.. tell him all this happened coz of me..!! Anne he will be tensed… Arjun tell i ruined ur life…i want to see him in pain..!! I can give this news to him myself..but its not fun.. so i want u to tell ur bro on ur own.. that will fulfil my revenge..!! Anne shocked.
Anne says..dun lie.. u love me..n Arjun says..told u before Anne Khurana.. i only used u..!! I will get peace..when i see MSK in pain coz of seeing u in pain…!! Dadi comes..n asks…when did u come..n Arjun fakes that…came to check on Anne..n know how this happened..!! Dadi says…all is ok…she just slipped..! Arjun says…Slipped??Arjun tries to make Anne speak out ..but Anne resists very smartly..!! Wink   Arjun irritated….n Anne stubborn ….!! Tongue Arjun says..hope u follow what i asked u to….n Arjun leaves..

Geet in her room lost in flashbacks of what doc said..n that she had asked MSK to save their kid….in case its life was at stake..! Geet says.. he was trying to save my kid.. fulfil his promise.. and i was doubting him…his rudely i spoke to him..behaved to him..!! Stupid. Geet sees the broken toy….n resolves to fix it..n manages to make it work..n music starts playing..!! Geet says..pls. come back soon… atleast let me apologise..Geet starts to write.. I m sorry….in different paper…pieces but throws it all off…Next morning.. Geet sitting lost in MSKs thots..n rues why he din call..! Anne comes and Dadi Geet ask about Anne n she is not looking good.. all fend for her..!!Someone calls  Dadi……and Geet excited and wants to talk to MSK. (thinking its him).!! Geet asks for phone. n realises its not MSK…..n is embarassed..!! Dadi teasing….!! Dadi says..MSK is returning..n Geet excited..n asks..when …at what time..his flight…n Dadi self thot..if i tell her when MSK is will ruin says..he is coming tomorrow…Geet sad..!!.Dadi looks at Anne..lost in thot and not eating..n asks her to eat..but she and goes in her room.. Geet offers to go to her..n goes and asks Anne whats the matter.
Geet tells Anne..u told me we were sisters…so tell whats the matter? Anne all sad and says..thinking of life.. n that wounds on body heal..but on heart dun mend! Geet says…especially when those words are spoken by the one who loves u..!  Geet asks Anne but why u talking like this….n Anne says a friend in love has been cheated so.. !!   Geet asks Anne not to think n rest!   Geet changes the battery of the watch thinking its slow… LOL she changes the settings of the clock to make time fly..Geet senses MSKs presence..and starts running towards him….and in her delirious state…is running and ends up bumping into nacool holding a arti thali n her dupatta catches fire……n Dadi and Nacool scream.
Geet sees MSK and runs towards him…with dupatta on fire.. MSK shrieks and takes dupatta off and settles the fire….and Maneet hug…and its a close hug…and Geet has her hand on MSKs face…and both smile admist tears.