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Geet Sunday Update 12 July 2020


Geet Sunday Update 12 July 2020

Dev tells Adi.. that till now no news of Maneet n dadi is getting sicker after Geets bro visit…! U better go to Amritsar.. i should hv gone.. but its better u go…!! Adi agrees! MSK asking for Tejjys address n is shown direction..!! Geet sitting by verandah.. lost in thots..! Suddenly wind blows n MSKs pic falls n glass breaks.. Geet is worried..! As Geet touches the pic her finger gets cut n bleeds n Geet has tears in her eyes! Right then MSKs cars tyres gets punctured but he doesnt have spare tyre!  MSK says.. that seems since u got angry on me.. my Luck too has gotten angry on me!! Geet removing Dupattas from terrace! Geet says..why did luck play such a game with me.. i only wanted things to get fine!
 MSK comes to a location walking n sees a guy who is sleeping n wakes him up…. n asks about Tejjys address! Th guy says..its 8 km away ..u have to take lift.. but have to wait.. MSK time!  MSK borrows the guys cycle..! MSK cycling!
Tejjy is back n Beeji calls Geet to talk to her! Lucky n Pammi also come out…n Beeji tells Geet… Tejjy had gone to ur house in Delhi! Geet shocked! Beeji tells Geet..why u hid that there was problems between u n MSK?? Tejjy says…Beeji u should rather say.. MSK forced her to leave…why u din tell Geet? Tejjy says.. now its decided.. u wont return to ur in laws .. ur bro is stil alive.. n even if MSK comes to take u.. we wont let him take u.!! Geet shocked n in tears!  Lucky also agrees n Beeji asks Pammi to take Geet in..!! Tejjy says…now let MSK come.. we will see..!!
Geet sitting in her room all sad as Pammi gives her water! Geet says..i din wanna tell them coz i knew it wuld upset them…!! Pammi says..leave it… come let me take u out.. Geet refuses..!! Pammi says… well do u want badaam kheer?? Geet smiles… Pammi says..oh forgot.. dun have badam..we have to go to market..!! Pammi says..u get ready.. we will go..n leaves!! Geet smiles!
MSK reaches near to Tejjys house n decides to call Geet.. on moby but her moby is switched off..!! He asks a roadside Tea wala.. for water n Tea wala says..go ahead..!! Tea wala says..u not from here right?? MSK says no from Delhi!
MSK asks about Tejjy ..n his family n Tea wala starts to say.. about all in Tejjys family n says.. yesterday a girl also came to their house! MSK eyes lit up!

Geet walking inside Beeji’s house n someone calls out… Some new guy shown (uncle types) Geet stares
Geet tells the new guy.. din recognise me?? The guy holding a novel called Masum Hatyaran (Innocent Killer) says… looks like she is heroine of this novel..n goes to tell Beeji n Beeji says… she is ur bhanji…. the daughter of ur HP cousin!! Pammi comes and says…Geet we need to hurry as we have to return before late evening and cook also!! Beeji nods!
MSK ask  Tea wala. .about Tejjys house location and he gives out description of road to Tejjys house..n MSK stares..!
Pammi chatting with Geet about eating Golgappas at market…n buying stuff…!! Tej calls out n tells Pammi to take care of Geet as she doesnt know the way..!! Tej asks Pammi to take his car..!Tej tels driver to take care of Geet and keep an eye!! MSK on his cycle coming towards Tej’s house sees Geet in car n calls out n follows! Geet feels someone is calling n is lost.. Pammi says…u better rest…! Adi reaches Amritsar n gets call from Dev… Dev asks did u contact Maneet? Adi says..tried a lot.. MSK moby out of reach n Geets is switch off..!! Dev says..when u contact inform me fast..! Adi asks a bystander about Tejender Singh n the guy says… take name wit respect.. Adi bluffs that i know him….! The guy shows Lucky n says..he is his bro.. ask him! Adi gulps n walks tentatively forward!  Lucky tells his friends.. that i wont leave that Delhi wala MSK…!! Lucky says.. time for break m going! Adi thinks he left seeing him to tell Tej..n so tails Lucky!  Lucky spots n rushes inside the house n locks it.. n says…dunno who it was.. if he follows next time.. will break his legs! Adi decides to follow him inside so he can know about Geet!

Adi reaches inside n Lachchi sees him n says..u came to sell Detergents.. then we aint interested!! Adi says.. din come for that… Geet is here?? Lachchi says yes..! She asks who are u.? Adi says.m from Delhi.. i came from MSK side!  Lachchi goes to call Beeji n tells her that MSK’s person has come!! Beeji says.. he din dare to come himself and sent a messenger..! Tejjy comes out as well n says…lets go n see him! Lucky says.. u better rest..i will handle!  Lucky starts bragging about himself to Adi and starts hitting him n chasing him around..!! Tejjy comes n says… stop it! Lucky says..wont spare him!  Adi badly battered n bruised n Beeji stops Lucky n says.. what u doing here?? Adi says..came to see Geet…. n Beeji says..u so worried for her?? well she wont meet anyone.. get lost!! Adi argues….but Tejjy says.. din u understand?? Leave or…n Adi says.. going going..! Tejjy tells Adi.. that tell ur MSK ..if he dare come near this house.. then.. Lucky cuts in n says.. his situation will be worse than u.. now get  lost! Adi leaves! Beeji tells Lucky why did u hit him so much ..fool! Beeji tells all that Geet shouldnt know what happened.. n all agree!
Geet reaches market n Pammi takes her to see around shops… Yashpal the driver is busy chatting with his Lachcho… ! Pammi starts seein Dupattas n Geet says..u look around.. i will come in a few minutes n goes..!! MSK reaches the market.. n looks around holding her pic!! Geet goes to get the glass of the photoframe of MSK pic  repaired!  MSK sees Geet …!
Geet disappears in a blink n MSK rushes to the shop where Geet was standing n asks the guy.. about Geet.. he says din notice n then MSK shows Geets pic n places it next to his own pic… n asks.. guy says no idea!! MSK looks around ….. MSK has his back turned n is walking n Geet passes by inches… both dun see each other..! Right then as Geet is standing next to a shop with different color dupattas.. Pammi calls out… Come Geet…. n takes her hand….MSK hears n turns n rushes to th spot. .but misses Geet!
Pammi chats with Geet that its hot so they will have Lassi and eat something! Pammi meets a friend n starts yapping n Geet diverts to a bangle seller n is seeing bangles when MSK spots her n calls out.. Geet..!! Geet feels something n turns around! Maneet eyelock.. MSK grins.. Geet has tears…. MSK comes forward n comes close to Geet!