Geet Saturday Update 4 July 2020


Geet Saturday Update 4 July 2020

4th July 2020 on Geet Update: MSK is calling Geet…..Geet looks at her cell n finally picks up..!! MSK asks..where is my tiffin?? Geet says..Dadi must have sent..!! MSK says…. I called home no one knows… what to do now.. should i eat from hotel.. Geet says..lemme check n tell.. MSK grins

Geet sees the box n its lying on the table..n decides to give to MSK herself n comes to office..!! MSK says…do one thing…give me the file…..n MSK continues working..!! Geet MSK says..later..m working..!! Adi comes in ….n says…orphanage lady has come for donation..!! Adi smiles seeing Geet…!! Geet tells MSK u eat m going.. MSK says..stay for a while then we can eat together..!!
Nitya tells Arjun why u needed to mess with that guy ..if anything happened?? Arjun says..nothing will happen..!! Nity says..u have my promise..u wont talk to that guy after today..Arjun says..m fine..u go check on the files.!! Anne overhears…n  Anne gets a message frm sangram to take her out for coffee.

Maneet return n Dadi says..go fresh up then we can eat… !! Geet says…i will eat in the room n leaves..!! Dadi asks what happened?? MSK says..she was fine in office..dunno wat happened!! Dadi sends MSK after Geet…!! MSK sees Geet sitting by the baby cradle…n is crying..!! MSK self thot.. this room wil keep reminding Geet of baby…..have to do something!! Its next day morning n Geet is standing by babys room n seeing all the toys n is lost..!! Dadi calls out…n says..u havent gotten ready?? Geet confused…. n Dadi says..u dunno where to go?? Geet idea!! Dadi says…apointment wit Doc.. Geet refuses…n Dadi way..u have to come… get ready n come..!!   MSK overhears..!!
Anne/Nitya/Romeo/Manisha in Arjuns cabin ….n are worried.. Arjun comes n asks what happened?? Manisha says..Don had invited Anne for cofee she din go…. !! Peon comes to say.. Don type persons have come outside..!! All worried… Arjun says..i will go n settle this… Anne stops him..!! Anne says..i will handle.. Arjun way with me here…!! Anne tells Arjun ..u have my promise..n Arjun stops..!!
MSK comes in baby room and flashbacks of convo with Geet about baby room/ color  n Geet in hosp..asking for her baby..!! MSK self thot.. if i dun draw Geet out of this memory.. she will go far away..i have to bring her back… n for that i have to remove..all that reminds Geet of baby so today i will remove this room from Geets life..!! MSK breaksdown seeing baby punching bag.. cradle..!! MSK looks at the toy baby n says..m sorry… i dun want to do this..but to make ur mom smile ..i have to do..!! Servant comes and asks..u called.. MSK says.. pack up all the stuff of this room n put in store room n finish in one hour..!! MSK looks on sadly..
Dev comes n asks Nacool …wheres Dadi.. Nacool says… she has gone to Doc with Geet..!! Dev asks..whats the matter?? Nacool says.. MSK asked to clean up baby room within 1 hr..!! Dev says..bro is doing wrong..this will spoil things..
The goon are taking out some coffee house stuff…. n Anne says..what is it?? The goons say.. Sangram said to make this coffee shop so… Anne says why?? Sangram comes n we can have coffee right here.. Anne stares….. !  Sangram says..i had invited. ..u din come.. thot u mite be we can have coffee here…n ur work wont stop..!! Anne says.. Sangram.. can u send ur folks out for a min?? He agrees n sends out..! Anne says i know why u doing this.. Sangram says.. u do?? Anne says.. but ur wasting ur efforts… what u want cant be…..Sangram says..why?? Anne says..i like someone else.. luv someone else…… Arjun overhears….. !! Sangram looks annoyed
Nacool n another servant is taking the baby stuff out..n Dev comes n tells MSK..that dun do this.. till now her anger is limited to silence..if u do this..she will be furious..!! MSK tells Dev …dare u advise me about Geet again…. i let u stay in this house..n have not given u the right to interfere in my life..!! Dev tries to explain.. MSK shuts him down..!! … Dev leaves…..n Servants look shocked …MSK glares n servants leave

MSK turns to leave n sees Dadi n Dev are standing  n Dev says..i feared this only..that Geet mite get angry on u..!! MSK says..told u before dare u talk about Geet to me… she loves me..n she has rite to be upset wit me..!! she is hurt wit me..i know how to appease her..i dun need ur opinion..understand? Dadi tells Dev ..dun take MSKs words to heart…. Dev says no way.. he is my big bro..n situation is such..!! Further its my mistake ..i shouldnt have said anything… but maybe he is not understanding that i dun wish to interfere….!! All i want is Maneet happiness…

Nitya standing in the canteen of the office n wonders why Arjun called me here..n Sangram i was rite..that if Arjun calls u will come running..!! Nitya annoyed n turns to leave n Sangram says..listen its for our common good… i know u like Arjun n i like Anne..!! I know u doubt .. Nitya says..about Anne-Arjun?? Sangram says…want to extend hand of friendship so u get Arjun n i get Anne..!!

Its nite n MSK comes to his room n sees Geet sitting in tears n hurt..!  As MSK comes forward.. Geet gets up n goes to adjacent room n about to close door when MSK says..u angry..then shout on me.. but i m doing this for u…!! I cant see u tearing up on baby memory.. all the time! I know our baby means the world to u..but truth is ..he is no more.. amidst us…. !! Geet u remember baby its fine.. but i m worried that u have made baby memory ur pain… n seeing ur pain..i tried to take baby memory out of th room not our life! Pls. understand me..! Geet says..that baby was my life.. MSK says..but our baby isnt in this world…!! Geet says..dun wanna talk on this..!! Geet turns n sees MSK holding toy baby n holding ear to say sorry!! Geet comes n lies on bed… on other side..!!  MSK looks on sadly!
Its morning n Geet gets up n turns n sees  MSK is not there..!! Geet asks Nacool wheres MSK… Nacool office..! Geet early?? Suddenly Geet notices a note is kept under  baby toy..!! Geet reading a note from MSK which reads… I m sorry Geet.. please forgive me..if i knew that removing those stuff will hurt u ..i wont have done was a mistake..forgive me..!! Geet smiles amidst tears..Geet says.. i m not angry.. just disappointed that u wuld take away my babys memory like this..!  Geet clings on to toy baby!
Nitya lost in thots of sangrams offer..! Nitya wonders that ..Arjun always cared for me.. done so much.. if he doesnt feel anything then he wont have done so much!! But need to hear from Arjuns mouth..!! Romeo comes and says..hi to nitya..!! Nitya says.. if someone cant express their feelings what wuld u do?? Romeo says.. say i luv u ..!! Romeo thinks Nitya to tell to him
MSK discussing work on site n suddenly recollects Geets reactions to him removing the baby stuff.. Geet being angry on him!! MSK self thot… have never seen Geet so upset with me.. how to tell her to move ahead in our life… in that future life which will have me..her n our baby..!! yes ..our baby.. Geet n mine baby! MSK decides to call Geet n then stops n says..will give her surprise