Geet Saturday Update 13 June 2020


Geet Saturday Update 13 June 2020

Starlife Geet  Update 13 June 2020: Geet is ready for muhdhikhai. Daadi tells geet she has ordered snakes and if some one asks, tell you have made it.  Geet asks her if that is the case  she could have made it in real. 
Daadi replies I do not wanna bug my daughter, guests will be here for couple of hrs only.  Geet replies she is too nice, daadi playfully tells her not to butter up.  ( good to see nice in law for a change)

Guests praise geet’s beauty.  Daadi gives dhoodho nahoo phaloo phoolo blessings to geet and gift. NE walks in asking geet to show the face, daadi orders to brong gift, NE has already brought with her.  Geet likes it and NE is relieved.  She questions geet, tell me how does it feel when you get your love in life.  Geet says yes it’s very good, to have as life partner who loves you so much, but you do not worry you will find some one who very much loves you and will make you happy.  NE self thought  I have already found my love 

Guests almost recognize the snakes brand.  Daadi brushes up saying forget about the shop, my DIL makes way too better than it and winks to geet.  NE understands too   MSK comes in, maneet eyelock.  Lalita aunty lovingly says to MK, you have forgotten us the day you grown up, he replies not like that how can I forget you   MSK greets to leave.  I felt geet’s expresiion there was why is he going yeh toh vishwamitra se bhi ek kadam aage hai. 


Geet comes to her room, to find out MSK has gone to sleep.  He actually is pretending to be in sleep.  She changes and lie down on the bed.  Maneet steal glances each other. 

MSK sees she is sleeping and switched off the lights.  Geet wakes up questioning him about lights and tells him she is scared of dark.  MSK tells her how does it matter when eyes are closed, geet gives same answer to him.  Finally he gives up and turns on night light ( It reminded me the out house fight, guess one more loop closed)  Geet nicely tells him that his room and lights very nice, he asks her to sleep, she replies you sleep am not sleep and get off the bed, sits on lappy, then starts dancing   MSK watches her.  She is about to fall, he catches her in time. Maneet eylock, hormones running wild, about to kiss and MSK gets SR flashback, bact to his not gonna touch mode, tells geet it’s 12 am I need to go work, let’s sleep.  Geet is disappointed but go to bed and has fallen a sleep.  MSK stares at her, goes close to her, again flashback so backs off, geet holds his hand in sleep,  MSK is afraid that he can not stay away from her, so goes to sleep on the sofa   He puts alarm to get up before geet  and he can go back to bed before she wakes up 

MSK ka plan flops,Big smile geet gets up before him, sees him sleeping on sofa, alarm goes off, she catches him red handed.   She direct gets to the point and questions him why are you sleeping on the sofa.  He first fumbles for the words but later comes up with the excuse,  that I could not sleep on the bed, as lights were on,D'oh and there was less light on sofa.   She buys that but asks him you could have told me, but he replies well you were in sleep and I did not feel like to wake you up.  Geet again buys it.  He tells her I will go get ready, you take care of breakfast and today makes it better.  

NE is trying jewelery on her, she is about to try mangal sutra  daadi catches her and asks what os she doing??? NE lost for the words, Daadi says  you are in hurry to get married, MSK needs to know    NE replies she was trying  jewelery only, do not tell MK.  Daadi agrees but says we need to get you marry soon.Shocked

Geet goes in washroom, but leaves towel deliberately out side, wet her hair, calls MSK to give the towel, he gives, she pulls him in and pins against the wall  MSK is mesmerized, asks her what naughtiness is this??? She replies if I do not do with you then with whom?? Neighbors??  MSK is speechless, she further adds, I am seeing your drama since yesterday, every time, you run away,  he somehow control himself and asks her to let go, he is getting late , she says let me see how you run away now.  NE comes in the room calls geet, she replies I am in wash room and challenges MSK now show me how you go out??? 

Geet has MSK pinned on the wall..!! Anne in Maneets room and says..’Wheres your make up kit? I want the eyeliner…!!’  Geet says…..’Its on the dressing table.. Take it!’ Anne takes and leaves..!! Maneet eyelock..!!  Geet lifts her left hand to touch MSKs side face and then slowly moves her hand to his lips….!! MSK closes his eyes and is lost in the touch…!! Geet looks at MSK…as she continues to touch his lips..!…… Maneet come close for an almost kiss..but alas…Dadi comes n calls out for MSK !! Maneet break from the trance and MSK answers …’Yes Dadi.. i am in the washroom..!!’ Dadi says..’Your clients have come and are waiting for you in the hall!!’  MSK says…’Tell them to go to office.. i will meet them there only!!’  Dadi says..’Ok’ and wonders.. ‘If he had to meet them at office..then why did he call them here? Uff.. what to do with todays kids..!!’  

Dadi turns to leave and bumps into Anne… !! Anne says..’What happened Dadi?’  Dadi says…’Nothing.. just your brother.. by the way what are you doing here?’  Anne says…’Came to return the eyeliner to Geet..!!’ Dadi says..’But Geet isnt here..!!’  Anne says..’Yes i know..she is in the washroom..!!’  Dadi says..’No no.. Maan is in the washroom..’  Both argue on who is in the washroom before realising that Maneet are both in the washroom..!! Both steal a smile n a wink..!! Anne calls out  ‘Geet..’ and Dadi calls out.. ‘Maan..’ and  Geet and Maan speak out respectively and realise that they are caught..!! Dadi says..’U both dont need to be scared.. we wont tell anyone that you are in the bathroom..!!’  Anne-Dadi share a smile..!!

Maneet glance and each other..and then MSK leaves from there!! MSK is in office n is lost in thoughts of what had happened…!! MSK looks at Geet’s photo and says…’I am sorry Geet..!! I know how much this distance is troubling u..but its my compulsion that i cant come near u..n neither can i tell u… ! Geet as much as ur desperate.. i m more desperate.. but just for u i will bear this thirst…..this desire..! I have to stay away from u..its important..!!’
Geet decides to talk to Dadi about MSK…!! As she enters Dadis room she sees Dadi watching something..on TV. and asks..’What are you watching?’ Dadi says..’Just a minute Geet …its a very interesting part..!!’  Geet too joins in with Dadi to watch a show on TV.. where a Daughter in law is discussing ‘hubby related problems’ with her mother in law and says..’Mom..i dont know what has happened to him? He doesnt even eat properly..!! If i ask him anything..he doesnt answer me properly! And you know…we dont even sleep together..!!’  (Geet looks down ..contemplating) The daughter in law continues…’If i am sleeping on the bed… he goes and sleeps on the sofa Mom!’ The mother in law says…’This is what i had feared..!! This means ..he doesnt love you..!!’ Geet shocked to hear that..!!  The mother in law continues…’When a husband tries to run away from his wife… tries to ignore her..then understand that the love has ended in his heart..!!’  Geet self thot…’After just one day of the wedding …MSKs behaviour has become weird..!! That means Maan doesnt love me? Yes…thats it… people also say that after wedding…love ends..!! Has Maans love for me ended?? What should i do….Oh Babaji… has Maans love really ended for me??’  Dadi turns and looks at Geet and asks…’Whats the matter Geet? What were u saying?’  Geet lost in thots..! Dadi calls out again….. Geet says..’Nothing… Nothing important.. You carry on watching the TV..!!’   Geet self thot…’Today i will find out  at all costs…why Maan is trying to go away from me.
Anne in Arjuns office n sees it decorated beautifully n thinks its for her..n enters his cabin n sees him with some other girl… Anne shocked..!! Arjun says..while feeding a piece of cake to that girl……..’Happy Birthday Priya’ n takes out the ring and shows to that girl and says…’This is a special gift from my side to you!!’ Anne comes inside the cabin and asks..’So u bought this ring for her??’ Arjun and the girl look startled at Anne..!! Anne says….’ What u doing?? Who is this?’ Arjun says…’What are u doing here??’ n Anne says..’Why wrong timing?? Tell me Arjun… Who is this?? Have u bought this ring for her??’ Arjun says ‘Anwesha….this is my special friend Priya..n why should u have a problem if i meet my friends??’ Anne says…’Why would i have any problem..! You do anything…i dont have any problem..!! Just tell me one thing.. Why are u avoiding me?? Why are you not receiving my calls…not replying to my messages?? Yesterday your peon also lied to me…….that you had gone out of city…! I am sure he had lied on your prodding only..!! Why are u doing this??’ Arjun says… ‘Listen ..its my friends birthday n i dun wanna ruin it.. so we will debate this later…!’ Arjun leaves..!!  Anne hurt and crying..!!

MSK sitting on  the couch in drawing room…and wonders ..’Yesterday made an excuse of lights…What about today? How to keep her away from myself..!! And on top of this.. have to torture self…!!’ Dadi comes and sees MSK on the couch and says..’What are u doing here? Go inside.. Geet  is waiting for you!!’ MSK says…’Dadi.. actually i m going inside only…Its just that i had overeaten so relaxing here for a while..!!’ Dadi says…’Ok.. Good nite’ and leaves..!! MSK wonders ‘What to do? How to keep Geet away from self?’.MSK comes inside the room n sits next to Geet on the bed and starts reading a magazine..!! Geet says..’Do u want milk before sleeping ??’ n MSK says..’No’..!! Geet says ‘Ok’ and after a while is staring at MSK n MSK notices and says..’Why u staring??’ n Geet says..’Waiting for u to finish ur study n come to bed’ MSK says..’It will take u  better sleep!’ Geet  extends her feet and touches MSKs feet  n MSK removes his feet !! Geet glares… but then tries again n then touches his ears with her hand n MSK holds Geets hand and says…’Its important for me to read the magazine…so you better sleep !!’  Geet hands over her magazine to MSK and says…’Read this as well’ and sleeps n MSK quietly gets up and goes n sleeps on the sofa..!! Geet gets up and comes near MSK !!
MSK hears the sound of Geet’s payal and gets up with a startle n is shocked to see Geet…!! MSK says ‘Geet ..u havent slept yet?’  Geet says ‘U r behaving in strange ways.. how can i get sleep? Today you have to answer me…Why are u trying to go away from me? Answer me!!’ MSK looks away! Geet says….’Ever since the wedding…u have changed!’ MSK gets up…  Geet says  ‘Atleast even i should know..what i did wrong..?’   MSK says.. ‘No Geet..ur misunderstanding me!’  Geet says… ‘Put ur hand on ur heart and answer truthfully …that are you not trying to go away from me? Take the promise!’  MSK silent …. Geet says…’Is this the truth? If you know this is the truth..then why are u lying? Tell me ..that you want to stay away from me..!’  MSK looks at Geet…shocked..!! Geet says…’This is what you want right? Ok… from today.. you wont see me near you! You do as you please! Go wherever you wish to… Sleep wherever you want to!’ MSK looks down…!! Geet continues… ‘You showed me so many dreams… Gave me so many hopes..! I had thot that after the wedding.. i shall stay with you every minute..!! You only used to find excuses to come near me! You only used to try to find reasons to sit near me..! But now that we are married.. you are trying to find excuses to stay away from me?’  MSK says…’I am sorry Geet..! I know.. how upset you must be with this thing.. but trust me.. Geet.. even i am not happy..!! I cant even explain to you.. how much pain i m feeling..!!’  Geet says…’If you can understand my pain…. if you yourself are so much in pain..then what is it that is forcing you …Maan?  Tell me Maan! The truth is that …you dont love me anymore..!!’  MSK looks at Geet….shocked!!
Geet says..’Which hubby leaves his wife on the first nite… which hubby tries to find excuses to stay away from his wife every nite..?? And still there is no effect on him..?? Tell me there any reason?? Tell me there any lie left to say??’  …MSK gets flashes of tummy…n is agitated n says…..  ‘U want answer na.. well…i have answer !! Yes.. i feel happy to trouble u!  I feel happy to see ur tears..!! Happy?? This is the answer u wanted right?? Got it?? U content now??’  Geet shocked and in tears..!! MSK says to Geet… ‘I gave u so much respect… Made u the daughter in law of the Khurana Family…!! Gave u a life of luxury and comfort..!! Is this less?? I dont want to answer ur question..!! If u dont like my behaviour..its ur problem..!! Maan Singh Khurana is like this only.. understand..!!’ Geet looks down..hurt and is in tears..!! MSK sees the pain in Geets eyes and is pained….but stays quiet.. !! MSK leaves from there..!! Geet breaks down..!