Geet Monday Update 22 June 2020


Geet Monday Update 22 June 2020

Monday Update 22 June 2020 on Geet: Maan comes n Geet looks at him worried…Geet tells ..MSK not to be so angry n MSK says.. u forgetting what Dev did to u n us… n turns..

Geet Sunday Update 21 June 2020

Geet gives a kiss on the cheek Embarrassed MSK sets Geets hair n pats her face n says…pack..we are going..!! Dev in his cabin..packing his stuff..n Staff ask where he is going n Dev says…its important so… n asks Staff to take good care of Maneet…! Maneet walking on the road…n Geet wonders that his anger isnt less so asks him why going by road n not flight..n MSK ticket. .so! Anne talking to Pinky and staff about arrangements being ok at Khanna’s place..!! Pinky says..all well but caterers not supplying food! Anne says..why n staff says..Arjun changed caterers..n Anne says..where is he..he aint here! A designer comes with some new designs… n Anne rejects all….n says..make new ones…n come..!!Designer says..not possible…. n Anne says….whatever..get new!! Manisha says…design aint that bad.. n Anne says i know..but need to teach a lesson to Arjun..!! Romeo n all try to counsel Anne at not ruining Arjuns work …n Anne says…he doesnt listen so..!! Anne-Arjun tussle about caterers.. n Anne says..u changed Caterers for profit..i changed designs for Quality n leaves off!! Romeo says…if these two keep bickering wedding wil b ruined..n all think about doing  something.

Maneet driving n Geet silent n MSK wonders what to do to make Geet happy..n MSK spots the golgappa wala….that they stopped at while coming to Shimla…n Geet says..why stop n MSK  n Geet says..u will eat Golgappa n from the guy whose wife was preggers?? MSK says…yes..the one who became mom already…n Geet says..if u had ur way u wuld make delivery in 9 days…LOL The golgappa walla welcomes Maneet n offers golgappa..n Geet says u sure MSK n he says yes n Geet says..we will eat from one plate.. n as golgappa wala gives.. Geet eats all n finally MSK manages to eat one..LOL n Geet u want me to make something for u n says..papdi chat n MSK coufs…LOL Geet says..Papdi chat… n makes for MSK n he eats n says.. ‘Superb’ Geet delighted!! MSK offers money to the golgappa wala !! All smile!!
Anne wonders where Manav has disappeared..n that somethings Amiss…n Romeo.. Manisha also says..yes something is wrong…. suddenly he is missing..!! Anne decides to call Manav n decides to call Mrs. Khanna…. n gets to know that no one knows where he is..! Everyone confused!

MSK putting water in radiator…n Geet keeps asking questions…why car run on petrol then why put water….n MSK irritated..n says…keep quiet lemme do!! Geet says..u r so intelligent n MSK says..everyone who drives knows…! Geet says..i drove tractor but dunno ..n gets into driver seat..n MSK says..what are u doing… i cant risk baby n ur life….so come.. n Geet is adamant n says..i wont get up…till u teach n MSK says..ok for two mins n agrees to teach..!
Anne gets a message from Manav wherein he says..i m sorry to go but ur bro is chasing n Anne wonders…bhai doesnt know him then?? Arjun comes to inform about caterers n Anne shows Manavs message to Arjun…n says…he thot Babu bhai to be Maan bhai n ran off….n Arjun says maybe.. !! Anne says..who can he have such misunderstanding n Arjun idea n Anne self thot… its ur doing..i know u..! Arjun says..why wuld i do..n Anne says..coz u love me just say it once..n i liked what u did..!! Arjun walks off with a huff..
Anne comes to Arjun n says..why running away ..from truth that u love me..n so u scared Manav away n Arjun says no..!! Anne says..who many lies will u say…?? Arjun says..dun u get in one word…i  dun love u…! Anne says…what do u think.. by saying intensely u will scare me off.. i know ur a nice guy….. i know i mean to u n ur life a lot..!! Arjun says..thats it.. i dun love it..!! Anne to believe u.. ur eyes say something else… how to forget that when Manav was near me..u used to get worked up..!! Arjun says..all this is ur imagination….n Anne says..then when Manav put the ring on why u left.. Arjun says..i had work….. n Anne says..why ur doing this to me? Arjun says..ask ur bro!
Geet driving n MSK instructing…n Maneet busy driving n dun see the truck approaching!! The truck driver blows horn n when the truck is quite near.. MSK sees n screams… Geet truck n Geet leaves the steering…n MSK steers the car on the side ! Car… loses control n bangs into a tree… Geet shown screaming Maan…n sound of glass breaking…n MSK shown with blood on his forehead n falls out of the front glass of the car…
MSK on stretcher and is being rushed inside the hospital… !! Geet by his side n is in tears..!! A Doc comes and checks MSK and says… ‘Take him to the OT immediately…and Sister u inform Doc Sadhna and Doc Joseph!’ MSK rushed inside the room and his hand loses grip of Geet’s hand! Nurse closes the door to the hospital room and Geet peeks in thru the glass door…!! Inside the room.. Docs are checking Maan and a Doc says… ‘Sister prepare for Adrenalin Shot.. patients heartbeat and pulse is sinking! And sister prepare the OT ..we have to go for immediate operation!’ Geet shocked…! OT light on…and Docs are operating on MSK! A sister comes out from the OT and Geet asks ….’Sister ..’ and Sister replies..’We are trying our best… and we cant do anything more than this!’ and the sister leaves.. Geet worried!  Docs continue operating on Maan…. n Geet keeps peeking in…! Geet crying and walks outside the OT.. lost in flashbacks of how she was stubborn and forced Maan to teach her how to drive.. n how Maan tried to dissuade her saying.. he culdn risk baby or her life..!! Geet self thot..’He had told also.. but i din listen to him! Due to my foolishness this accident happened!’ Geet says..’I m sorry Maan.. i m really sorry! Please forgive me! i m sorry!’ Geet breaks down n gets flashbacks of how Maneet met with the accident!  Geet gets up with a start and turns n looks at Docs operating Maan
Female Doc comes out n tells Geet..’Listen…dun lose hope.. i wuld suggest u call someone from ur house! There is a phone at the reception…u better call up ur family members !’ Geet asks…’Maan will be alright…. right?’ and Doc says..’Yes…have faith!’  Geet comes to the reception and calls up at the mansion..! The phone rings for a while before Dadi comes and picks up the phone! Dadi says..’Hello’ … Geet says..’Dadi ma..’ n is teary voiced! Dadi startled and asks..’Geet why are u crying?’ Geet says ‘Dadima ….Maan’  and Dadi says…’Maan .. where is Maan..n what happened to him?’ Geet says ‘Maan has met with an accident..’   Dadi shocked and says ‘Yes.. yes..tell me..’ and Geet says ‘Dadima… Dadima’ and the line gets disconnected! Dadi keeps saying..’Hello’ on the phone! Geet keeps the phone down! The door to the OT opens and the Doc comes out….!Geet rushes to speak to him n asks him..’ is Maan now? He is out of danger?’..! Doc says.. ‘Madam..its not possible to say anything right now! The injuries are very deep and he has lost a lot of blood! U pray to Almighty … we are trying our level best to ensure that nothing happens to him!’ Geet says..’But’ and a nurse comes out to tell the Doc that.. the patient is sinking! Doc rushes back in! Geet watches on.
Anne walking around in her cabin n flashbacks of Arjun telling her.. ‘I dont love u..!’ Anne self thot ….’Maybe this is the test of my love…! How muchever Arjun becomes rude to me..irrespective of how he behaves with me.. i will change him!! Coz he has love for me.. that i know! In order to get that love..if i have to suffer..then ok..i will tolerate!’ Anne’s cell rings … and its Dadima! Dadi says..’Anne where are u?’ Anne says..’At office..but why do u sound so tensed?’ Dadi says.. ‘Maan has met with an accident..! (Anne shocked) Geet had say that Maan has met with an accident..!! But after that.. the phone got disconnected! I have no idea.. what is happening!’ Anne says…’Dadi please take care of urself.. i m coming rightaway!’ Anne turns to leave and Arjun comes and sees her in tears and asks…’What happened Anwesha?’ Anne says..’Maan bhai has met with an accident!’ Anne runs from there.

Geet standing outside the OT …sees a pic of ‘Guru Nanak ji’ and prays with folded hands! She says..’Babaji..please forgive me.. !Dun punish Maan for my mistakes..! I promise to u …that after today..i wont ever be stubborn!! Would never repeat my foolishness..!! But..please save Maan!I m completely alone here…!  There is no body to help me! U r my only hope! Babaji!’ At Khurana Mansion..Anne Pinky .. Adi.. Romeo Manisha. are with Dadi..!! Anne asks Dadi..’U din ask Geet in which hospital she is?’ Dadi says..’That is what i m saying..that before i culd ask Geet.. the phone got disconnected.! I tried several times to reach but the phone is still disconnected!’ Anne says..’Right now ..none of my friends are there in we could call them and ask their help!’ Dadi says…’Thats the problem.. we dont even know if they are in Shimla or somewhere else! I dunno what is happening..i m unable to understand a thing
Geet asks a stranger for his cell to call her family to inform that her hubby has met with an accident! The stranger gives his cell..! Geet thanks him n calls Dadi ..! Dadi receives the phone .. Geet says..’Dadima ‘ n Geet says..’First tell me where are u..n how did the accident happen?’ Geet says…’We were returning from Shimla.. when the accident happened on the highway!’ Dadi says..’Dun worry..we are coming to Shimla rightaway! First tell us where are u?’ Geet says..’At LifeCare Medical Centre and its near Shimla!’ Dadi says..’Ok.. dun worry …we are rushing there..!’ Dadi keeps the call and tells Anne that they need to go to Shimla..! Anne says..’I will do the packing..!’ Adi says ‘This place looks like near to Chandigadh..I will get the booking for the next flight done.
Doc comes out of the OT and tells Geet that..’There is a complication..!’ Geet asks..’What is it Doc?’ Doc says…’Well ..patient has lost a lot of blood n his injuries are very deep! We need to operate him immediately! For the operation we need to transfuse blood! For that we need blood urgently!’ Geet says..’But doc..there must be blood banks in ur hospital?’ Doc says..’Yes..but his blood group is very rare..We do not have a single unit of that blood group! His blood group is AB-ve ! Donors with such blood groups are difficult to locate! So u have to arrange for the blood!’ Geet says..’But from where will i get so much of blood? Who will help me? Whom should i go to?’ Doc says…’Talk to ur relatives and friends! And if still nothing works out.. then ask the people near u! We are short on time!  So please..make quick arrangements!’  At the mansion Dadi says..’What has my son done..that ur giving him such a big punishment?’ Adi comes running to Dadi and says…’For Chandigarh there are only two flights but there are no seats available!’ Dadi says..’What will we do now? How will we reach there?’ Adi says…’Dun worry.. we will drive n reach!’ Arjun comes.. Everyone startled to see him! Arjun says…’Dun worry Dadi.. i have arranged for a Chartered Plane! But Dadi we need to leave within 15 mins!’  Dadi gets up and Thanks Arjun..!! Anne too follows suite! Dadi says..’Let me call up and inform Geet..that we are reaching there..! Poor girl..must be very scared.
Geet running around in the alley of Lifecare and is seeking help from strangers and asking them about their blood group! Everyone says….’Sorry ..our blood group is different..!’ No ones blood group is matching with Maan! Geet keeps begging every passerby…but to no avail! Geet breaks down.. n says amidst tears…’No one is helping me!’ The hosp phone rings…n Geet runs and picks it up.! Its Dadi who says…’Geet..we shall reach there in next 2-3 hours! How is Maan? What are the Doc saying?’ Geet says….’Dadi ma…Maan has lost a lot of blood..n Doc is saying that we have to arrange for more blood..! I have asked everyone around me here..but no ones blood group matches with Maan..!! There is no blood in the hosp. blood bank also! What do.i do….?? I m not able to understand…!’ Dadi says… ‘i know AB-ve.. is a very rare group!But u dun worry.. we will try to make some arrangement here..and u too dun give up and keep trying..! Keep faith in God..! Dun lose courage…..we are coming!’ Geet says..’Come soon Dadi’
Dadi tells.. Arjun… Anne.. and all that..’Maan needs blood! His blood group is AB -ve which is very rare..! If u know.. anyone or u can call up ur friends.. then call them here fast..! Anne u used to study in Shimla right? Ask ur friends..if anyone has AB -ve blood group..then ask them to rush to the hospital quickly!’ Geet continues asking people !in the hospital alley! Adi/ Pinky/ Manisha/ Arjun all on the phone..calling up people and asking for help! Geet finally finds one person…who agrees to give blood…! Geet brings the person to a nurse ..who goes to check the blood group! Geet waits outside…and keeps praying! The nurse comes out after testing the blood group and says..’Sorry mam.. the persons blood group does not match!’ A sister comes running to Geet and says..’Mrs. Khurana …have u been able to arrange for blood?’ Geet crying n shakes her head indicating..a .. No! Geet breaks down! Dadi is searching thru old Family Medical Papers and Adi comes n says..’Dadi ma.. there is no AB -ve blood available in any blood bank here..! Even called up the blood banks of Shimla and Chandigadh and there also no AB -ve blood is available! I will make arrangements for starting for Chandigadh!’ Dadi sad! Dadi takes out a paper from those old files and stares at it! Geet sitting in a state of dejection n shock n keeps getting flashbacks of moments with MSK..the wedding..their close moments…eating corn !! Fighting with haysticks and eating golgappas… n then the accident…!! 
Doc comes n says…’Mrs. Khurana ..we have to immediately start the operation!’ Geet still in a daze.. Doc calls out again..! Geet says..’There is no one..who can give blood to Maan!’ Doc says..’Then Madam… u have one last option…better take him to Chandigadh. ..but dunno if he will be able to survive the journey or not! U understand what i mean?’ Geet nods her head.. Doc pats her on the shoulder n says..’Be quick!’ Doc leaves.
Dadi asks Anne to stay back at the mansion and says..’I will call u up after reaching there! U keep trying for blood !’ Anne nods…!Geet calls Dadi and says…’Dadima..i cant do anything.. ! U do something .. save Maan!’  A tearful Dadi says…’We are trying.. we called all the blood banks ..but we couldnt find blood anywhere..! I thot a lot… and there is one person..whose blood matches Maan’s….!’ Geet hears on… Dadi says..’Dev’ .. Geet shocked.. Dadi says..’Dev and Maan’s blood group is the same!’ Geet drops the phone receiver..n is lost in trance..n says..’Dev?’