Geet Monday Update 20 July 2020


Geet Monday Update 20 July 2020

Nandini is searching her books and throwing off all stuff on the bed..!! Pammi says..what r u doing?? Nandini says..searching the book where i kept money..! Nandini gets flashback of her journey with Dev…!! Pammi says.din find it.. so forget it… tell me.. did u see Geet..she is so sad.. always thots..!! Nandini says… yeah..dunno what has happened to her..!! Pammi says.. Geet misses her Maan…! Nandini says..cut it… let Geet forget Maan…its better.. u have no idea how he is..!! Pammi u know.. As Nandini is about to tell.. Lachchi calls out for Nandini as she got stuff .. which Nandini asked..! Pammi comes to Geet and forcibly takes her downstairs..! Lucky Beeji.. all gather to watch Beeji’s bday video..!! Geet smiles… All are njoying..!! Nandini says..arrangements are great.. Lucky says..i did it..!! Lachchi says..u got it..we fixed it.. Beeji says..quiet! Lucky spots Balwant..n says.. Look Balwant.. Geet looks up with a start..

Lucky says..he danced really well.. Pammi says.he danced on Beejis bday.. ? Lucky says..yes.. he came to search for job n i took him n made him dance..!! Pammi asks..did u find Balwant?? Lucky says nope! The CD gets stuck at MSK’s image..!! Lucky tries hard to start it… but it doesnt..! Lucky says..need to call repairer..!! Geet lost in thots of her words of giving 1 day deadline to MSK… !! Geet says..m going in my room n leaves from there..! Nandini coaxes Beeji ..that dun worry… hope soon all will be ok…this storm too shall pass off!! Beeji says…When Geet was a kid..she used to crack us all up.. n look at Geet now.. she looks so sad..!! I only pray to God that Geet be the way she was earlier..!! Nandini says… Babaji willing all will be well.. u relax..i will get milk for u.. n then i m going to market..! Lachchi gets the milk.. but ends up spilling it n also spoils Beejis specs..! Beeji asks.. Nandini to get it fixed! Nandini spots Dev in the market.. n decides to tail him..thinking he is Maan…! She sees MSK go inside.. Ambersingh Palace..!! Nandini goes back home n comes running to Tejjy n tells all to Tejjy and Beeji!

Tejjy decides to teach MSK a lesson .. Beeji careful.. Geet mite not like it… Tejjy says..Geet wont know…i will handle this..!! Dev comes n argues with Manager about lunch…n MAnager says…lunchtime gone…so not possible! Dev grumbles! Dev is walking in the alley..n Tejjy comes.. they miss each other..!! Tejjy asks. Manager to check.. the name MSK…n Manager.. such name..guy in our hotel…!! Tejjy describes the guys physicality..n Manager says.. this type guy does stay here..but not under the name MSK..!! Tejjy says..this MSK guy is such a fake..well call that guy…!! Manager says..u missed him by a few seconds..!!

Nandini is worried ..for Tejjy n he comes..!! She asks about MSK… Tejjy says… well i din meet him..! Nandini says.. he escaped again?? Tejjy says..this MSK is not the rite guy..he is staying in hotel with fake name!! Beeji asks Tejjy to calm down n asks Pammi to get Lassi …!! Beeji tells Tejjy ..calm down.. someday we will find him… he is in amritsar.. so we will surely find him! Dun worry!! Geet self thot.. what is happening.. i sent him i can forget him.. but here everyone is talking of him.. reminding me of him… !! Maan why r u troubling me..go away from my thots..!Geet chides herself saying..til u remember him. .he wont go from ur thots.. Babaji show me a way! Geet spots the letter n thinks MSK mite have left it for her! Geet self that means.. .last nite. .before going he came to my room! Right then Lachchi comes n asks Geet if she will have Lassi.. Geet hides the letter n ! Lachchi goes..!! Geet looks at the letter. Geet is running in the alley…n falls on her knees n starts to take out the letter from the cover!MSK is in white seethru shirt n comes near her..n sits right next to her! MSK brings his face close to Geets..their the same level…as Geet reads the letter..n MSK watches her n then places his cheek right next to her.. touching her cheek!! MSK reads…the letter saying..this letter is neither to seek frogiveness or take u back.. .its to much i luv u.. .that ur my life Geet..Haan Geet..!! That without me..theres no importance in my life..!! Geet is lost in MSKs words..

Geet coming running in the alley n sitting on her knees…!! She takes out the letter to read n MSK comes from behind..! MSK comes near… Geet.. Face on Geets cheeks…n starts reading.. ! MSKs eyes on level with Geets..n Geets lips on level with MSK..!! MSK reads.. ‘Geet…this letter is neither to seek forgiveness… or to take u with me..! Its written to tell u one last time.. how much i luv u! To tell u ..whats ur place in my life..!! Without u..theres no life…for Maan..! Haan Geet… if u dun stay in my life..theres no importance of my life … haan! ‘

Geet gets up n goes n sits on a bench in the alley..with piegeons nearby..!! MSK says.. in this world.. of all beautiful things.. i hv only seen u .. every word.. has ur mention..! MSK sits next to Geet n holds her face n says.. ask moon of moonlight.. ask flower about smell then its ur mention! Geet once again.. fill my life wit ur breath! ‘ MSK lies on Geets lap… MSK lies on Geets lap…n says.. Heart wishes to hide u from sun, moon n flowers in my heart..n keep loving u with all my heart..! MSK is holding Geets hand…! Geet has tears in her eyes..n a drop falls on MSK..! He gets up n holds her face n wipes th tears..!! MSK says.. everytime i see ur tears i feel my heart will flow lil by lil in these tears! Geet walks away n remvoves hand from MSKs grip!! Pammi is searching for Geet.. .since her new dresses have come..!! Nandini asks whats up?? Pammi says.. she must be here only.. come lets find her!

MSK is walking ahead of Geet in reverse direction n says.. if i knew.. that ur hand wuld b out of my reach.. i wont have left ur hand ever! But dunnno what destiny had in store n u went at he letters fly in wind n Geet bends to take it n is near MSKs feet..n MSK lifts her n eyelock n says.. if i knew that there wuld be distance betewen us..i wuld hv breathed easy…n slow so there wont be even breaths between us!

Geet has tears in her eyes…n MSK says.. returns me my heaven.. my mishti..!! Geet closes her eyes n says.. MAAN n opens n sees MSks gone…n she is all alone…!!MSK comes back again n is walking around Geet n says..i will wait for u whole life.. but wont return home alone..!! From today.. from this very second..i name my life…for ur wait.. i m waiting for u in the house at the backyard.. my wait will end with my life.. or by ur coming.. !! Decision is in ur hand…!! — Your MAAN! Beeji is telling Tejjy to ask Pammi if she needs anything as he is going to city!! She hears.. Pammi n Nandini searching for Geet..!! Beeji asks…whats up? Pammi says..we searched whole house.. but Geet is not answering..!! Dunno where she is! Tejjy n Beeji are worried! Lucky too comes n all say.. to him the issue!! Lucky says..all are playing hide n seek..first Balwant then Geet..!! Beeji says shut up..! M worried.. Tejjy doubts MSK…n says..hope Geet din do anything drastic!