Geet Monday Update 13 July 2020


Geet Monday Update 13 July 2020

Maneet are lost in eyelock…. n MSK touches Geets face fondly n says.. i found u… n Geet gets flashback of Gairat lines n removes MSK hand…! MSK says..i searched u so much..n Geet says.. why?? u lost me already…. so why try to find? Geet says.. lemme go n MSK hold on n says.. wont let u go…n leads Geet to a corner..!! Pammi says.. wheres Geet.. if Beeji found out.. she will eat me alive!! MSK says.. forgive me for my mistake m ready to bear any punishment.. for what i said..!! Geet says…what u said werent just words.. but u hurt my heart..! i cant forgive u for the pain u caused me… EVER!
 MSK says.. u have to forgive me…n Geet says.. u cant force me to forgive u!! MSK says.. i realise the mistake i made..n i repent for it….i feel ur pain n i realised without u my life is incomplete …!! Lets forget everything n start afresh..!! Geet says.. its not so easy to forget all!! MSK says..what i said was in anger…! Geet says.. was it ur anger or ur true thots about me?? MSK shocked! Geet says.. do u even know why i forgave Dev?? I forgave him for u.. i wanted that when we begin afresh.. theres no burden of the past…no shadow… we start afresh.. with new thots… but u finished it all..! MSK looks pained… n Geet says.. tell me how i can forgive u?? MSK says..i was upset wit Dev n in that anger i hurt u..!! Geet says..ur this anger has burnt our love! MSK looks shattered…. Geet in tears but firm!
The uncle comes who was at Beeji’s house n asks Pammi what she is doing n she bluffs.. n uncle says..tell truth… n Pammi says..looking for Geet..!! Uncle shows a book with ways to catch dacoits..n says.. shall use it to catch Geet..!! Geet tells MSK to leave her or someone wil see..!! MSK way… n Geet says..if Beeji knew she wont let u off!! MSK says why?? Geet need to know but even if u force.. i wont forgive u or come with u..!! Uncleji comes n says to MSK… u r the one.. who troubled Geet..made her cry.. wont spare u.! Geet intervenes n takes Uncle ji away!

Lucky bumps into Lachchi.. n she drops a plate n both start arguing…! Adi calls Dev.. n says what happened at Beeji’s place…. Adi tells Dev that Geets bro n family hate MSK… n its good that MSK din reach here.. wonder what wuld have happened!! Dev looks worried n says.. when u find Bro.. contact me!
MSK shown walking on the road looking lost n flashbacks of Geets lines to him in the market..n says… Geet is right… i deserve punishment not forgiveness.. but Geet punish me..n screams out!
Geet/ Pammi/ Uncle ji arrive at Beeji’s house and Pammi asks Geet whats the matter.. why were u so lost?? Geet says..nothing.. Uncle ji says.. i know what happened…! Geet looks worried!! Uncle ji says.. i have read 436 novels on detectives.. i saw it all  n Geet looks worried…!! Pammi says…tell us before u forget n sleep off..  Uncle ji looks at Geet with piercing eyes n says.. what Jugnu (his name) sees once ..he never forgets.. n what i saw in market ..i will tell sis (aka Beeji) n goes! Geet says… God if Beeji/Tejjy found out..dunno what they would do…n prays that MSK doesnt come there!!
MSK at a dargah n prays.. that i luv her..i hurt her… she doesnt wanna forgive me or give punishment.. .show me a way.. so her pain can reduce.. give me punishment! A fakeer overhears n says.. all want peace n happiness n u want pain?? MSK says..coz i hurt her..n i deserve this pain!
Geet walking in the mansion lost in thots of MSKs words..n says.. even i dun wanna stay away.. but what to do of the pain ..u gave me?? (bg of gairat lines) … Geet says..m in a strange state.. u have given me luv n pain.. .! MSK gets bg of Geets lines.. u have lost me.. u have hurt me.. wont forgive u..  n sees a guy walk on burning coal n decides to follow suit! As MSK puts first step on coal ..Geet foot gets cut as she says Maan…. n MSK continues walking..!! Geet prays to God to give peace n take care of MSK…n MSK lost in thots of Geet…n that he hurt her n says..this is  a very less punishment for the pain i caused u Geet!!
Pammi cums running seeing Geets hurt feet…n calls out Lachchi…n asks to get meds..!! Fakeer tells MSK..that what kind of guy u r..?? What kinda punishment u gave urself.. even God must have sighed…. did it hurt u a lot?? MSK says..its nothing in front of the pain i gave Geet! Fakeer says…if u have hurt someone… instead of punishing urself… better correct those mistakes, coz God helps those..who help themselves! MSK says… ur right.. Fakeer says..may God help u… Hakallah!! MSK resolves that.. i hurt i will remove that hurt..i will find a way to appease Geet…to apologise to her n take her back with me!!

Beeji comes n sees Geets feet n asks…what happened.. Pammi says.. got hurt due to glass piece…n says..Geet was walking all lost…!! Beeji asks Geet..whats th matter?? Pammi market also she was sad. .dunno what happened…there!! Tej says…keep quiet… Jugnu uncle says..i know whats the matter… Geet stares… He says.. i can tell u… what happened in the market n whom she met..!! Jugnu tells  that behind the telephone booth.. she was yapping n Beeji says..whom did u see?? Lucky says..whom did u see??
Uncle ji says… ur bahu…n this girl.  n Beeji says..her name is Geet!
Jugnu says… big detectives can be fooled but not Jugnu…n Lucky says..dun praise urself so much….. !! Tej says….tell clearly whom did Geet meet?? Jugnu starts to tell but stops..  n says… he forgot Lucky laufing..! Lucky takes Jugnu aside n says…leave before u r pounded!! Pammi takes Geet to the room…..n Beeji n Tej are stil suspicious n Tej says… Uncle must have seen something..!! Beeji says.. whom ur listening to.. he must have dreamt all this!! Tej Pammi n Geet are hiding something..! Pammi is setting bedsheets n says..thank god.. saved yesterday.. or Uncle got me killed yesterday!! Right then Tej comes n asks what happened previous day….. n Pammi says..i was walking ahead..n Geet was walking behind.. city people are all weak since they eat.. bread…  n Pammi says… but u dun worry i will feed her lassi n ghee n make her so fat that MSK wont recognise!! Tej screams..n says..what happened at market… Pammi says.. m ur wife… u cant shout on me…! Tej screams more..n Pammi stammers…n says.. we… we had gone to a shop n i met Rajoo..n i got chatting! Pammi tells Tej that while i was chatting.. Geet went missing n Tej explodes..n asks..where was Yashpal n Pammi says..he went to have tea..!! Pammi asks Tej if he wants tea… Tej need n walks off angrily
Adi finds MSK sitting under a Peepal tree outside that masjid n happy to see u.. Dadi n Dev were worried for u so i came here to find u!! MSK did u get those marks..did u get in a fight…?? Adi says… me n fight?? this map of Punjab  n Haryana..are given by Geets family….i had gone to meet Geet… n they thrashed me..!! MSK says..sorry for me u got hurt…n Adi says.. for u my life is there… so no need!MSK says..did u meet Geet?? Adi says… they have stopped all to meet Geet!
Tej tells Beeji that while Pammi was yapping… Geet went missing..!! Beeji says what?? Tej says..i suspect that guy who came to meet her (aka Adi)..must have tried to meet her again..!! Beeji asks Lachchi to call Yashpal…..
Lachchi n Yashpal are busy romancing with each other.. in the kitchen…n Yashpal says..everytime i go to market want u to sit by my side in the car… but i m angry on u…..coz u dun take my calls n Lachchi says…everytime u call either Beeji or Lucky are sitting next to me..!! Yashpal says..better mix.. Jamal gutta in their milk … Beeji calls out for Lachchi..!! Lachchi says..u too come out.. Beeji was calling u…. Yashpal all scared! Lachchi gets tea for Beeji!
Yashpal comes and Tej explodes on him n says.. should i put a tea maker in ur car?? Told u to keep an eye on Pammi n Geet… but u want Tea more!! Tej lunges towards Yashpal n says… u dun even come on time.. u drink at nite.. n come late next morning.. dun need u get lost! Yashpal begs before Tej to let forgive him this time.. .as he is poor….n helpless..! Tej says..get lost..! Lachchi watches sadly…Beeji sends her off
At dinner.. Beeji says..we need new driver  … Lucky says..better give an ad..!! Tej asks Geet..where she disappeared in market.. Geet falls silent…
Tej asks Geet where she went in the market..n Geet says.. me?? i was with Bhabhi…! Tej says..was asking coz i wanted to know… did u meet that guy?? What was the name?? Lucky says..din let him speak… thrashed him left n right..!! Geet asks Beeji who had come?? Beeji says..some bespectacled guy… who stammered… n Geet says.. it was Adi sir… ! Pammi says.. Lucky bhai very bad u thrashed him.. Tej says..keep quiet!! Tej asks..did u meet him?? Geet n adds whatever happened was not coz of Maan..n Beeji n Tej glare…