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Geet Friday Update 26 June 2020


Geet Friday Update 26 June 2020

MSK screams..what is happening… u know..what this man did to Geet?? I cant see him here… n starts pulling Dev out… Geet says.. Maan pleaseeee!! MSK shocked… Dadi says..i din expect this from u.. why u react like this?
MSK with emotional eyes..says to Dadi..take him away.. fast..!! MSK leaves..! Dev regains consciousness.. n Dadi there…. Dev coufs n says..i cant stay here..! Dadi says..please dun say so…Dev tries to get up … Dadi says..i will talk to MSK… Dev says..i cant hurt Bro….i wanna go.. ! Dadi says.. u wont go anywhere.. this is my wish..! In my own house my kids dun listen to me..! Dev says.. But.. Dadi says..if u care for me..u listen to me.. i will talk to Maan! MSK standing near alley n gets flashbacks of what happened a while ago! Geet comes..n  sees… n self thot..he has so much anger in him… if one makes mistake..MSK wont forgive even his own bro!! Geet self thot.. how to tell him the truth..that the man he hates most.. saved him! Geet thinks..but wont tell now! Geet offers soup to MSK… MSK says..not hungry..~ Geet says..u havent eaten since morning.. MSK says. angrily.din u hear what i said! MSK realises what he said n apologises..!!  MSK says… everytime i see that mans face… i dunno what happens to me! I cant bear to look at him! I m sorry Geet..i know u must be in so much pain to see Dev now…
MSK tells Geet…. Dev wont stay here…dun worry! Geet says.. i know why ur angry.. but before doing anything… think about Dadi.. and Dev isnt really well so what point in being angry? MSK stumped… n says..u better not worry.. about that low life… dun talk like this again..! He wont stay here! Dadi comes n says.. i wanna ask u something.. will what i say be followed in this house ever? MSK says.. all ur wish is command.. but Dev cant stay here..!! Dadi says.. he is hurt… btw tell me.. what would u do if u were in his place?? He is my blood!! MSK says..have u forgotten what he did to Geet?? Dadi says..i know.. all n i understand all.. but right now.. my responsibility says.. i cant let Dev go anywhere from here!! Maan.. please (Dadi crying wit folded hands)! MSK says..what are u doing?? Dadi says..begging…! MSK holds Dadis hands n says.. ok..he can stay.. till he gets well..!! But he wont get out of the outhouse.. i dun want him to come before Geet..!! Geet with tears looks on..!

Anne comes and sees servant taking food out n asks for whom? Servant says at outhouse…Dadi comes right then n says.. Dev is there..! Anne says why  u din tell? Anne comes with food to outhouse..!! Dev says.. our Anne has changed so much.. Anne says.. even u changed.. u din meet me in ages..!! Dev says.. i know.. like bro.. u also hate me.. ! Anne says.. no…the way ur tryin to improve.. how can we hate u..!! Take off these negative thots.. so now come n eat! Anne feeds Dev n says.. dun b sad.. smile suits u..!! I know MSK ..he will forgive u soon!! Dev says no.. he doesnt wanna see my face even.. Anne says.. when he will know what u did for him.. he will change! Dev begs Anne not to tell to MSK… coz he mite do anything… Anne agrees!
Geet walking down the stairs… with flashbacks of Dev saving MSK by giving his blood.. Dadis talks of not telling truth to MSK..!!  MSK reaction on seeing Dev!!  Dadi in the drawing room twists her ankle..n Geet asks her to rest.. ! Dadi asks Geet to take hot water to outhouse as Doc is dressing Dev..!! Geet taking water to outhouse n right then MSK comes..n asks her.. where are u going so late?? Whats in ur hand.. Geet stammers.. n says.. hot water… !! MSK says..for whom? Geet silent.. MSK says.. i m asking… !! Geet says..for Dev..!! MSK shocked..
MSK says..all hurt… for DEV??? Geet…. why are u doing this for that man? Geet stammers n says… Doc was dressing so.. Dadi asked..!! MSK says.. Dadi said?… even if God had said.. how can u do any work for that Man??? Have u forgotten what that Man did to u? U forgot?? What has he done.. that u forgot everything and are tending to him?? Geet silent… n MSK hurt !! Geet says.. i m sorry Maan.. !! MSK leaves..!! Geet self thot.. even if i want to .. i cant tell u what a huge favour Dev did by saving u…n i m returning the favour by being silent!
MSK comes angrily in his room n opens the cupboard n is looking for something.. !! Geet comes and says… searching for nitesuit.. its not there…Geet gives the nitesuit.. MSK takes but goes without talking tho Geet calls out! MSK lies next to Geet on bed but keeps staring.. without saying anything..!! Geet says.. ‘Maan…sorry’ .. MSK says.. no need! MSK closes his eyes n sleeps! Geet stays awake.. staring at MSK…sadly! She turns n sees.. MSK still awake! Next morning.. MSK looking for his shirt..n its kept on the bed..!! MSK ignores ..but finally wears!! Geet has left a note.. which says… ‘I know ur angry.. not on me..but for me..! I know.. that ur there.. with i needent worry..! Last nite.. Dadis leg was i went to outhouse! forgive ur babys mom!’ MSK looks on sentimentally!
Geet getting the breakfast table ready…. n servant says..u din make Aloo paratha..?? Geet says..shucks forgot..!! anne comes n says.. smell is good.. u made breakfast for Dev bro right? Geet stumped..!! anne apologises..!! Dadi comes n says…wheres MSK.. Geet says getting ready!
MSK gets a call…. n MSK says..who is it?? Person says…cant talk on phone.. need to meet.. have to tell u about ur bro Dev.. MSK says…what is it.. Person says.. told u need to meet! MSK says..dun have time to waste on Dev..dare not call!! MSK comes to table..!! Geet looks n self thot.. did he read my sorry message..but i guess he is still angry! Geet comes to serve Pasta to MSK… Anne says.. the breakfast is very special.. Geet made for bro..!! Geet says.. well when u get married Anne..u will make too!! Dadi says.. thats why its said.. way to ur mans heart is thru his tummy! MSK remains silent ! Geet asks MSK.. did u read my message.. MSK nods! MSK says.. have to go to office!! Geet self thot.. u going coz of Dev!! MSK gets call from Manisha.. n its Mr. Chopra… n MSK chides him for lying..! Geet hears on n is worried..! MSK says.. u know.. by hiding u spoil things…. n Geet looks more scared..!! MSK says..if u told me truth ..i wuldn hv felt bad that u cheated me..only felt upset for a while! MSK says..i m leaving n Geet calls on!
Geet says.. will send ur lunch.. MSK nods n leaves! Geet self thot.. i hv also cheated by not telling him truth. dunno how he will react…!! dunno what he wil do when he finds out truth..!! Babaji!

MSK arrives at KC.. Adi welcomes..!! MSK in his cabin …n that person calls n says.. u cut call without hearing..!! MSK cuts..n gets another call n shouts but its Geet… .n Geet says..whom u shouting on.. MSK says.. Adi..!! Landline rings n its the same person… !! Person says..u in hurry to cut calls..!! MSK says.. dare u call me again..!! Person says.. if i tell u something about ur wife. u will be more angry..!! If u dun wanna know about ur bro.. listen about ur wife!! How about i tell u..things are between ur bro n Wife.. how will u react??  Wil call later… n cuts!! MSK furious..
MSK wonders..what that person wants to say about Dev n Geet..?? What is it about Dev n Geet that i dunno?? I think its Dev’s trick!! Romeo/Pinky… discuss about Dev’s return..!! Anne says .. he has changed… u have no idea who saved MSK.. Romeo says..who?? Anne says.. DEV ..!! Everyone says..i guess after this..everything has changed?? Anne MSK dunno this thing! Hope things improve!
Arjun comes and enters Anne’s cabin.. n Anne looks worried
Arjun closes in on Anne… n says.. Dev is back..n he has changed..n ur family loves him again?? That sounds interesting but u guys din tell this huge truth to MSK that his loyal bro gave him blood?  MSK should know this..!! Anne looks scared!  Arjun in his cabin.. lost in flasbacks of NT telling him about MSK plotting against her..n changing Dev to his side..n the accident!! Arjun looks on as if he is planning something..!
Geet gets the note that MSK wrote in reply to Geets note.. n it says..that he isnt angry on Geet but coz of what is happening in the house..!! He cant see Geet sad..and apologises for Geet having to bear the presence of Dev!
Geet walking in trance of MSKs words..that he cant see her in pain of having to bear with Dev’s presence..!! Dadi sees
Geet n says..whats up?? Geet in tears n says.. MSK cares for me so much… but i havent told him about Dev yet! Dadi.. if i tell him truth.. maybe he will forgive me.. but if he finds out from somewhere else..he wont forgive me ever! Dadi in tears tells Geet..if i knew this thing wuld be such a burden for u..u better tell MSK……i wouldnt have asked u to hide from MSK!! Geet when MSK returns from office..i will tell him the truth..!! I cant let anyone come between us.. not Dev..nor anyone else! Dadi nods her agreement!! Dadi – Geet hug..!Dev sees n looks worried!