Geet Friday Update 17 July 2020


Geet Friday Update 17 July 2020

Tej comes n stops right in front of MSK ..with his back is turned..! As Tej turns.. MSK hides..!! MSK reaches outside Geets room…. Jugnu stops.. Lucky more… !! Jugnu says..he sees room closed… Lucky says..ask him to open…! MSK opens the door n closes it back ..n goes near Geet..! She is sleeping! Lucky asks.. Jugnu to read ahead…!! He starts..!! MSK shown..trying to wake Geet up by saying.. Geet n shaking her lightly..!  Geet wakes up n says.. Maan… Beeji wakes too n says..what happned Geet? Why u got up !! MSK goes n hides behind the wall.. !! Geet says..was thirsty so..!! Geet tells MSK..what u doing here? IF anyone saw then? MSK says..did u have meds?? Why u doing this.. neither u eat on time..nor take meds..u will fall sick..!! Geet Why u so bothered about my health?? U better leave from here!  Geet turns to leave.. n MSK holds her hand n squeezes..!! Geet says..leave.. coz Masi is awake.. if she will be a chaos..!! MSK says..will leave. …u better take care of urself… Geet says..leave my hand..!! MSK pulls Geet closer!

Tejjy comes to his room n Pammi offers milk to Tejjy..!! Tejjy asks..did u give milk to Geet?? Pammi says..Lachchi went… Tej says..she wont take from Lachchi.. Pammi says..i will go n give.. Tejjy says..let it be its late..!! Geet pleads MSK to leave her hand..! He refuses n says..or else?? Geet says..someone will see.. MSK Geet turns to leave..n MSK blocks her.. n says..lemme see u properly… to see u also i have to bear so much….how days have changed..!  MSK holds Geets face n says.. to see my Moon also i have to sneak in like a thief.. i have been so thirsty.. just to see u… n to come near u.. please lemme see my Geet.. whole heartedly!  Geet says..why are u being so adamant.. lemme go n turns.but her dupatta gets stuck n MSK removes it …. n says…even time wants us to stay together!  MSK again holds Geet hand….n Geet begs to leave..!! They overhear.. Lucky singing… n Geet says.. why u creating more trouble for me?? MSK says.. oh babaji… Maan meeting his Mishty is a problem too..!! Geet says..again joking?? Lucky comes upstairs…to his room…but ends up somewhere else..! MSK pushes Geet in and both lock themselves up in Luckys room..!! Lucky comes to his room n wonders…how his room culd b closed!  Lucky thinks its a thief n screams… Thief Thief.. waking up the house!
Lucky comes to Beeji’s room n Tejjy’s room saying..someone has sneaked into the house.. n has hidden himself in my room..i think its a thief!! Tejjy says..u have lost it…go n sleep..!! Lucky says… no i m serious… Tejjy goes reluctantly.! Geet is hysetrical.. that..they are in trouble.. all will know now…!  MSK covers Geets mouth n says..calm down.. i m here with u! Maneet intense eyelock..!! Lucky leads Tejjy to the room blabbering n Tejjy says..shut ur mouth n show..! Lucky leads in…n Tejjy breaks the door..! Room is empty..!! MSK leads Geet towards her room n both see .. Lachchi coming..!! As Lachchi turns… MSK walks with Geet n end up dropping a vase..n its sound..Lachchi hears…!! She comes near….but Geet ends up cutting her fingers… n MSK holds her hand!  As Lachchi follows screaming..who is it.. MSK leads Geet in a room!!

MSK takes out his hanky n covers Geets bleeding finger !  MSK asks does it hurt.. Geet says no..! MSK says..i will divert them.. u rush in ur room.. Geet holds MSK n says..n u?? MSK says..ur lie is caught.. u love me just as much today.. like u did before..!!  Maneet eyelock.
Lachchi comes to the spot where the broken vase is.. and looks in the direction of the room where Maneet are hiding and asks…..’Who is it?’!! Maneet remain quiet..!! Lachchi comes forward a little ……but seeing the room too dark she gets scared..n decides to call someone! Lachchi starts running and screaming.. ‘Thief..Thief!!’  MSK tells Geet…’I will divert their attention..! U quickly go from here!!’ Geet holds MSKs hands and says…’No Maan.. ! But u??’ MSK says..’Geet..dun be stubborn..! Dont worry about me..! Just go!!’ Geet reluctantly starts to leave after MSK reassuringly nods his head..!! Just as Geet starts to leave.. MSK says..’Ur lie is caught..! U worry for me..just as much as u used to earlier!’ Geet turns and looks at MSK and says…’No..! I dont want..that coz of me u or others get in trouble!’ Geet turns and leaves from there.!! MSK stands there grinning and self thot..’Why do u try to lie Geet? Not just me..u cant even get urself convinced..that u dont love me! Ur thief eyes…are telling me everything..!! Everything!’ Lachchi continues to scream.. and says..’Beeji!’  Tejjy and Lucky … Jugnu.. rush to where Lachchi is screaming! Jugnu asks.. ‘What is the matter?Where is that thief?’ Tejjy says..’Calm down!’ Lachchi says..’I saw him…..!!’ Tejjy says…’U saw whom.. n where?’ Lachchi says….’Over there…vase is broken..!’Pammi comes running and so does Beeji! Beeji says..’Whats the matter… why have u raised an alarm?’  Lachchi points in the direction of the room where Maneet were hiding and says..’Over there ..’ Lucky butts in…saying.. ‘Beeji.. .thief has entered the house! And he is somewhere here only..! And u know.. i was the first to tell to Tejjy…about it!’ Beeji says..’Quiet..! Making a scene for no reason..! First check properly if someone has actually entered or not..!’ Jugnu says..’ I will check sister! No one can escape from Jugnu’s hawk eyes! Jugnu will scan every nook and corner of this house! Don’t be scared! Jugnu has come!’ Jugnu goes off to search for the thief..!! Tejjy asks..Lachchi.. ‘Tell properly.. whom u saw and where u saw?’ Lachchi says…’In that room over at the backside…over there…! When i reached..i think the thief already ran off…! The door to the room was open and it was very dark inside!’ Lucky says..’Very strange kind of thief..! What is he doing sneaking into all the rooms?’ Tejjy shouts on Lucky..! Tejjy says..’U go and check in the room..i will go and check in the backside…so that he cant escape..!!’ Lucky says…’Lets go together..!’ Tejjy says…’Together?’ and glares at Lucky!! Tejjy and Lucky go off to find the thief…!

Geet comes to the place where Beeji and Pammi are standing! She quickly hides her bandaged finger! Pammi says…’Geet what are u doing here outside?’ Geet says..’Well i was hungry i went to the kitchen!’ Beeji says…’Then u could have called Pammi! Nyways no problem.. u go to ur room and lock it from inside!’ Pammi says…’Lock the door properly.. thief has entered the house!’ Geet shocked and says..’Thief?’ Pammi says…’All family members have gone to locate the thief..!’ Beeji says…’Hurry up!’ Geet says..’Ok..!’ She turns to leave..!! Lucky shown coming near the room where Maneet had hidden earlier! He notices the vase outside the room broken and lying on the floor! He looks around and then sees a shadow in the room…! Lucky says..’Thats him!’ Lucky screams..’Found the thief..! Hurry up!! Come here!!’ Geet stops in her tracks and turns..! Tejjy/Jugnu come to where Pammi/Beeji/Lachchi/Geet are standing..! Lachchi says.. ‘Noise is coming from that room only! It must be him!!’ Beeji tells Tejjy.. ‘Come!’ All rush towards the room…and Geet prays..’Oh Babaji.. hope Maan din get caught!!’ 
Lucky says..’Son ..u got ur chance today..! Show it today.. beforeTejjy gets here catch the thief!’ Lucky comes near the door and before he can speak anything.. a hand covers his face and pulls him inside and locks the door of the room from inside!  Sounds of ‘Wham Wham. .Boom Boom’ comes from the room!  Tejjy / Beeji and all reach outside the room and Tejjy says..’Lucky where are u?’ Beeji points towards the room and everyone listens to the noise coming..! Tejjy knocks on the door and says…’Lucky.. open the door!’ Jugnu says..’Be careful Tejjy.. the thief could be armed..!’ Geet self thot…’God.. Lucky veerji has caught him…! What do i do Babaji? In my opinion ..i should tell the entire truth to Maasi..that Balwant is Maan and that he has come here just to appease me..!!’ Tejjy starts to push open the door..! Before Tejjy can break the door.. Lucky tumbles out of the room..!! Tejjy picks up Lucky and screams..