Geet Friday Update 12 June 2020


Geet Friday Update 12 June 2020

Starlife Geet Update 12 June 2020:MSK walking with 3 banders.  Adi as usual put romeo in tight spot.  Romeo gives suggestion to MSK about SR.  MSK gives angry look, adi tries to say but MSK gives same look to him tooBig smile. Pinky stops him at the door, adi tries to interrupt but she tells  that  BIL has to pay toll tax every step to get his bride.   Romeo asks MK not to fall for it.  Pinky replies she is not asking cash just a signature on 2 lakhs check, ShockedShockedshe got the check book from adi’s bag. Adiis shocked.  MK signs it and enters in the room. 

Geet 2020 Teasers for June

He walks slowly close to bed while staring at geet and stops.  She questions him what is he doing over there, he answers trying to asses who is more despo, she asks what did he find and says he is just giving her hard time, not assessing anything.  He tells her all fault is of her eyes.  He sits next to her, starts removing jewelery,  saying her anklets make too much noise and today no one can disturb or bother us.  I won’t listen to anybody or anything.  He slowly takes all the jewelery out, geet starts reacting, says please, but he tells her do not stop me, today there is no place even for words between us, hearing this geet hugs him he reciprocate in passion.  ( perfect acting and dialogues)

He makes her lie down, she asks I do not believe that I am in your arms why do you love me so much, he replies did not I tell you all because of your eyes.  He starts running his fingers on her arm, reaches at stomach and stops, gets up, confused geet asks what’s wrong?? He puts smile on his face to tell her that it’s too late and she must be tired  and I am tired too.  He lies down, leaving geet confused and hurt ( I felt for geet. I wish only if they could have talked before about his apprehensionCry)

Maneet both pretend to be in sleep but steal glances   MSK sees geet sleeping, he walks out the room, but he was wrong she watches him going out and  left in tears  at least that is what I felt.     MSK goes to his another geet aka chanda maama looks at it self thought with tears in eyes I can not do so, you are pregnant 

[CRYPT]NE walking on pool side missing  DEV II aka arjun , self talk now a days 24/7 I miss you   She messages her, he is having drink, sees message self talk, you love me so much that you can not even sleep.  NE gets random message if you missing some one SMS this no, seeing that she message again arjun. He does not respond, she gets call she stars talking thinking it’s arjunSilly, ( check the no before talking moron )but it was ” Do you want date” call.LOL  She chides herself that arjun must be sleeping now.  Back at arjun, his self talk MSK yourbad time has started. 


New sun, MSK getting ready   Geet wakes up, he asks her did she sleep well  Geet thinks how to asks MK what has happened to him last night.  MSK self thought  how do I tell you geet whatever I did last night was for you,( liar, you chickened out, all talk no actionROFL) but I have no answers for the questions those your eyes have. 


Another lovely sunny morning in Khurana Mansion Annie walks in Maan’s and Geet’s bedroom. Maan is standing buttoning his dark brown or reddish purplish shirt while Geet is still on the bed. Annie says hello good morning newly weds. Both of them look at Annie. She says my gosh! This is strange you both are up early even after your wedding night.

Geet blushes and looks down. Annie then looks at her brother fully dressed up for work and says what is this bhai? You are ready for work even today? Then she smiles and looks at Geet saying what happen Geet did you hurt bhai’s feeling in anyway? Geet lift her gaze to Maan but Maan now is in his MSK mode he says bit sternly Annie you should knock before entering someone’s bedroom. Annie squints her eyes and looks at her brother but MSK turns and lives the room. Annie comes in the room and sits on the bed with Geet saying this weeding outfit suits you perfectly and you look so beautiful in this. Geet says you would look even prettier in this and after a while you will also be a bride.. that brings dreamy expressions on Annie’s face.. (but thank God Dadima also walked in the room otherwise we will be watching annie dreaming as bride.. )

Dadima walks in saying what is this you left the door open like this after your wedding? Then she looks at Annie sitting on the bed with Geet and says oh so we have visitors here in the morning.. She looks at Annie sternly and says only yesterday they got married and you came to disturb them this early morning? Now that is not fair at all. Annie sheepishly smiles at that. But Geet slides from the bed and comes and stands front of dadima saying Good morning dadima and then bending down she touches her feet for her blessings.

Dadima holds her arms and Geet gets up and stands smiling at Dadidma. Dadima lovingly caresses her face and blesses her and gives her a loving hug and says what is this, You started acting like DIL in the morning so now I will have to act like MIL too. Geet shyly smiles at that. Dadima says ok now come with me to the kitchen to follow the tradition of our family. She says a on her first day our new DIL cooks for the family. Geet says dadima please go ahead I will be right there. Dadima says ok and she leaves. Annie now is in green suit standing near the door. Once again she is with her dreamy look and remembers Geet’s words telling her that you will look prettier in wedding outfit as you will be a bride soon. Those words remind her of her future groom and she calls Arjun. Even after a night has passed Arjun is at the same position.. he picks up the phone looks at the caller id and smiles sarcastically.. Getting no reply Annie disconnects the phone mumbling what happen to Arjun he does not pick up any calls.. Then she hears Maan calling her and she quickly turns back to look at him.

Maan enters the room and Annie smiles at him saying hi bhai. She walks toward him. Maan comes near her and encircles her shoulder lovingly saying I did not get chance to talk to you during the wedding. Annie says it’s ok bhai we all were pretty busy.. ( I love when Annie lovingly calls Maan bhai.. She really does it very nicely and indicates the bond between brother and sister. I think her chemistry with Maan as his sister is pretty good. I like that..). Maan says hmm but the perfect way you have organized everything no one could have done that well. Then he lovingly holds Annies arms and looks at her with a smile saying thank you very much. Embarrassed with praise Annie walks little away saying what are you saying.. then she sits on the bed and adds cheerfully I did not do any favor to anybody by working it was my brother’s wedding. Maan stands there with folded hands looking at her with a smile asking her tell me what do you want? Annie says what do you mean bhai? Smiling Maan puts his hands on his waist and says it means you have worked so hard in the wedding so now you deserve a gift. Annie says not right now but I will ask myself when I need it. Then she thinks in her head.. I am going to ask for a big gift. I do not know whether you will give me or not. Maan smiles at her and says ok but do ask for it. Annie smiles and nods her head. Maan turns to leave but then suddenly turns to her…

Maan turns to Annie and makes his face bit stern but his eyes had twinkles. He keeps his arms on his waist and walks near annie asking sternly… I did not see you during the wedding rituals.. the smile on Annie’s face vanishes.. Maan asks then where were you? She stammers and says but I was there right behind you. Maan says are you telling me the truth? Annie nods a little and gulps.. Maan comes closer to her with the same stern face and says you were behind me.. are you telling me the truth?.. Annie looks bit terrified and says bhai why would I lie to you? I was right there and If I was not there around I must have gone to do some work. You know there were so many things to do in the wedding..

Maan comes forward with a smile and holds her shoulder and says chill Annie I was just joking and he softly cups her face and smiles down at his sister and patting her face turns to go.. Annie’s breath as if was stuck in her throat with all these enquires.. she heaves a sigh of relief. Dadima and Geet are in the kitchen. Geet is now dressed in beautiful red salwar suit with mangalsutra on her neck and sindoor and lots of bangles. She starts rolling the puri and says Daima please do not scold me if my puries do not come good. Dadima says no I will not. Geet was about to drop the puri in the frying pan but dadima puts her arms on her hand stopping her says Geet my child it is said that if your first puri puffs fully then it is an auspicious thing. It also means that you will be a good DIL.. then she looks at Geet and says now come drop the puri in the pan.

Geet smiles at Dadima and slowly slides the puri in very hot oil. After that her eyes were glued to the pan to see if her puri puffs fully.. Slowly her puri puffs up fully bringing delightful smile on her face and a little squeal from her saying dadima look the puri fully puffed up. Dadima is very happy with her.. She holds her face and says oh be happy always my child and do not forget to cook continental for Maan. Geet says do not worry dadima I will take care of it. She rolls couple of more puries and sees them coming nicely puffed up and feels happy. Then she takes the recipe book and proceeds to cook continental dish. She chopped some vegetables and puts them in the pan and then she takes some pre cooked stuff (may be pasta or rice) and puts in with the vegetables and mixes it well in the pan. Then she puts it in the serving bowl and says oh this is done but I have not idea how it tastes. Dadima was already on the dining table.

Geet walks with the food toward the dining table and keeps it on the table she takes the glass of orange juice and gives it to dadima saying dadima here is your orange juice and asks dadima may I serve the food. Dadima graciously says oh no need for that I will take myself saying she scoops some food and puts it in her plate. Geet smiles at that and says dadima please taste it and let me know how it is. Dadima takes a bite and Geet expectantly looks at her reactions. Dadima says Geet it is really good. Geet beams with the praise.

Maan walks in and looks at Geet beautifully dressed up. Geet looks at him and smiles Maan returns the smile and then pulls the chair and sits and looks at dadima saying good morning dadima. Dadima says good morning my child. Maan looks around and says what is the matter I do not see Nakul around isn’t he serving the breakfast today.. Geet smiles at his question. Dadima says with a smile now you better forget about Nakul. She then she looks at the entire array of dishes on the table and says proudly my DIL has cooked all these breakfast dishes. Maan looks at Geet with a smile who lifts her gaze to look at him and smiles shyly. Dadima says and she made a continental dish especially for you.

Maan give her appreciative gaze and she feels happy with that. Geet steps forward to serve him. He looks at her and she stands there shyly expecting to know what he thinks. Maan looks at her and gives her light smile. He takes the fork and puts little in his mouth. He starts chewing and stops. Geet looks little worried. She leans little forward and says what happened is it not good? Maan suddenly realize that Geet was looking at him. He forcefully swallows the food and says oh it is really good. It is great Geet. That brings smile back on her. dadima also smiles at that. it means that you have learned to cook a continental dish. Maan now exaggerates saying nakul also cannot make like this. It is superb awesome… Geet happily smiles at that and then sits on the chair saying please take some more saying she serves him some more pasta.

Maan tries to hide his feelings. Somehow dadima gets that and looking at them says I will be right back you guys continue saying she leaves the table. With lots of efforts Maan tries to swallow the food while Geet was looking at him with a smile. When Geet was not looking he tries to wash it with the water and takes little bite. Geet looks at him taking just a little on his fork she says why are you eating so little? Maan says oh I want to enjoy each bite and you have work so hard in the morning to make food for me with so much love so I want to relish it. Geet says then let me have a bite too.. saying she leans forward to grab a fork from Maan’s hand and takes a bite. The food in her mouth changes her expressions to sour… Maan looks sheepish thinking oh shoot my game is over.. Geet just could not even eat she just takes her food out in the napkin and says aww this food is so bad neither have salts nor spices.. and looks at Maan who just averts his eyes knowing very well what is to come..

Geet looks at him and says this food is so bad and you are eating it without a word.. It does not even matches the word pasta. Maan smiles softly at her distressed face and holds her hand on the table and takes it between his two palms. Geet looks at him still upset. He looks at her and says tenderly Geet today is the 1 day of our married life and would I snatch your smile from you face? I would never to that. I have promised you make you happy not upset. Geet looks at her husband and smiles delicately. Maan sees her happy and smiles at her. Suddenly his phone rings. He says hello and listens.. then says ok I will be there in a while.

He then looks at Geet and says Geet I need to attend some important work I will have to go.. Geet looks at him and smiles. He gets up and leaves.. (Maan dear you needed to kiss your wife and leave.. ) Arjun in his office lifts a glass of water takes a sip and his gaze falls on Anwesha through his two mirror door. He calls his peon saying Rakesh tell Anwesha m’am that I am out of town in Bombay for two days. Rakesh nods his head and leaves. Annie arrives while he was closing the door. She asks if Arjun was there. The peon tells him that he is out to Bombay for two days for some important work. Arjun is standing in the office listening to conversation. He kind of feels sad.. Annie mumbles how did he leave the town without letting me know? What kind of important work was that? And she walks out of that. Arjun has mixed expressions on his face. Annie walks in the reception area and the receptionist was talking with a jeweler who was telling her that Arjun has specially ordered this one. The receptionist said that oh yes he is making this for his special friend who is arriving in two days. Annie thinks oh so this is the matter. He is trying surprise for me and that is why he is hiding for two days.

Then she smiles and says that is the reason I love the way he works what ever he does has a unique style.. (hey annie he is bringing someone in your place and the ring is for her not for you.. He is planning to jilt you ..) she further walks and says to see your surprise I can wait for two days and stay away from you.. (Anniie now addresses Arjun respectfully.. Previously she was calling him tum but now she calls him aap..) Maan and Adi are walking in the parking lot. Adi says sir meeting was great. Maan says hmm let’s start working on this project right away. I want the basic plans by this evening. Adi nods his head and says ok. We will meet at office. Maan says ok.. Annie is walking in the parking lot busy looking at her phone coming toward Maan. Maan turns and sees annie. He stops her calling Annie and walks toward her. Annie looks bit scared. Maan comes near her and looks piercingly at her. Annie fumbles for words asking bhai you were going to office so what are you doing here. Maan squint his eyes and looks at her saying I came for the meeting but what are you doing here. Annie fumbles for words then says oh I came to meet Arjun as his office is here. Maan says Arjun? The wedding is done now so why meet him. Annie says demurely that I have come to settle few bills..

Maan says your work was to make the arrangements for the wedding now I will settle the bill. Saying he escorts Annie with his hand around her shoulder saying look Annie, I do not want you to meet Arjun at all. He says it could be possible that in spite of being NT’s brother he is a good man but I do not want to take any chances. So it is better that you stay away from that family. Saying Maan walks to his car. Annie stands there thinking that bhai is asking me to stay away from my life. Now how can I make him understand that the person he wants me to stay away from has come so close to me. She says I am sorry bhai I am lying to you but when the time permits I will tell you the truth Office of KC Maan not being in office his staff is enjoying the slow day. Romeo is yawning and stretches his hands saying oh this is great. All are planning something to do and have fun.

Manisha suggested that they could go to movie and then go for Chinese food all love the idea. While they were munching on the idea Maan walks in with Adi. Romeo looks at him and his smile vanishes… he signals to others and same reaction from them too the smile goes from their face too… Romeo says what is this the first day of the married life and he is at work and in time!!! Maan walks in and says oh so you guys are planning for movie.. Romeo fumbles for the excuse and says oh no the pictures of the wedding and asks where are the wedding pictures.. How handsome you looked in the wedding and he adds we were just talking about all these..

Maan looks sternly at them and says Romeo we do not have time for useless talk. We need to work fast and prepare the basic plan for the project I have promised the client that I will keep it ready by tomorrow evening. So shall we begaun.. behind him Adi dances his eyebrows and laughs at them. Saying this Maan goes to his office and starts looking at few blue prints. Out in the central area Manisha is complaining about his fun being ruined. Romeo says you better start working or Maansir will come back to scold you. Manisha is still upset says who comes to work on the 2 day of the wedding.. Maan listens to them from his office with a smile. Manisha’s says if It was my marriage, then I would.. Adi says what would you? He says I will catch a flight and go to Gulmurg for a month with my bride. Maan smiles in his office.. Adi sir says if you would go for a month then you would not need to come back to work after that. Manisha looks at them in confusion.

Romeo laughs and says because Maan sir would not let you enter the office on your return and he gives hi five to Adi and they both laugh at Manisha’s distressful face .. Maan was listening this and may be about to say something to them but his phone rings and he looks at his screen to see dadi’s name. He picks up the phone and says yes dadima. Dadima says Maan, I am very upset with you.. Maan says but why? Dadima says what is this Maan? it is the first day of your married life and you left my DIL alone and went to work? Maan says I am sorry dadima. What should I have done? Client called me in the morning and this is a very big project and I was after this for a long time so I could not refuse. Dadima says oh that is great it means that my DIL Geet is very lucky for you that right after the wedding you got this prosperity coming your way. That brings soft smile on Maan’s face. Dadima says but son do come home little early as we have wedding rituals of showing the bride to the family. Maan says ok Dadima.

Geet is getting ready. She puts adjusts her maang tika and then puts on her necklace. The she wears her earrings and lastly she adorns herself with the bracelet. Lifting her arm she brings one arm horizontally below her face and looks at the bangles on her arm and smiles happily moving her arms to hear the tinkle of her bangles. Then she looks at her arms full with bangles and smiles. She was ready. She gets up and was about to go and dadima walks in. She looks at Geet and says you look so very pretty. And then she takes the kajal from Geet’s eyes and rubs it behind her ear saying no evil eye may touch you. Geet feels really happy with that as mothers do that for their darling daughters.

Dadima teases her saying now I know why my Maan is so besotted with you? Cause you are so very beautiful. Geet blushes and says dadima!!! Dadima says really my child you are so pretty that even angles will loose their mind looking at you. Dadima caresses her face saying lovingly I just came to remind you to come out as soon as you get ready. Geet says sure dadima. Dadima then leaves her alone. Maan is working in the office and looking through some file. His phone rings he sees that caller is Geet. He picks up the calls saying hello.. Geet says Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Have some shame. Even though you did not miss me you could have at least pretend to miss me and give me a call.. You did not even call me once since morning. Maan stammers a little and says sorry Geet I could not spare even a little time since morning but I was about to call you and you called.

Geet says oh stop giving me any excuses and stop lying to me. If you missed me you would have called me. Yesterday night also you turn your back on me and slept. Now Maan really started fumbling for the words but says haltingly oh yesterday you were so tired that is why I slept. Geet says naughtily as a rightful wife.. but tonight I am not tired at all so think twice before you come as you might be in danger’ (wow you go my lioness..) Maan was taken back by this bold statement he was as if afraid to even go to that topic.. He says Geet I am in the meeting I need to go.. Geet was having fun talking with her husband she says aa lo it means I could say anything to you and you wouldn’t be able to answer me at all.. but then she says sweetly.. Ok I will not tease you any more but please do come early I will be waiting for you. Maan disconnects the phone saying seriously she will be waiting for me. He says no I cannot do what you want you are going to be a mom.. then he leans back on his chair and thinks deeply…

It was great episode. 1 day of Geet and Maan’s married life.

Loved dadima with Geet in kitchen sharing her enthusiasm with puries. Also loved her how she told Maan that Geet being the DIL is lucky for Maan as he got his big project on the first day of their wedding. And the most she I loved when she came to call Geet and lovingly put the kajal behind her ears, which most mothers would do for their adorable beautiful daughters. Dadima did it for her grand DIL. Anjuji is really so great with her portrayal of loving and dotting dadima I just love her expressions. Her chemistry with all her grand children is phenomenal..

Loved the funny talk between office staff specially Manhisha when he said that he would go for a month’s vacation with his wife.. even Maan smiled on that It was cute to see Maan eating that taste less pasta for the sake of Geet’s smile… but you could feel the underlined guilt for denying the first night to Geet. He is doing it for her. As doctor told him that she has developed complication and he is just so much in stress and cannot share anything with her. Geet is doing everything normally and expecting as much from him knowing how much he loves her and how much he wanted to be with her but she has no idea of Maan’s dilemma that Maan is terrified to proceed further in the fear if something happens to her or more complication occurs for her and he definitely does not want to share her complicated condition with her or anyone. So he is taking this all by himself..

His last expression says that to save Geet he might choose to be bit rude with Geet so that Geet would not ask him to be with her. But in doing that he is going to break her heart. Till Geet figures it out herself and confronts him.. Feel really bad for Annie as she loves Arjun very much. Arjunn does too but right now the sisterly love is getting heavy on him and he is after the revenge. He may end up hurting Annie and rejecting her but he will regret it being the bad person as he is not.. but well that’s what he has decided so let’s see what happens to Arjun and Annie

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