Gangaa Wednesday Update 5 February 2020


Gangaa Wednesday Update 5 February 2020

Shiv tells Kushal to take Sagar inside as he must be treated. Ganga was losing her balance over herself. Savitri was worried if Sagar dies, they would be responsible about it. Savitri says there must be a reason why Sagar is saying this all. Shiv turns to go find the answers to all the questions. Riya takes Ganga inside.
Savitri asks the doctor if Sagar would be saved. The doctor says the poison has spread all across his body. Savitri comes outside, smirking; she gets Pratab’s call.

In the room, Ganga’s head was banging as she remembers being with Shiv. About Sagar’s claims. She tries to calm herself down, remembering Sagar who engulped poison for her.

Shiv drives to the city, remembering about Sagar’s claims and acts.

There, Savitri fed Pratab and assures he would soon
be the Matha Desh of this village. Savitri says soon Shiv would be deprived of the seat, and nothing can be more festive for them than this. The whole village would turn against Shiv once he is proven to be staying with a stranger lady, and a sinner. And Shiv would also be accused of killing Sagar. Pratab gets into Savitri’s feet for playing the trick.

In the room, Ganga stands in front of Parvati’s photo. She asks if Sagar is right, he has put his life at stake. She only recognize Shiv as her husband, but she wonders why she is so restless. She get strange flashes of faces she doesn’t recognize. She tries Shiv’s phone but can’t connect. She prays for everything getting better. She could sense something bad happening to her. She comes to Sagar’s room door where doctors were treating Sagar.

Savitri comes behind Ganga and asks what she must suffer because of Ganga, if she is so concerned because of Sagar that she came to inquire about his health. Savitri asks Ganga to tell her truly how she is linked to Sagar. Ganga tells Savitri she is really restless and leaves. Savitri was happy that this boy is Ganga’s husband, she had to be restless. She wish Ganga recalls her memory and leave their house.

The next morning, Sagar jumps into Ganga’s room. Ganga tries to resist. Sagar pins her to wall and stuffs her mouth, he tries to recall Ganga about everything. Ganga resists crying. Sagar says he understands she lost her memory but he remembers everything. Sagar says he didn’t want to do this but he must, he carries Ganga over his shoulder and runs outside. The villagers had gathered outside while Ganga hung over Sagar’s shoulder. Sagar was determined to carry Ganga away. Sagar insists this is his wife, not their daughter in life. Savitri holds a gun over him and provokes the villagers not to let Sagar take Ganga.

A man throws a stone that hits Shiv’s head instead of Sagar. Shiv stops Ganga from moving towards him and tells her she is Sagar’s wife. Ganga was shocked. Shiv hands her and Sagar’s photos. Shiv was broken. Savitri asks if this means he has been staying with someone else’s wife for so many days. She wonders how Shiv committed such a sin, Shiv accepts his mistake. Shiv says Ganga had lost her memory, he thought this is Ganga whom his father married him. In Banaras, he came to know this is Sagar’s Ganga. Ganga cried watching Shiv. Shiv gives her hand into Sagar’s. Ganga was upset.

Shiv apologizes Sagar as he didn’t trust him, and tells Ganga to leave with Sagar as she is his wife. He turns around shattered. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand and takes her along. Ganga had her face towards Shiv. Savitri laughs watching this. Ganga turns around to run towards Shiv but Savitri stops her way and tells her to leave with her husband, ruining her and her son’s reputation. Her son committed a huge sin only because of him.
Shiv sat doomed inside a room in Math.

Ganga was ringing the bell at temple. Shiv goes towards the temple. Ganga asks him for justice being a MathaDesh. Shiv tells Ganga she is Sagar’s wife. Ganga questions who gave him the right to decide whom she should stay or not. She is known as his wife, and today he is handing her as a toy. Sagar reaches the temple. Ganga
says Shiv brought a few pictures and said Ganga is Sagar’s wife.

She turns to Sagar and asks if he would accept her even after she has lived with someone else, he would turn great. She questions if anyone inquired what she wants. She is a common person and wants to remain so, either she or her God would decide what she will do. Sagar wants to speak to her but she forbids talk to her. Shiv says he would do justice today, it would be just that Ganga stays with Sagar.

He also doesn’t want to lose her, this is a tough decision but he is helpless. She came to his life as a cold breeze, he didn’t realize when he began to love her. She doesn’t remember her past but they can’t deny her reality. She might, and would surely recall her past; then she would question why he has been unjust to her. Today, he can do justice, joins his hands in apology and tells her to leave with her husband. Shiv leaves. Ganga fell over the floor, crying and upset as she doesn’t remember anything. Sagar watches her cry.

At night, Pratab says Savitri trust herself but nothing worked. He urges her to hold the gun and kill either Shiv or Ganga. Savitri scolds Pratab and says Ganga will leave their house, Shiv would fell lonely and useless. He would be deprived of his decision about what’s right and wrong. They can’t kill Shiv with hatred, but with love. Shiv and Ganga separately think about themselves. Sagar thinks about the love between Shiv and Ganga as he packed his bags. Shiv was standing on stairs, Sagar comes to call Shiv a worth God, he has seen love for Ganga in Shiv’s eyes still he has handed Ganga to him. Its not worth a human and apologizes Shiv for any mistake. Shiv takes Sagar’s promise to keep Ganga happy forever.

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