Gangaa Wednesday update 4 December 2019


Gangaa Wednesday update 4 December 2019

As supriya is distraught in her room, unable to believe what he did, madhavi tries to calm her down. zoya says that she herself cant believe, adding fuel to the fire, as to how could pulkit do this to the sweet wife as she has nothing wrong in her, that he left her and went to kashish, and she didnt know, kashish would have been a home breaker,

and its good that raahat isnt here, as she would have regretted what kashish did today, after the way she supported her. madhavi asks her to shut up, as supriya is already tensed. zoya apologises, but says that she cant see supriya in pain, and is tormented herself, and asks her to stop crying. she tells them that sagar has taken the right decision, as supriya and pulkit should go far away, so that kashish’s shadow even doesnt fall on them. ammaji rushes in and asks her to stop her nonsense. zoya pretends to be innocent, and ammaji shuts her up. she laments as to whats happened, and that their family is falling apart, due to some evil lurking, pointing at zoya. zoya asks supriya not to cry, while ammaji asks her to stay shut.

As krishna wakes up the next morning, she hollers for ganga, who comes rushing to her, asking her if she is okay. Krishna tells ganga, that she couldnt see her uncle for one last time, and she instintively feels he shall leave without ever meeting her again. ganga asks if she wants to meet, and when she complies, she tells her that they shall go to meet her uncle

ganga asks her to promise that first she shall have her meds and get well soon, then they shall go. krishna thanks her and comments that she is the world’s best mother. Krishna is overwhelmed and hugs her, while ganga tensedly complies, while tears streaming down her cheeks. she tells krishna that she can do anything for her. krishna asks her to stop sagar from going to london then. she is stunned into silence.

Later, while ganga has a hard time trying to feed soup to krishna, who throws tantrums. she asks her hurriedly when would she make her meet sagar, as she has been desperately waiting. ganga asks her to focus on the food and getting well part, and then she shall fulfill her promise too. krishna says that now the fever has gone down, and now she can call him up, and they can fix a meeting. ganga says that she might have not fever, but is still weak. krishna asks ganga to call him to let him know of her health. ganga reminds her the promise she made, and asks her to finish the soup, before she decides to meet sagar. krishna complies.

The doorbell rings, and she is totally oblivious that sagar is at the door, fuming and enrage4d. as ganga rushes to open the door, they both eye each other tensedly. he comes to her and asks about kashish. she says that she isnt here. he informs her about pulkit and kashish’s illegitimate love affair. she is shocked to know this, but denies to believe it. he says that he is shocked that she doesnt know even when they stay in the same room. she vehemently denies. he asks how can she defend her, after what she committed which amoutns to a crime. he asks how can she argue, when kashish knew that pulkit was married. Ganga says that she isnt arguing, but only stating a fact that kashish isnt this kind of the girl. she says that she has the fullest faith on her. he says that sometimes, the person who is trusted the most, betrays the worst.

Meanwhile inside krishna starts imagining the sequence, when she shall again spend time with him, and wonders why hasnt she come yet and deduces that maybe she must be negotiating, with the vendors. while drinking soup, she finds that ganga left her purse, and rushes out to give it to her. Outside, Sagar tells ganga that he doesnt know if she genuinely doesnt know or pretends not to know, about all this, since he cant believe anything about her anymore. he warns ganga that when kashish comes, she should tell her clearly, that he wouldnt tolerate if any problem ensues in her family, or in pulkit’s marital relations due to her and asks her to remember too that he or his family doesnt bear any relation to her or her family. as sagar turns to go away, krishna comes out just then, to find him leaving, and rushes after him. ganga tries to stop her but in vain. she rushes after him, while ganga stands apalled. The screen freezes on her face.

Krishna is boggled after what the priest says, and gets frustrated when she isnt able to clarify with ganga, who is busy on the call. she says that she shall will talk later. Ammaji’s residence
sagar and madhvi make a plan of getting supriya and pulkit to an orphanage unawares and let things go on from there. they hook up individually with supriya and pulkit, on the pretext of some shopping they confirm to each other when their target agrees. they both move out.

As supriya arrives with madhavi, she understands whats going on. supriya asks whats the use, as pulkit wont agree. madhavi asks her to come along and let destiny take its course. Meanwhile, the lady warden is happy
at their decision. supriya’s eyes stick on a girl sitting in one corner, making a painting, and tries to initiate a conversaion with her, and helps her in her kite making, while she looks on tensedly. she happily banters with her, and then they get to flying it together. the girl is super pleased. as madhavi comes out with the warden, she finds supriya with the girl. they both eye her bonding. meanwhile, sagar arrive swith pulkit, who gets furious at first, but after sagar’s coaxing and witnessing the love of supriya with the girl, he finally melts, and decides to give each other another chance. supriya is overwhelmed. madhavi and sagar smile through tears as they get emotional when the couple agrees to adopt the girl.

Ganga’s residence
Kashish and ganga are unable to give time to her, and krishna continues to be restless with her dilemma. Later at night, when ganga comes and gets to know that krishna has dosed off, she talks to kashish about what happened earlier at the passport ofice. kashish again asks how long she plans to hide, but ganga is adamant. In the house, kashish asks ganga if they should tell krishna about her father. ganga says that she doesnt need to do anything like that, nor does she wish krishna to know about her father as she doesnt find it necessary and she wont ever tell her anything. they both turn around to find krishna confronting them, hurt, shocked and distraught. ganga is speechless. she continuously tries to assuage her, but krishna doesnt relent, demanding to know the name of the father. ganga is shocked to see such resilience. but kashish asks her to let be.

Ammaji’s residence
Supriya and pulkit get juhi, the young girl back, and everyone receives her with happiness. zoya sees this and refuses to accept, and decides to do something that makes her get out of the house. she goes and instigates ammaji, a soft target, about the little girl supriya and pulkit have brought, while she is busy praying.

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