Gangaa Wednesday Update 18 December 2019


Gangaa Wednesday Update 18 December 2019

while ganga is hopeful that now soon everything would sort out. but zoya plants another story instigating her by dsaying that sagar gave her the jewellery when he must have heard about ganga’s financial crisis that she has talking with madhavi. she tells ganga that she has just one way out now, thats to run away with krishna and take her very far away, since sagar only plans to snatch her from her. ganga is distraught.

MEanwhile, outside sagar and krishna arrive and try and talk to the inspector to see ganga. but he totally disrgards sagar’s request and denies him the permission. meanwhile, inside zoya tells ganga that she has the perfect way to help her escape from here, with krishna. she hands her a knife, seeing which ganga is shocked.

Police station
The inspector finally consents to sending krishna inside to meet ganga, and instructs the hawaldar to let krishna in for sometime, after the lady ganga is currently meeting with leaves. sagar stands tensedly. but just then they hear screams from the lockup, which distract sagar and the inspector towards ganga’s lockup. Ganga pretends to hold zoya on knifepoint, and tries to get her way out, while sagar asks if she has gone mad. they both ask ganga not to take law in her hands. gamnga screams that she knows he did this. he says that he has told the inspector that she didnt do it. ganga asks him to stay back and not interfere, as she wont allow him to get away with krishna at any cost. she manages to escape and then meets krishna outside in the jeep.

she is shocked to see ganga. ganga assures her that she wont let anything happen to her, while krishna insistently asks her what happened. zoya asks her not to waste time, as they shall catch up anytime. krishna’s questions remain unanswered. as ganga rushes along with krishna, while krishna continues to badger as to where are they going. sagar and the inspector come out, while the inspector threatens him that now ganga wont be able to get away and shall definitely be taken into custody. the police jeep follows them, while ganga desperately tries to evade them. zoya smirks evilly. ganga hides krishna to save the police.

KRishna asks where are they going and why are they hiding, and if she has fought with anyone, and then ganga tells her that sagar wishes to snatch her from her mother, and keep her with them. she says that she wouldnt allow that at all. she asks her to come along, and they run together. ganga gets tensed hearing the police siren approaching closer. but they are confronted by a jeep ahead of them, and are startled. as ganga tries to push krishna away from the jeep’s range, krishna’s foot slips. she comes in the line of onciming jeep. sagar dives and manages to save her just in time, while the jeep rushes past. ganga asks her if she is okay. sagar too asks her. ganga jerks him away. he asks what immaturity is this, as she could have died along with krishna, and says that she ran with krishna, and asks if she knows how many crimes she shall be convited with, being a lawyer. she says that she is a mother afore that, and shall do anything to save her child. she says that he would have snatched krishna from her otherwise. he asks if she has gone nuts, and is engulfed by this fear and has stopped thinking rationally. he says that noone is snatching her, and that she is mistaken, but ganga is adamant that she wont let anything happen to krishna.

she continues on her rant, while sagar is frustrated. krishna is in a dilemma. sagar says that he cant let her go, and she shall tell the police everything. but she doesnt listen to his advise, and walks off with her. the polcie arrives and asks sagar if he found ganga. he leis. they decide to search at her house. he stops them saying that it wont be of any use, as she is a lawyer and knows no woman can be arrested after evening. the police understands. sagar says that they must wait till morning. the police say that she didnt do right.

Meanwhile, krishna tries to explain to ganga how sagar saved her, but she doesnt pay heed. krishna brands ganga a liar. ganga shuts her up, and reprimands her to come along with her. In an isolated area, the jeep stops at a distance, and the driver takes off the mask, revealing it to be sonu. he is distraught and then calls zoya and tells how they both were saved by sagar. she gets frustrated. he says that he did what he had to, and asks what to do next. she cancels the call, irritated.

Ammaji’s residence
niru is shocked to know that ammaji sent a notice to ganga, and asks why. she says that she shall have ganga thrown out, and show her their ego. he asks her to atleast think where would ganga and krishna go, before doing this. ammaji asks if she gave a second thought, to what would happen to sagar, then why should she. she says that ganga may rot for all she cares, but krishna shall stay with them only. he says that ganga did wrong, but has the belief, that she wouldnt hurt sagar, or even dream of it. he asks her to place herself in ganga’s shoes, and try and understand what ganga went through, and how that must have broken her. he says that ganga shall be apalled, as they all wronged her, by not trusting her, and thats the punishment they are getting. he says that they have to unite sagar and ganga, and he thought krishna would be that link, but they are trying to separate them both through this link. he says that she is wrong, and they have to trust ganga, if they wish to complete the family. but after what she did, things shall worsen. she hears tensedly. he asks her to take back the notice, as sagar is already berserk, and refuses to take the case back. he says that they should all make him understand instead of creating new problems. he asks her to take back, and she complies but she is adamant that she wont explain anything to sagar, as what he is doing is right and that ganga deserves this. niru hears tensedly.

The next morning, ammaji starts searching for everyone, as sagar has already reached. she asks niru to get dressed, while he says that he wont go. she asks him to stand for his son. he says that his bahu like his daughter shall be there too, and to remain impartial, he wont side with anyone. she tries to talk sense, but he doesnt comply, and leaves to send madhavi to her. pulkit and supriya deny too come andtell her that they cant come, as they have to go to juhi’s school to meet her teacher. ammaji tries to talk about the importance of this case, while supriya says that its their priority to take care of juhi. she leaves asking him to come out. ammaji asks him whats wrong with his wife. he doesnt respond and walks out. she is tensed.

As ganga stands outside the court, she is extremely tensed, thinking that she is scared that soemthing wrong shall happen, and hopes that he is there with her to ignite her faith, her trust and her determination to do whats right. she thinks that she misses her father. she gets niru’s call, and says that she has reached. niru says that he wont go, but knew that she would have reached. she says that she was thinking about her father, and he called up. she says that she is scared. he says thats because she is fighting against her own, for someone her own. she asks if what she is doing is right. he says that he doesnt know, as he doesnt want to judge either of them, and that they both are right, and asks her to have clarity of thought and argue for that only, and keep her side. he says that whoever wins, it shall be their loss, and whatever is the decision, the families shall be incomplete. he says that if she wins, krishna wont come in the house, and if sagar does, then she wont come inside. he says that he wont give her any support, as he never wanted this case to happen, and didnt knew it would come to this. he asks her to do whatever she feels is right with full conviction. she thanks him for his advise. he wishes her the best and then cancels. ganga stands tensedly.

Inside the courtroom, ganga walks in to find sagar already seated. he eyes her tensedly as she ignores him. he says that they still have time, and begs her to listen to him, as even he doesnt want this case. she continues wiht her work. he says that he isnt fighting his own case. A tensed sagar tries to tell ganga that they have been together all these years but never thought that it would come down to this, and asks her to still think clearly, and then say that she doesnt want this. ganga says that he wished to fight and hence she shall reciprocate and it isnt ego. she says that she shall fight because she is right, and she wont accept defeat or be distracted by his words, as krishna was, and she shall always be her daughter only. he asks her to keep the past aside, and think logically, as noone would get anything out this, and asks her to think of krishna as she isnt at fault. ganga says that he is right, but the fault is her father’s, who refused to accept her. he says that he has apologised enough. as the room starts filling up, they quieten down. the lawyer for sagar’s side comes and begins discussing with his in private. they wait for the proceedings to begin. madhavi and ammaji join sagar and eye ganga tensedly. zoya comes and takes ganga’s side. the judge finally arrives, and they all rise. he says that before the case starts, he needs to ask ganga that she ran away from police custidy yesterday, and hence he strictly asks her not to leave town, and pay a fine of Rs. 5000. he then asks the trial to begin. sagar’s lawyer stands up and says that a child’s upbringing, isnt only the burden of the mother, and today he shall prove to the court, that not only is ganga an irresponsible mother, but also a careless citizen. he brings MRs. Srivastava in the witness box, who is her neighbour. he brings up the incident of diwali. she says that ganga doesnt take care of krishna, and says that she isnt safe in ganga’s care. ganga remembers how zoya had warned her about this, that sagar is behind this entire incident.

The proceedings start and evrbal arguements begin in full flow. sagar’s lawyer starts pointing out one example after the other of ganga’s recklessness, and she feels she is losing ground. sagar is tensed at ganga’s plight. he demands for some private time with his lawyer but the judge denies it, saying that there has been enough time before the session started. ganga takes over, and begs to present her first witness zoya, who shall tell the truth about the jewellery. The judge grants the permission, while zoya takes her stand tensedly. ganga asks her to tell them all clearly how she got the jewellery and who gave it to her. zoya remains silent. ganga asks her not to be tensed, while zoya eyes the family apprehensively. finally she speaks up, ganga

is hopeful. but she is shattered, when she says that she doesnt have any idea about this, and doesnt know which jewellery is she talking about, as she never handed them any. the judge asks zoya to descend down. ganga is shocked. zoya doesnt look at her in the eye. ganga tells the judge that her major witness backfired. she asks for somemore time, to extract more evidence. the judge denies any more time. she is tensed. he then declares that today’s proceedings arent enough for arriving at a conclusion, but its been enough to characterise ganga and that ganga hs been reckless and they have heard numerous examples, and its clearly evident, that sagar doesnt have any experience of raising a child,m and hence it cant be said for sure, whether he shall raise krishna better. he says that whats paramount is krishna’s happiness, and hence the right to it goes to krishna only, who she wishes to stay with, her mother or her father. all are shocked to hear this.

Ammaji’s residence
Ammaji is tensed about the judge’s decision, when maharaj comes and finds her like this, and asks if she is okay. she doesnt respond and rushes to sagar’s room. she asks sagar to go and meet krishna right now, and tell what she has to say, before ganga distracts her into taking her name. she asks him to go and get her to say his name, as they cant let go of krishna. he says that he doesnt need to do anything. she insists. he calms and makes her sit down, and gives her water, while she is restless. he asks her not to bother much, as krishna shall take his name and asks if she trusts him, and soon she shall be with them. she resignedly complies.

Ganga’s residence
As she eyes krishna playing video games, ganga remembers the court session, zoya’s betrayal and the judge’s deciwhy. ganga says that the judge shall ask some questions and she has to respond, but doesnt divulge much. she asks her to say whatever she wishes to. krishna is about to be put to sleep, when the doorbell rings. ganga tucks her in and then opens the door to find zoya. zoya comes in looking shattered and distraught, and says that she is extremely sorry and tries to again instigate her against sagar, but ganga slams the door shut on her face. zoya says that sagar scared her with a death warning, while ganga doesnt respond. she starts fuming outside, getting frustrated, she thinks that she thought she would be able to handle her, but even if she doesnt, zoya doesnt care, as she did manipulate as much as she needed to and instigated both ends, as much as she had to, and now the court’s decision remains to be heard.

The next morning, while krishna is playing, niru comes and she is excited. ganga comes out too. he gets her chocolates and she is tensed, saying that she cant have them on weekdays, as per ganga’s rule. he asks if she complies to everything that ganga says. she says that she follows all the rules, even if ganga isnt around. he asks if she knows why isnt she at school. she says what ganga told, but how she didnt tell the questions. he is proud about ganga’s integrity. he then tells krisha why is she summoned in the court. she says that she wishes to have them both and wants to stay with both of them. he says that he too wants that, but she needs to be very careful of her decision of whatever that might be. he tries to emphasise the importance of her decision and makes her realise it too, as one wrong move and everything is ruined. he asks her to find a way, that fulfills everything. she asks how is that possible and if she can choose both. he says that he cant say and she has to decide for herself. she says that she has grown and become mature, and is intelligent too like ganag, hence needs to take a good decision. he then takes his leave asking her to be careful, and also tell ganga, that he came. krishna is scared, as niru walks out.


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