Gangaa Wednesday Update 12 February 2020


Gangaa Wednesday Update 12 February 2020

Pratab watches his man go and inform the Panch about Shiv’s decision.
In the room, Ganga recalls how Shiv had freed her, but her care about Radhika.
There, Jhumki escorts Radhika to her room. Radhika asks about Ganga’s whereabouts. Jhumki tells Radhika to let Ganga leave, she isn’t her mother. Radhika was sure Ganga won’t leave. Jhumki says Ganga isn’t going to stay here for long. They hear Panch calling Shiv outside.

Gangaa Tuesday Update 11 February 2020

Shiv and family come out to answer the Panch’s call. One of the Panch inquires him about breaking his marriage with Ganga before the ultimatum. He announces that they have decided he must be… Ganga stops them from announcing a punishment and stood behind Shiv in veiled attire of Shiv’s wife. Radhika cheers and comes to hug Ganga as she was still here.

Ganga assures Radhika she won’t leave Radhika and go anywhere else. The Panch asks Shiv about the real matter. Shiv takes Ganga inside to speak to her for a while. Inside, he asks why she is giving Radhika the false hope. They have learnt to live alone, he won’t her play with Radhika’s emotions anymore. Radhika hears this. Shiv says he must tell Radhika that any relations forced on a person are a prison.

Ganga puts her veil again and goes outside. She speaks to the Panch that she doesn’t know who brought them the news about her and Shiv’s marriage breakage. They can all see she is living here with Shiv, going against the orders is out of question. The Panch announces they would want to know their opinion after one month. Riya cheerfully comes to thank Ganga. Ganga nods at her. Radhika comes to hug Ganga again and takes her inside to speak to her.
Ganga speaks to Radhika in her room then helps her lay on the bed. Dai Maa was taking milk for Radhika. Shiv takes the milk from her. In the room, Ganga was massaging Radhika’s head as she was sleeping beside her. Shiv enters to place the glass of milk there and turns to leave. Ganga follows Shiv outside and says he must be wondering why she agreed to stay here. She clarifies its because of Sagar she agreed to stay here. If Sagar wished so, be it. There is another reason to stay here, Radhika. Radhika has called her a mother, she would be her mother. She won’t bring anymore disgrace to Shiv, but won’t ever be his wife. She wish Shiv never tries to cross the distance between them, this isn’t a condition but a request. Shiv accepts the limitation and leaves. Jhumki comes to Ganga asking how Shiv compelled her for all this. Ganga says it was her decision to wear this mangal sooter. Jhumki says Shiv had brought Radhika to the railway station to melt Ganga. She also considers Sagar’s promise as fake as well. Ganga slaps Jhumki as she was speaking much against Shiv.
The next morning, Shiv tells Savitri about a proposal for Aashi. He shares with her about a tradition to give jewelry if the proposal if fixed. Ganga comes outside. Shiv asks her to come along them as it’s about Aashi’s proposal. Ganga agrees to go.
At groom’s house, Ganga wants to go to washroom. She hears the guy arguing to his brother that he doesn’t want to marry that girl. She doesn’t hold a good past. His brother forces him to come along. Ganga stood outside, she clarifies whatever he has heard is right. Many people in the village know that Aashi liked a boy and trusted him, resultantly she was betrayed. Shiv comes there and hears Ganga speaking. Ganga said Aashi is really innocent, she was in search of true love. Ganga says its better to marry a girl with golden heart than to marry some total stranger. She compels him to speak to Aashi, he would realize she is understanding and respects relations. The boy was thoughtful and nods at his brother.
Ganga turns to Shiv who nods at her approvingly.

The families await Aashi and the guy’s consent. They come to announce positively. Everyone was happy about the proposal. Shiv thinks this happiness has only come into Aashi’s life because of Ganga. An elderly woman announces they must do the ritual of proposal fixing. A lady asks Ganga to get the henna, Ganga nods silently. The grandma blesses Ganga to get a rich color, as her husband is loving. Savitri sends Jhumki to bring jewelry. Jhumki thinks about changing one piece from them. She comes to Savitri and tells her about the jewelry gifted for Shiv and Pratab separately. Savitri tells Shiv to ask Ganga wear the waist piece. Shiv reluctantly comes to Ganga and tells her to wear it now. Ganga’s hands were filled in henna. The grandma tells Shiv to put it by himself as Ganga is his wife. Jhumki recalls
awaiting excitement about Ganga’s anger. Shiv ties the waist band. The boy’s mother says they had chosen bangles for Ganga but Shiv took the waist band. Jhumki takes Ganga aside and says she herself saw Shiv chosing waist band over bangles for her. Ganga wonders why Shiv selected the waist band when they had kept bangles for her. Savitri comes to take Aashi inside.

In the room, Riya teases Aashi for being shy. Shiv enters the room. Aashi complains to Shiv that Riya is teasing him. Aashi tells him to scold Riya, Shiv laughs while scolding Riya not to tease Aashi. Shiv tells Aashi he was thinking to wait for atleast three to four years. Aashi was shocked to hear. Ganga had come outside the room and thinks its not a good idea to speak to Shiv at this time. Aashi was upset and asks Shiv if they would agree. Shiv confirms if Aashi is not happy with them and wants to marry soon. Shiv and Riya breaks into laughter, Riya tells them to end the jokes now. A lady comes to call them downstairs. Shiv gets a call. The boy’s mother notices Ganga was lost and asks about Shiv, she tells Ganga to take a plate of snacks for Shiv. Ganga thinks Shiv would be alone, it’s a good chance to speak to Shiv.
In the room, Shiv asks Krishan ji about Krishna. Ganga had come outside the door and hear Shiv telling him he wouldn’t let Ganga know about it at all. Ganga wonders what it that Shiv is hiding from her is. Shiv watches Ganga outside and gets cautious if Ganga heard something. Ganga tells Shiv she brought him snacks. Some children come running and pushes the plate away to ruin Ganga’s dress. Jhumki was happy as it happened just her way. Ganga backs up as Shiv moves to clean her dress. Jhumki comes to help Ganga.

While they were leaving, Jhumki tells Pratab to let Ganga go with Shiv as she is really angry. Savitri tells Shiv to book the hall, as its season and the bookings are difficult to make. Ganga asks Shiv why they are going alone. Shiv says they have to make the booking of hall. On the way, their jeep stops. Shiv tries Muneem’s number to send another car. Ganga offers her phone but it had no signals. Shiv says they must wait here for a while. Ganga asks about a way to walk. Shiv says its through the forest and unsafe.

Ganga decides to walk by foot as she can’t wait in such piercing sun. Shiv stops Ganga as there are animals in the forest. He slips halfway while Ganga had moved on, Shiv lost track of where she had gone. Ganga walks ahead cursing herself to come with Shiv. A wild fox spots Ganga and runs beside her. Shiv had spot Ganga, he holds her hand and run ahead. The jump over a net and were trapped into it. Shiv laughed over Ganga as she attempted to cut the net by hands. Ganga was enraged and says he doesn’t even attempts to get away. Shiv brings out a nailcutter and tries to cut the rope.

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