Gangaa Thursday Update 19 December 2019


Gangaa Thursday Update 19 December 2019

Outside the court, ganga is shocked to know that krishna knew from niru, and asks what should she do, as she wants them both.

ganga composes herself and says that she should follow her heart as thats never wrong. she then asks krishna to place her hand on her heart and try and listen to her response. krishna complies. while ganga is paying the auto fellow, she spots sagar and krishna goes rushing. she gets skeptic when she finds them chatting animatedly. she rushes upto them, and then while he eyes her tensedly, she takes krishna and leads her inside, while he remains tensed standing outside.

The court proceedings begin. All wait in anticioation. as krishna comes in the witness box, the judge asks krishna to tell who she wishes to stay with, her mother or her father, asking her not to be tensed. all wait with bated breaths. she rememebrs sagar telling her that if she chooses her mother, she would only get her, but if she chooses her father, she would get both her parents. ganga and sagar tensedly wait for her answer.

When the judge asks her, krihsna informs that she wishes to stay with the father. sagar and his family is ecstatic, while ganga ia aghast. she tries to plea that she wishes to talk with her daughter, as she would want to stay with her only. sagar’s lawyer denies that to be granted, as she might influence her decision. the judge sustains the objection. Ganga pleads to the judge to let her speak to her daughter krishna for sometime, before he gives his decision. the judge denies asaying that kirishna chose to be with her father, out of free will, and hence, she shall live with her father father only.

ganga is aghast as she is torn between eyeing krishna and sagar. she tells the judge that he cant do this, as krihsna means everything to her, and she wont be able
to do this to her as a mother. the judge asks her to calm down, but she gets berserk, and continues to hastily keep adding that she shall not let krishna be taken away. the judge finally asks her to behave as this is the final warning, while the police restrains her. krishna asks her not to worry, as they shall all be together. as ammaji tries to take krishna away, she tries to reach out to ganaga, who is meanwhile held in by lady constables, trying to wrench her away from krishna. a frustrated krishna reprimands sagar, that he had said that if she chooses him, then she could have both of them living together, then why isnt she be allowed to be with ganga, and take her with them. all are tensed, as ganga is taken away. sagar and ammaji try and convince her, that soon ganga shall join them. ammaji takes krishna away while sagar eyes ganga dealing with the police. he apologises and says that he had no other option,m since her ego wont let her come to him, and he had to do this, and they might have to bear this pain for some days, after which they shall be together. he says that he isnt distancing krishna from her, but soon they shall be all living like one big happy family.

Ammaji’s residence
Niru is tensed as to whats the result, and just then, she finds madhavi and ammaji welcoming krishna into the house with sagar, while she is tensed. she keeps looking at the door, in search for ganga. ammaji performs the arti, while she is only concerned for ganga. sagar gets tensed at her concerns. ammaji tries to distract her from the delicacies prepared for her. but she is tensed. they find niru in the balcony and holler for him. ammaji excitedly narrates what happened in the court, justifying it. sagar and madhavi are tensed though, as niru eyes them sadly. ammaji asks if she isnt happy. he stoically goes and stands in front of sagar, asking if he and krishna are happy. they get tensed hearing this. ammaji asks him to stop talking about all this, and instead showers krishna with all the love in the world. sagar goes aftre her. madhavi and niru remain behind. she asks if he is happy, as for the first time, krishna has come with full possession, and their scattered family is becoming one. he asks if she is actually saying this, and asks her to understand whats ganga going through as a family cant be happy at the cost of the mother’s pain. zoya watcehs this, from the balcony, fuming.

Later, madhavi gets food for krishna, while finds her asleep in sagar;s lap. they place the plate and go out. sagar says that she fell asleep waiting for her mother. he asks her to let krishna rest as today was tiring for her. he asks her to stay with krishna, while he finishes some work. she asks what. he doesnt respond and asks her to wait by her side, while he comes back soon.

Ganga’s residence
As ganga walks back dejectedly to the empty deserted house, containing memories of krishna in every corner, she is apalled and distraught. tears stream down her cheeks, as she collapses on the floor, crying her heart out. she finds krishna’s hand on her shoulders, and turns around and hurriedly hugs her, saying that she knew krishna would come back to her. but she finds that she is hallucinating. meanwhile, Sagar comes to ganga’s house, but she doesnt open the door, and screams berserk and distraught, at him, from inside, saying that despite everything that he did to her since childhood, she always had a small corner in her heart, that loved him secretively, but today, after what he did, that love had died and taken its last breath, and now she has no more love for him, but only hatred. he is aghast as he hears this from outside, after desperately trying to convince her in vain. ganga is distraught and inconsolably crying.

Ganga’s residence
Sagar continues to holler that their love cant end, while ganga doesnt listen to anything. he leaves frustratedly.

Ammaji’s residence
While madhavi and ammaji are preparing a list of what things they can get for krishna, niru comes and says that this isnt right. they have a huge verbal discussion, while niru accuses them of separating a mother from her child. ammaji says that after what she did, ganga rightfully deserved it, and how she doesnt have any regrets, and that krishna shall stay here only now, and not go anywhere, and not to ganga at all. he says that he shall take krishna to ganga. he storms out, while they are shocked.

As sagar comes back, and krishna wakes up, she asks if ganga came.
he refuses but says that she shall come soon. she continues to adamantly ask where is ganga and that she shall eat only when ganga comes back, while he continuously tries to feed her. niru asks krishna if she wishes to go to her mother, and when she complies, he takes her hand and begins to walk out. madhavi and sagar try and calm him down. he shuts them all up, saying that if she wishes to go with ganga, then she should be given that right, and not be lied to, as he wont stand that. krishna asks who is lying to her and why. she is distractedas sagar asks madhavi to stay with krishna, while he wishes to talk to him in private. he begs for a chance, and after much reluctance, niru complies. madhavi takes krishna aside, while sagar gets the chance to talk to him. he tells krishna that he shall tell her everything, after talking to niru. she asks if she wont lie. he complies.

Later, sagar says to niru that he knew he has lied, but had to do it, or else krishna would never have agreed to coming with him. he is oblivious that krishna is right behind listening to him. KRishna asks if he really lied to her. sagar confronts her and is stunned and speechless. he tries to calm her down, while she gets berserk and distraught, and starts fighting with him. madhavi and ammaji come, and happily talk to her. she says that she wishes to go to ganga, and not stay here. ammaji tries to distract her, but madhavi asks her to have food first. krishna is least fazed by all this. they try to take her away but she continues to run around saying that she doesnt wish to stay here. he asks if she wishes to go to ganga, and she asks whether he shall take her rightaway. he complies, but asks her to hear something first and then decide for herself. but she is adamant on going and refuses to sit. he sits and says that he didnt lie, and that he promised. he then asks if he told her that he shall get her mother today, and that they shall all live together, and they are so angry at each other, it will take sometime to calm things down, and begs for some time. he tries to point out how much pain and insistence it takes to get someone to accept their apology. he says that her mother shall forgive him too, and despite saying sorry so many times, she is angry but he knows she would listen ultimately. she is still adamant. they all get tensed. he gets tensed and reprimands her for not listening. the ladies get tensed. they rush to sagar, while krishna makes a face and sits away. madhavi asks sagar to talk to her lovingly, as they dont listen when they are scolded. he takes the plate of food, and then comes to her lovingly. then madhavi takes ammaji away, so that they can talk in private. krishna refuses to eat when he asks her to. she throws tantrums, while he holds his ears and apologises, and says that he should have told everything, but didnt. he starts doing sit-ups, and tries to cheer her up. she finally relents and gives in. she comes and sits by sagar, and asks him to do the same in front of ganga. he wonders if it was that simple. they decide to get her back..

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