Gangaa Thursday Update 13 February 2020


Gangaa Thursday Update 13 February 2020

It was night and heavy storm. Shiv and Ganga tries to walk out of forest. Ganga was unable to walk. Shiv asks if her foot is hurt then holds her into his arms. Ganga resists but Shiv doesn’t leave her. They find a hiding in a lone house. The door was shut from outside. Ganga asks how this door would open now.

Gangaa Wednesday Update 12 February 2020

Shiv calls if someone is out there, then watches Ganga sit beside the fire trying to get rid of cold. He insists on her to cover herself with the blanket and dry her clothes. Ganga wasn’t ready. Shiv shouts at her to do this at least for Radhika.

Ganga finally walks aside and returns after having dripped her clothes. Shiv tells her to come close to fires and turns his face down as her sleeve was down the shoulder. Ganga held her foot out of pain, he comes to hold it to remove the strain from her
foot. Ganga withdraws her foot. Shiv insists on her to let him have a look at the strain. Ganga was sure it will be fine by tomorrow. Shiv drags the foot towards him and twists it.

The next morning, Ganga wakes up and finds Shiv’s hand over hers. She gets up recalling Shiv treating her foot. As she returns after getting fresh Shiv was standing outside. Ganga asks how the door was opened. Shiv tells her about the wire. She asks if he didn’t think about it last night. Shiv says he didn’t find a wire last night and tells her to go. The reach the jeep, it started as soon as he attempts to start it. Shiv was thankful to God. Ganga was thoughtful about what Jhumki said. Shiv tells Ganga to go home straight away.

At home, Radhika comes to Savitri worried about Shiv and Ganga. Savitri tells Riya to take Radhika upstairs, Shiv and Ganga would soon be there. Jhumki comes to Savitri and says it would be better if Shiv and Ganga never return. Shiv drives Ganga towards home. They return home. Savitri was worried and asks were had they been. Shiv says they didn’t get a call, there was no network. Savitri wonders how was the phone ringing then, she asks Shiv to check his phone once.


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