Gangaa Thursday update 12 December 2019


Gangaa Thursday update 12 December 2019

Location: Sagar’s residence
Niru tries to recount to sagar, the way ganga suffered due to him, when she was bringing up krishna alone. sagar is tensed to hear this.

Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga is frustrated at the court notice, when zoya comes and again tries to instigate her, but ganga is resilient that she wont run away from situations and set a role model for her daughter. resignedly zoya leaves frustrated, warning her that she shouldnt be too revengeful that she herself burns in the fires of revenge. after she leaves. ganga is distressed thinking about it.

As she walks out frustrated, zoya confronts krishna. she
calls krishna and tries to emotionally manipulate her that they should go to avoid their troubles. but krishna says that when they havent made any mistake, they shouldnt run away with the problems. she says that she wishes ganga to stay here only, and cant let the troubles make her run away. as she goes in, zoya is frustrated that like mother, like daughter. she decides to do something about it.

Krishna goes inside to find the chapati burning, while she is totally lost. she hollers at ganga, who gets unnerved and ends up burning her own hands. krishna rushes to get antiseptic, while ganga thinks that there isnt any third option. either she has to burn, or else, get burnt. she is tensed.

Location: On the road
Zoya meanwhile finds sonu on the road, and vents out her anger and frustration at him, about ganaga and her adamant daughter krishna, who are hell bent on ruining her entire’s life’s efforts. she says that sagar desperately wants her to be in the house, while ganga doesnt wish to budge. he tells her that their difference of opinion is her biggest strength, as people dont understand anything in ego, which they can use to their advantage. she is boggled. he asks her to use their ego and suspicious doubts. she intently hears and understands whats the matter. she says that now she knows what she has to do.

Location: Sagar’s residence
The next morning, while the entire family watches, ammaji bids off a traditional farewell, to sagar, who is going to fight the case for the custody of the daughter. she says that she wants him to get krishna back asap. he says that he isnt doing it for ganag’s spite, but to get his little daughter.

Meanwhile, zoya tries yet again to instigate ganga, in the lawyer dress, to use her trump card. but ganga refuses to lie while zoya says that she is doing this only for krishna’s sake. but ganga doesnt feel like lying. zoya asks her to use the trump card when everything fails. ganga is tensed.

Ganga asks why does he want to be a part of their family now, as she doesnt wish that, and that he has no claim on her and her child at all. he asks her to try and understand and not deny that he isnt the father. Ganga refuses to accept sagar as the father of krishna while he says that one her wedding day, she had admitted the child is his, then why deny it now. the judge says that he understands their pain and the state in which she is in right now, but truth be told, the child belongs to both the parents, and hence sagar does stand a chance if he is the father. madhavi and ammaji are hopeful. he says that sdagar never claimed till now, but today he wishes the need to express. the judge asks for a paternity tests and asks ganga if sagar is the biological father of
the child. she asks what if her response is yes. the judge says that his petition shall be accepted, and legal proceedings shall happen. ganga recounts the entire torment that sagar and his rash decision and his family had out him through, while kashish and zoya wait in anticipation for her answer. she eyes the taveez, and then remembers zoya’s advice. ganga thinks that there cant be any better way to absolve her stain than to accept it now but at what cost, as that would mean losing her daughter forever and if she tries it, then she can have her daughter for herself, along with the taint of the society. she is taken aback, but then is apalled, when the judge says that only she

can confirm. she lies through her teeth and denies sagar to be the father. they are all shocked at this weird statement. ganga says that she knows many would be disappointed with her answer and once again, they shall get the option to malign her character, but still her answer is the same, that she wasnt with him, that night and he isnt the biological father. he says that she is lying and asks how can she do this. she thinks that she can do anything, even maligining of the character, but shall stick to her decision to do anything to keep her daughter to herself. he goes berserk, and says that he is sure that krishna is his child. ganga says that a mother can tell who the father is, of her child, and that isnt sagar. the judge comments at the weird dilemma, and asks for proof. ganga says that she as a mother knows. he says that she is wrong, while ganga is distraught. he says that times and world have changed, and says that he didnt wish to do this, but she forced him. he hands over some papers to the judge, saying that proof isnt needed, as its a matter of trust and accepts that he didnt trust, and hence she lied big time. he says that he doesnt need to prove that krishna is his daughter but since ganga has refused, hence he didnt have any other option. he tells them that these are krishna’s DNA reports. ganga is shocked, as the judge goes through the papers. krishna sits head hung low. he apologises to ganga, for not telling anything to her. she eyes krishna accusingly. he then clarifies that the reports clearly state that he is the biological father and hence has the right to demand for krishna’s custory. kashish, madhavi and ammaji are happy, while zoya is frustrated. krishna is tensed as she eyes ganga, who is distraught. krishna eyes both of them. the judge says that this proves that sagar’s claims are right and gives a date for the next hearing. the corut is adjourned till then. all disperse. ganga hastily wraps everything up, and holds krishna by the hand and takes her away. all are tensed.

Location: Ammaji’s residence
Ammji comes back with madhavi, and gets sweets and serves it to niru, saying that the court accepted sagar’s plea. she happily narrates everything, while niru listens shocked and surprised. juhi and supriya hear on tensedly.

Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga reprimands krishna for doing soemthing like this, while krishna keeps asking her not to get angry. krishna tries to make her understand, but ganga reminds her whatever she has been told to do, she has always ended up doing against it. she asks her how could she not think once why sagar is doing what he is doing, and how could she not consult or even tell her that she did something like this. ganga is totally frustrated. krishna says that she accepted him and believed in him, just like she belives in her, and that isnt wrong for a child to trust both her parents. ganga asks her not to address him like that. Krishna retaliates that after such a difficult wait, she finally met her father and wont stop addressing him by that too. ganga gets enraged. they continue to argue, while ganga is forced to raise her hand, but sagar comes and stops it midway. ganga is shocked. he asks her how can she do this. she tells him that he may have gotten biological evidence, by betrayal, but he wouldnt be able to take her from her, and she shall fight till the end. sagar tells ganga that even he doesnt wish to have a court case, or scuffle, and just wants to be with each other for krishna’s sake. ganga tells that his one mistake changed their lives altogether, and now he wishes to be with them. he says that then she doesnt leave him any option to fight for krishna. as they continue to argue, krishna asks them to have respect and faith for each other atleast, as she wishes to live with them together. she walks inside and shuts her room. they both eye each other tensedly. sagar hastily leaves from there.Sagar returns home. Ammaji says she is proud of him. She says she is confident he’ll bring her granddaughter back. Niranjan tells him he must be proud after winning. Why is he not happy?

Does he feel like he lost despite winning. Ammaji interrupts, but Niranjan says he’s saying the truth. Sagar knows Gangaa from childhood. She would never let anyone question on her character. That same Gangaa, today took such a big blame on her, but didn’t accept Sagar as her daughter’s dad. Sagar knows very well what that means. Sagar says, so much hatred inside her, he never imagined it. She is okay with her character getting spoiled, but doesn’t want to return to him. She will die, but she won’t let her love for Sagar come out. Where will so much hatred take them? He only knows
that fear of losing Krishna is killing her from inside. And when he goes closer to her, she hurts herself more. The truth is that he won today, but he still lost. He walks away. Ammaji asks him to listen to her, but in vain.

Zoya is upset as case has become mess. Like this, Sagar and Ganga’s misunderstanding will be gone, and then… She asks Sonu what he is thinking. This is very serious, they must do something so Sagar and Ganga don’t come close..else their game will end. She gets something in mind and smiles. Sonu asks did she get any plan. Zoya says yes, if they succeed in this plan, then Ganga and Sagar never be together in this life. Tomorrow is Karwa Chauth and she asks Sonu to arrange Ganga and Krishna’s photo.

It’s morning. Gangaa prepares for Sargi. She recalls Sagar’s mum giving her a thaal on previous Karwa Chauth and asking her to promise that she will keep fasting for Sagar every year. Back to present, Gangaa says she doesn’t know where love disappeared, but she still has been fulfilling her promise.

Other hand, Madhvi quietly prepares for Sargi recalling her happy time with Niranjan. Niranjan wakes up and asks she still keeps this fast. She says, relationships changed, but not rituals. He says, she doesn’t need to believe in rituals, she believes in relationships, right. She says, he left believing in rishtes. Someone else became more important for him than his family. She is still bahu of this house and Ammaji expects her to follow rituals. He asks, is that the only reason? She leaves without answering.

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