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 November Teasers Gangaa 2018

Thursday 1 November 2018
Episode 15

Gangaa with the help of Pulkit and Sagar takes back the Saree and jewellery from Sudha, unfortunately Amma finds out about it. Amma tries to explain the life of a widow to Gangaa, but Gangaa refuses to accept what is said.

Friday 2 November 2018
Episode 16

Amma takes away Gangaa’s belongings. Niranjan decides to send Gangaa to get an education. Amma is against the idea and states that she will  fast until Niranjan changes his decision. Will Niranjan change his decision?

Saturday 3 November 2018
Episode 17

Sagar and Gangaa write a letter to God with the hopes that it would end the misunderstanding at home. Amma and Niranjan both come to agreement to let Gangaa study futher but, only on one condition. What could the condition be?

Sunday 4 November 2018
Episode 18

Jhanvi does something to Gangaa’s clothes that makes her break out with a rash and pass out. Sagar comes to Gangaa’s rescue.

Monday 5 November 2018
Episode 19

Gangaa, Pulkit and Sagar join hands to try and get rid of Gangaa’s teacher. Sudha and Prabha try there best to instigate Amma against Gangaa. Gangaa fakes having stomach pain just to skip the lesson.

Tuesday 6 November 2018
Episode 20

Amma realises that because of Gangaa, she loosing a lot of respect from the other widows. Niranjan shouts at Pulkit for neglecting his studies. Sagar hands Gangaa a cd player with work Gangaa needs to memorise.

Wednesday 7 November 2018
Episode 21

Amma continues to make the rift between Gangaa and Niranjan wider and to make matters worse, she fools Gangaa into taking a vow of silence. Sagar begins to question the sudden closeness between Amma and Gangaa.

Thursday 8 November 2018
Episode 22

Gangaa somehow tells Sagar about the oath she took not to talk. Madhvi out of the blue gets a severe back pain and she asks Gangaa to call someone, only problem is Gangaa can’t talk. How will Gangaa get help?

Friday 9 November 2018
Episode 23

Niranjan’s brother in law, Omkar comes to visit along with his daughter Drishti. Gangaa thinks about what Amma says and unknowingly she insults Omkar.

Saturday 10 November 2018
Episode 24

Sagar finds a way to free Gangaa so she can expose Amma’s deeds to Niranjan. Niranjan finds out that Amma instructed the teacher to teach Gangaa the wrong stuff.

Sunday 11 November 2018
Episode 25

Drishti becomes the to performing student in the state. Omkar crushes all of Drishti’s dreams as he fixes her marriage already. Upon meeting the potential groom, Gangaa and Sagar decide to evaluate him all on their own.

Monday 12 November 2018
Episode 26

Gangaa tells Akshay the full truth of Drishti after Drishti runs out the room. Omkar tells Amma that he plans to create differences between Sagar and Gangaa. What could he possibly be planning to do?

Tuesday 13 November 2018
Episode 27

Drishti and Pulkit come across a photo of Akshay with another girl on social media. Sagar starts to give Gangaa a cold shoulder. Drishti accidentally tells Madhvi that her mother was abused.

Wednesday 14 November 2018
Episode 28

Drishti tells Madhvi the truth behind her mother’s death and it seems like Omkar has a lot of skeletons in his closet. Omkar tries to threaten Gangaa after she exposes him, but she isn’t backing down.

Thursday 15 November 2018
Episode 29

Sagar deeply hurts Gangaa by not acknowledging her on stage. Pulkit gives Niranjan a fake report card his friends created. Gangaa realises the importance of education and she tries to convince Niranjan, but he refuses to believe her.

Friday 16 November 2018
Episode 30

Niranjan decides to test Gangaa to see how serious she is about studying. Gangaa finds Pulkit’s original report car and before she can hand it to him, Niranjan intercepts.

Saturday 17 November 2018
Episode 31

Gangaa somehow convinces Niranjan to talk with Pulkit. Verma and Omkar join forces to trick Niranjan into signing the documents. Gangaa and Pulkit find out the truth and just before Gangaa could tell Niranjan, Omkar stops her.

Sunday 18 November 2018
Episode 32

Madhvi becomes very suspicious of Omkar and she tries her best to alert Niranjan. After finding Gangaa, Sagar informs the whole family about her condition.

Monday 19 November 2018
Episode 33

Niranjan gives Gangaa one last test, as he asks her to write an essay about her family. Omkar makes up a story just to gain access to Madhvi’s jewellery. Gangaa stuns everyone with the essay she wrote about the family.

Tuesday 20 November 2018
Episode 34

Gangaa saves Mr. Tiwari and as a result he agrees to teach her.

Wednesday 21 November 2018
Episode 35

Gangaa shows how determined she is to study, even Amma’s tasks don’t distract her. Yash plays on Sagar’s laptop without permission and suddenly in malfunctions. Gangaa notices that the laptop is broken and decides to go get it repaired.

Thursday 22 November 2018
Episode 36

Gangaa finds a way to pay for Sagar’s laptop repairs, only thing is that she has to make 5 hand crafted bicycles in a short amount of time otherwise she will be locked out the house for the night.

Friday 23 November 2018
Episode 37

It’s evening time and Gangaa is all alone outside, who knows what danger she might face. Sagar feels guilty after hearing that Gangaa gave away the wooden bicycle her father made.

Saturday 24 November 2018
Episode 38

Sagar somehow gets back Gangaa’s bike and she, fixes his laptop. Turns out that Gangaa’s thumb injury is far more serious than expected. Yash grabs Gangaa’s book and as she tries to grab it from him, he falls off the stairs by accident.

Sunday 25 November 2018
Episode 39

Finally, the day of Gangaa’s admission test has a arrived and almost everyone wishes her well. With the odds stacked against her, can Gangaa do the impossible and prove her doubters wrong?

Monday 26 November 2018
Episode 40

Gangaa proves that her hard work and determination didn’t go to waste as she passes the exam. Gangaa’s joy and hapiness soon fade as Amma forces her to change her school clothes to the white saree.

Tuesday 27 November 2018
Episode 41

The school principal refuses to let Gangaa study at the school with the proper uniform. Sagar and Gangaa look online for a school with white uniform for Gangaa. Niranjan finds out about the problem between Sudha and Omkar.

Wednesday 28 November 2018
Episode 42

Gangaa compels Amma to allow her to attend the new school she found. Omkar sees Gangaa as a threat and he plans to do something about her real soon. What could this wicked man be planning to do this time?

Thursday 29 November 2018
Episode 43

Niranjan searches everywhere for Gangaa, but still no luck. Omkar finds out that Gangaa was sold to someone named Surilibai. Gangaa discovers a hidden room filled with other little girls.

Friday 30 November 2018
Episode 44

Niranjan finds Gangaa’s shoe laying outside of the building she’s being held captive in. Gangaa makes it a point to save the girls inside the hidden room.

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