Gangaa Sunday Update 16 February 2020


Gangaa Sunday Update 16 February 2020

Aashi comes to Savitri and says it’s her birthday tomorrow. She wants a party at home. Savitri promises to invite her in-laws. Savitri tells Aashi to speak to Ganga not create any drama.

Gangaa Saturday Update 15 February 2020

In the room, Ganga stood beside the window when Aashi comes in. Ganga shouts why Shiv came here, how much would he trouble her. Aashi keeps a hand over her shoulder. Ganga requests her for help to get away from here. Aashi apologizes that she can’t help her, she was upset that she came here selfish about her sake. She calls her family selfish who doesn’t care for anyone else.

Ganga asks what she wants from her. Aashi says she wants a small party for her birthday, her in-laws would also come here. Ganga stops Aashi and promises to wear the mask of being happy in front of her in-laws, they won’t find anything.
Shiv thinks he loves Ganga dearly, he has to be strict to make her stay here. He is sure she won’t live happy without him. In the party, Aashi comes to meet her in laws. Her mother in law comes to bless her. Jhumki gets a cough and goes to drink water.

Aashi’s fiancé signals her to go inside. Savitri sends Riya inside to bring Shiv and Ganga outside. Ganga was getting ready in the room, Riya comes to call her. Ganga didn’t wear any jewelry. Shiv comes inside saying she is his wife, she can’t go outside so simple. He sends Riya out promising Ganga would come out after getting ready. Ganga asks Shiv what’s his problem. Shiv gives her jewelry to wear. He says if she doesn’t get ready he will make her ready by himself, he makes her sit on a chair and puts on the jewelry. He clarifies he doesn’t need any reason to come closer to her and leaves the room. Ganga doesn’t wear the necklace but the back chair. She notices it was difficult to wear and thinks this is the reason Shiv took a lot of time to tie it. She remembers his other behaviors with her and decides he really did wrong to her. She comes out to the party.
In the party, Aashi’s fiancé tells all husbands to put cake into their wive’s mouths, it increases love. Shiv forwards the cake towards Ganga saying she must eat it. Ganga doesn’t move. He warns to be forceful.

Ganga leaves without eating the cake. Shiv eats it by himself. Riya watches this, Kushal asks what happened. Riya was worried about Shiv’s behavior with Ganga, Ganga must be suffocating here. Kushal says he has thought about an idea and take Riya aside.
They all head to play Antakshari. The elders go for arrangement of lunch. Men and women sit in couples. Riya finds a chance when Ganga stood alone. She discuss with Ganga that they are really hurt about Shiv’s behavior with her. She hands Ganga a ticket of train and tells her to leave this place, she must go with a man outside. Ganga thanks Riya and hugging her she leaves. Outside, Pratab watches Ganga, he says he would let her go but he wants to tell her Shiv knows something about Krishna. Ganga returns worried about Krishna.
The guests were
taking a leave, Shiv asks about Riya but the guests indulge him. In Math, Ganga cried with Krishna’s clothes and photos. Pratab says this all shows Shiv know about Krishna. Ganga insists on him to take her to Krishna. Pratab says only Shiv knows about it, she must decide if she wants to leave this place or stay here until she finds out about Krishna.

There at home, Shiv questions his family about Ganga. He asks Riya why she said Ganga is in washroom. He calls Ganga all across the house. Shiv wonders how Ganga could leave home, and says someone from family helped Ganga. She asks Riya about it. Riya says they sent Ganga to Railway station. Shiv shouts at her how she helped her and clutches Riya by arms. Kushal stops Shiv. Kushal says they couldn’t see Ganga’s condition as such. Shiv shouts if he is the only one in family who is wild. Shiv makes a call to his men and tells them to reach station in search of Ganga.
Ganga comes home and asks Shiv about Krishna. Shiv says if she returned home because of Krishna he wouldn’t tell her anything about Krishna. Ganga asks how he can hide about Krishna from a mother. Shiv asks how he should tell her about Krishna, she calls him stone hearted who doesn’t understand her pain. Was she leaving the village, she can? Ganga says she would stay here until he tells her about Krishna. She doesn’t want to look at his face, but she would stay until she finds out about Krishna.

She is sure one day he himself would tell her about Krishna’s whereabouts. Ganga goes into the room. Shiv tells the family to go to their rooms.
Riya comes to Ganga and asks why she returned. Ganga was crying and says Shiv knows about her Krishna, he must tell her about her whereabouts. Kushal asks Shiv why he is giving Ganga false hopes, why he is being so selfish. Ganga says Shiv must tell her about Ganga, a mother can fight God for her child. Kushal asks Shiv why he is hiding the reality from Ganga.

Shiv says he can’t see her heartbroken. He can’t revenge Ganga of his insult. He wonders how he can share this with her, she won’t be able to bear it and would turn dead. They must let her wander in search of Krishna. Kushal notices Shiv loves Ganga a lot. In the room, Ganga says she hates Shiv as much as she never hated anyone. She cried saying she only wants her Krishna back, she was determined to find it from Shiv.

Ganga takes her jewelry off and rubs the sindoor off her hairline. She notices the bangles which Shiv gifted her and throw them away. Aashi comes into her room and thanks Ganga for her help, she says her in laws really appreciated Ganga. Ganga asks Aashi if she is happy. Aashi questions where her happiness have gone, she shares her worry about the difference between her and Shiv.

Shiv enters the room. Ganga says the one who taught her meaning of true love is different from the Ganga standing in front of her today. Aashi watches Shiv and leaves. Shiv notices Ganga’s hands bleeding and hurries out to get medicine for her. She jerks his hand away. He pushes her over the chair and applies the herbal ointment over it.

Ganga says Shiv would never be able to treat her injured heart. Shiv silently applies the
medicine watching Ganga cry in pain. She notices Shiv’s stare over herself. He leaves the room after bandaging her hands.
In the room, Shiv sat in dark holding a candle. He recalls Ganga’s concern about Krishna. He burns his hand with the flame of candle. Riya comes in concerned about him and goes to get medicine. Shiv says he would get some pain surely, as he has hidden a huge reality of someone’s life. He tells Riya he can’t die as he doesn’t want Ganga to turn widow, he is also hurt as he has hidden a huge reality of Ganga’s daughter from her. Riya assures everything would get well, she brings the medicine for him.

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