Gangaa Sunday update 15 December 2019


Gangaa Sunday update 15 December 2019

Ganga and Krishna are shopping in market. Krishna is wondering why Sagar still didn’t call her to tell her what gift he wants..

Zoya poisons Supriya’s mind that seems like Kashish has decided she will separate Supriya and Pulkit. She tried stopping Kashish from calling Pulkit at mandir, but she still called. Like this, Supriya and Pulkit’s married life will be in danger. Pulkit comes there. Zoya leaves. Pulkit goes to Supriya who looks angry.

Sagar comes in the market. Ganga gets happy. Sagar also gets happy seeing her. Both silently say hi to each other. Sagar gestures her to go to other side. Sagar makes excuses and goes as well.

Supriya tells Pulkit he didn’t even think for once that she had kept fast for him and he left her. What does that mean? That Kashish matters more to him. One hand, He shows everything is fine and he’s trying to save their marriage. Other hand, he gets one call from her and he goes running to her. Pulkit says he was scared that Kashish might do anything wrong, so he went without thinking much..

. He accepts he made mistake and apologises to her. He wants to give another chance to their marriage. He went to meet Kashish.. that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for Supriya. He says he’s incomplete without her, he needs her support. Supriya says for how long? Now it’s not about her only. It’s about their daughter as well. He could have at least thought about Juhi. Pulkit says they both are most important in his life. She asks is that why he keeps going to Kashish? He promises her that he will end this for once and all. He gets a call from Kashish. Supriya again gets angry. He also gets angry and disconnects the call. Pulkit assures her that he won’t repeat his mistake. Juhi calls Supriya and she leaves. Pulkit calls Kashish and says he wants to meet her and discuss something important. Pulkit says in his mind, today he will finally tell her that everything is over between them.

Krishna comes running to Sagar and hugs him. He joyfully lifts her. She tells him she called him and he came. Sagar says why wouldn’t he. He had to tell her what he wants in gift. She says but he took too much time. She was angry at him as well thinking he won’t come. But now he’s here. Sagar says sorry sorry for being late and asks what she bought for Ganga. She tells him to tell her what he wants first, she will then decide for Ganga. He tells her something. Zoya gets angry seeing Sagar and Ganga’s bonding. She figures this is why her plans have been failing. It’s good that she followed Sagar else she would never find out what’s going on. She thinks Ganga might not know it either.

Ganga finally sees Krishna is missing. She searches for her and sees Sagar and Krishna being naughty and playing with each other. She smiles seeing them. Sagar and Krishna stop seeing Ganga. Krishna holds Sagar’s hand. Ganga walks to them and asks Krishna to go with her. Krishna doesn’t go and holds her pallu. Zoya watches them restlessly. Ganga takes Krishna away. Zoya says she didn’t know father-daughter would be this mad behind each other. That is why her plans were failing, but not anymore. Now is the time to attack on right place. She will have to make sure Sagar and Ganga don’t come matter for that if she has to kill Krishna.

Krishna wants to call Sagar their home for Diwali. Ganga says they can’t. Krishna keeps asking why. Ganga says because then he would think.. long pause.. and she continues, he would think she called him. Krishna says it won’t look like that. She will call him. Ganga tries to stop her, but she goes running to call him. Kashish tells Ganga to leave it. The truth is she also wants to see him in puja. She tells her to listen to heart for once.. heart never lies.

At Sagar’s place, everyone is decorating their house with rangoli and diyas. Ammaji looks very happy. Supriya finds earrings in gifts and thinks it’s for Juhi. She thinks she will be so happy.

Kashish is going somewhere. Krishna tells her she’s looking so pretty.. where is she going. She says hospital where else. Krishna calls Sagar and invites him for puja. Sagar gets surprised. He asks what did Ganga say? Ganga gestures her to say no. Krishna says she doesn’t want him to come. She looks at Ganga and says, that is what you said, right? Why are you quiet now? Ganga turns her face. Sagar asks if Ganga is around. Krishna says yes. He tells her to answer in yes and no to his questions. He asks whether Ganga is hiding behind the door. She says yes. He asks what is she doing. She says scratching floor with her feet. He says she must be smiling as well. She says, yes a little. He says, if she’s smiling, then she must have tears coming down from her eyes. Krishna says, yes but how does he know. He says, just like that. He asks her to do something for him. Krishna hangs the phone and goes to Ganga and asks her to bend. She kisses her. Ganga imagines as Sagar kissing her. Krishna says that Sagar told her not to waste tears as they are his too. and he’s coming for puja. Krishna leaves. Ganga again imagines as Sagar coming to her and saying not to waste those tears. They are not hers alone. His pain is also in them. They both will share them.

As ganga hopefully, lights up the house, with diyas, sagar comes and helps her with one of the diyas, telling her that this diya helped to sustain their love and care, and that it exposed everything that she had beenhiding behind her false anger and pride in those eyes. He says that behind the eyes, there is only love which has his name written all over it. he asks her never to let the diya of this love and this hope be doused, as if that happens, then he would die and she wouldnt be able to live either. krishna’s voice makes her realise that she was dreaming all along.

Location: Sagar’s residence
As sagar gets dressed, ready to go, ammaji asks where is he going, leaving the puja. Sagar says that he is going
to ganga’s place. ammaji says that he should be in his house, for puja. but sagar says that he has to go, and eyes the jewellery kept beside the table. he asks if she took this for ganga and krishna. ammaji complies. he takes them and begins to leave, when madhavi asks what about the puja here. niru comes in. sagar says that he is going to gift ganga and krishna, for Dhanteras. they smile. he seeks their blessings. zoya is frustrated and tensed. they comply. then sagar leaves. niru asks if he is going to ganga’s place and asks if she caleld him, and knows about him coming. he explains everything saying that its his right. he leaves. ammaji is overwhelmed to see his happiness. madhavi says that he should have stayed home still. niru says that the home is where the heart stays. all are happy, while zoya is frustrated. At the puja, the priest awaits pulkit to sit with his wife. but madhavi says that she tried a lot, but pulkit isnt receiving. they wonder who shall do the puja. niru steps in saying that he shall and as per customary traditions, madhavi shall take her place beside him. he holds her hand and makes her sit. ammaji gets emotionally overwhelmed. zoya fumes.

Location: Ganga’s residence
As they alight diyas, sagar comes and krishna is ecstatic, while ganga thinks that mayve she is daydreaming yet again, as she fixates her gaze on him. they save the diya from dousing, and sagar iterates the same words that he uttered when ganga was dreaming. krishna asks what shall happen if this diya stays alight. sagar says that all her wishes shall come true. ganga asks her not to play with fire. krishna goes in to get her collection of flowers for puja. sagar and ganga both keeps hands around the diya compulsively at the same time, to avoid it from dousing. he tells her that he told her in the dream. she gets emotionally overwhelmed, while noticing later, that he burnt his hands. she immediately rushes to his care, while he eyes her emotionally. she eyes him, realising that he saw her concern suddenly, and then looks away, walks in, while he stands there eyeing his burnt hand.

Later, as ganga is busy with prepartions, while the priest gets ready for the puja, she eyes sagar and krishna playfully spending time. the priest reminds ganga, that its a puja that requires, a husband and a wife to sit together and that she has sat alone for years, but it looks like kirisha’s father has returned. they both get tensed. ganga denies and hesitates, but krishna butts in saying that he is the father and they have to sit together. she is in a fix, as krishna and sagar, playfully side together, and ask the priest to start the puja, as they are merely going through a fight. but sagar adamantly forces her to sit, she resists at first, but when krishna too plays on sagar’s side. she reluctantly gives in. ganga fumes, as she takes part in the rituals, while sagar and krishna are amused. they then do the arti together as a couple, while ganga fumes, but complies nevertheless. she remembers doing this with him, and then the way he betrayed her. after the arti, sagar takes blessings and ganga too.

Location: Hospital
As pulkit narrates his decision and how this is their last meeting, and that she cant weaken him with her tears. he says that its their last meeting, and they wont meet again. she says that this means he came in with his mind prepared and this means he never loved her truly, and maybe she only loved him, and she knows the consequences of one sided love. she victimises herself, for having trusted him and loved him so much, and thats the biggest mistake she made. he is unable to bear her tears, but she jerks him away, pointing out what she had hoped for, and what she got. she shows him the diwali gift she got for both of them, but now its of no use. she is about to berak it, when pulkit comes and asks her not to do so, saying that they have spent intimate moments together, and that they shall wear watches, remembering each other. she denies, saying that she doesnt need anything that reminds her of him, and asks him to go away. he asks her to try and understand that there isnt any furture. she asks him to go, with folded hands, while he asks her to stop it. she gets emotional and hugs him, saying that she would die without him, and cant live without him. he is in a dilemma and then reciprocates back. she asks him why is he doing this, as she loves him a lot. she says that he shouldnt talk of leaving again. he is distraught.

Location: Sagar’s residence
Sonu taunts zoya that things seem to be getting better between niru and madhavi and if that happens, zoya inheriting property shall always go out the window. zoya fumes, while he is amused and asks her to let go of her dream and come along with him, before they throw her out of the house. she asks him to stop this nonsense. he says that this diwali shall bring forever darkness in her life. she smirks, and says that not for her, but for them. Zoya is enraged and swears that Amasvasya night, shall forever induce darkness in their life and that there wont be light in the Chaturvedi grounds. ZOya says that the fire they rise, to pray to Goddess Lakshmi, shall furthermore burn the Lakshmi of their own house. Sonu hears on..

Afetr finishing the puja, sagar holds out the gifts, while krishna notices that he is hiding something. he asks her to pick one closed fist. she complies and gets her gift and then she asks whats in the other one. he shows that they are bangles and says that its for ganga, and asks her to wait, while he goes and gives.

he goes into find ganga crying in the kitchen, emotionally overwhelmed. he comes and stands behind her, and then takes her hand, while she is startled. she turns around and tries to wrenche free, but he holds her tightly, and then kisses her hand, while tears flow down her cheeks. she jerks her hand away, and asks him why is he here, and begs him to go, and leave her alone. he says that he shall, but wishes to give her something first.

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