Gangaa Season 2,3 Zee World Full Story Teasers Cast Summary


Gangaa Season 2,3 Zee World Full Story Teasers Cast Summary

Gangaa season 1 Rebroadcast on Zee World, Read Full Story Teasers Cast Summary.


Gangaa(Ruhanna Khanna/Aditi Sharma) is the story of a teenage girl who suffers a widow’s burden at her young age but gets a second chance to live a normal life when she meets Sagar(Vishal Vasishtha), a friend who later turns acquaintance. She faces challenges in her quest for love/family and her tale is an inspiration to young ladies to have the keen spirit of overcoming life situations and whole lots of lessons to learn.


1) In the land of Vanarasi, Gangaa is a young child whose husband dies the day they got married. She also looses her father in a riot. At her tender age, she has no idea of what marriage means but she undergoes strict rules and widow’s obligations from society. However, she is saved from torture by a Lawyer known as Niranjan and his wife, Madhiv. They took her and trained her along with their own children. Going further, the story focuses its attention on Gangaa and Sagar, her friend and Niranjan’s son who always supports her. Out of ignorance, Sagar applies vermilion to Gangaa’s forehead. Madhiv and her mother in law, Ammaji decides to separate them as they feel Sagar will leave them for Gangaa. As part of their plans, Sagar is sent to London for his schooling thereby leaving Gangaa behind.
2) Gangaa keeps her hopes on Sagar’s return and always wears her vermilion in his honour. She confesses her love for him but gets heartbroken after realizing that he is in a relationship with Jhanvi, a college friend. Sagar gradually begins to love Gangaa but she could not accept his love as he has gotten engaged to Jhanvi. Sagar finally announces his feelings and desire to marry Gangaa in front of the whole family. Sagar’s family refuses to accept his decision to marry Gangaa because she is a widow but Sagar is determined to unite with his love so, he decides to marry her on his own and move to Delhi.

3) Pulkit, the oldest son of the house is after getting his share from the family’s wealth hence, his actions causes a division in the family. Niranjan is unable to handle the situation so he begs Gangaa to let Sagar come back home. Sagar feels Gangaa doesn’t want him anymore so he gets annoyed and marries Jhanvi instead. Sagar later feels he was wrong about Gangaa and goes running back to her but she refuses him. Gangaa moves on and works with a lawyer called Palash. Things get complicated when Palash falls for Gangaa and states that his mother wants her as a daughter in law. Gangaa is confused as she still has love for Sagar in her heart. Jhanvi gets murdered under Yash’s influence and he stages her death to be a plan of Sagar. Sagar and his family are arrested and Gangaa struggles to bail them. Gangaa goes to Palash as her last hope and she tells him about her love for Sagar. Palash helps the family out of jail except Sagar. As time goes on, he becomes a villain and begins to hide evidences that might save Sagar. Palash gets exposed and sentenced to 2 years in prison.
4) After much difficulty, the family gives in to Sagar and Gangaa’s marriage. Sagar gets drunk and gets intimate with Gangaa but he doesn’t recollects anything about this incident the following day. During their marriage rituals, Gangaa suddenly faints and her condition states that she is pregnant. An ignorant Sagar doubts her faithfulness and claims that she is carrying another man’s child. A broken Gangaa leaves the house and meets Rahat. Rahat caters for poor girls so she accepts Gangaa as a family. Some events take place that reveals the secret Ammaji has been keeping from her son, Niranjan. The secret is about Rahat having a child named Zoya for Niranjan. Zoya is the result of the affair they had back at their school days. Zoya gets into trouble when she tries to be with Rudra(a friend of Sagar). Months later, Gangaa gives birth to a girl and named her Krishna. She decides to raise her child alone even at the absence of her father, Sagar. The story then takes a 7 years leap………….
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Meanwhile, leap months have appeared and Gangaa gives birth to a baby girl on the day of Krishna Janmanashtri, and she named her Krishna. Niranjan also realises Gangaa was telling the truth that Sagar is Krishna’s father. Gangaa decides to be both Krishna’s mother and father.

Coming soon Jodha Akbar Zee World to replace Gangaa


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After 7 years

Gangaa brings up her and Sagar’s daughter Krishna alone. Sagar, who is unaware Krishna is his daughter, goes to Banaras on his dadi’s insistence. In a jungle he comes across Krishna, who is lost, and takes care of her. Krishna is instantly attached to him. He knows she is Gangaa’s daughter because she looks exactly like Gangaa. He takes her home without meeting Gangaa. One day, Sagar and Gangaa came across each other; Krishna recognises Sagar as the man who helped her in the jungle. She is pleased to see him back but Gangaa takes her home.gangaa season 2 after leap

Sagar plans to leave Banaras whereas Gangaa cannot answer Krishna’s question about her father. She herself sets out to find her father. She again comes across Sagar but collapses in his arms. She is rushed to hospital where Gangaa reveals that Krishna has a hole in her heart and it is genetic; Krishna’s father had the same problem in childhood. Sagar is shocked and he asks Gangaa who is Krishna’s father but she does not reply. Sagar refuses to go to London without finding answers. One day, in a temple, Yash takes Krishna to blackmail Gangaa that he will kill her daughter; he reveals that his mother mixed something in Sagar’s drink, which is why he does not remember having sex with Gangaa. Sagar and family are shocked; Gangaa and Krishna go to their home. Sagar says sorry and asks for forgiveness but Gangaa does not budge and is not ready listen as Sagar questions her character but Sagar tells her he came for Krishna and asks Krishna to come with him but Gangaa stops Sagar. He then sends custody of Krishna, later it is followed by a long court case. Sagar wins the case as Krishna chooses Sagar as instructed by him. They somehow convince Gangaa to stay at a house for one week and they prove who loves Krishna more.

This is followed by some funny and cute challenges after one week. Krishna tells Sagar she has to write about a favourite family member; she writes about Sagar and speaks a beautiful speech in front of her school and family members. Gangaa is emotional and she plans to take Krishna to her village but Sagar comes and Krishna cries as she does not want to leave her father. Gangaa goes home Sagar plans to go to London; Gangaa is shocked to hear this but she does not stop him and he leaves. When Niranjan comes and he collapses, it is revealed that he has blood cancer. As according to Niranjan’s wish, Gangaa and Sagar finally marry; on the night of the marriage Gangaa apologize to Sagar for her behaviour and not letting him forgive. After all the drama, Niranjan survives, which followed by a tale of conspiracy. Everything is going fine and Sagar is successful as Gangaa expresses her love for Sagar. Gangaa, Sagar and Krishna witness a major accident in a river when Gangaa lose her memory.

Gangaa Season 3 Full Storygangaa season 2.3 full story

A man named Shiv saves Gangaa’s life. He was marrying a girl called Gangaa, who was wearing the same saree that Gangaa was wearing. Shiv mistakes Sagar’s Gangaa as his own Gangaa. Sagar tries to find Gangaa but Gangaa, as told by Shiv, goes to his house as his bride. After harsh treatment, Gangaa makes her own place and both Gangaa and Shiv started developing feelings for each other. Just then, Sagar arrives, finding Gangaa. He stays there for many days because he is injured. One day, Shiv sees Sagar’s family and is shocked to see Gangaa there. Gangaa shows his face to Sagar and Sagar instantly recognizes his Gangaa. He forces Gangaa to go with him. Shiv finds out the truth and is shocked when he learns that Gangaa is actually Sagar’s wife.

He returns Gangaa to him and on the way, some goons attack them and Gangaa’s memory comes back. Shiv’s brother Pratap shoots Sagar in the chest; he was going to shoot Shiv but Sagar gets in between. He cries and pleads to Shiv for help. At the hospital, doctors cannot save Sagar, who made Shiv promise that he will not leave Gangaa. Shiv fills Gangaa’s forehead with his blood as a sign of vermilion. Gangaa denies being Shiv’s wife and wants to be Sagar’s widow. It is decided that Gangaa must stay with Shiv for a month. Gangaa finds out that Krishna is dead and is devastated. She slowly develops feelings for Shiv. Soon, they get married.

Brief Information and Details on Gangaa Season 2 on Zee World

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 27 November 2019
  • Total number of episodes: 595
  • Total numbers of Season: 3
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv, Zeel & Tv
  • Original name: Gangaa
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil

Gangaa Actors/Cast, Picture and Real name Zee World Series

Child/Gangaa Real Name Ruhana Khanna

Gangaa Real Name Krishna Cast on Gangaa Zee World

Child Gangaa Cast

Ruhanna Khanna as child Gangaa. She started the role of Gangaa as a young child but later grows into an adult as the years pass by.

Gangaa/Adult Real Name Aditi Sharma 

Gangaa Real Name Aditi Sharma Cast on Gangaa Zee World

Gangaa Real Name Aditi Cast

Aditi Sharma as adult Gangaa. She is the main female lead and also a widow before getting married to Sagar. She is also Krishna’s mother.

Sagar Real Name Vishal Vashishtha

Sagar Real Name Vishal Cast on Gangaa Zee World

Sagar Real Name Vishal Vashishtha

Vishal Vashishtha as Sagar Niranjan Chaturvedi. He is lawyer’s Niranjan son, Jhanvi’s husband and Gangaa’s heartthrob. He is the father of Krishna even though he never believed her as his child during pregnancy.

Madhavi Real Name Gungun Cast on Gangaa Zee World

Madhavi Real Name Gungun Cast

Niranjan Real Name Hiten Cast on Gangaa Zee World

Niranjan Real Name Hiten

Hiten Tejwani as Niranjan Chaturvedi. Niranjan is the judge who adopted Gangaa and the father of Sagar. He also has a daughter from his ex but he is unaware of this.

Ammaji Kanta Real Name Sushmita Cast on Gangaa Zee World

Ammaji Real Name Sushmita Cast

Sushmita Mukherjee as Ammaji. She is Niranjan’s mother and Sagar’s grandma. She gives Gangaa so much affection.


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