Gangaa Saturday Update 11 January 2020


Gangaa Saturday Update 11 January 2020

Later, Amma ji was watering the plants, kids come to demand her for a story. Amma ji narrates them Geeta. The girls hear her intently, Amma ji says one always clearly realizes the change coming over one’s life.

Ganga hears this and wonders if there is going to be a change in her life as well. She turns around to see Niru walking towards oil on floor and slips. She screams Bapu, but Niru wasn’t there. She realizes it was a day dream, but soon Niru actually appears and fell off the similar way. Pulkit and Supriya come to help Niru get up. Ganga thinks this wasn’t really fine.
Ganga comes to the room, and tells Sagar she had envisioned Niru slip over water, but Niru wasn’t there. But after a while, Niru actually fell off. Why is she facing this all. Sagar tells her to stop over thinking, he presents her a new ring. He then asks if this is a romantic start, and puts the ring in her hand. The ring suddenly fell over the floor. He looks around but couldn’t find it. Ganga was worried.

Ganga comes to Amma ji’s room to speak to her. She requests her not to go to ghaat on makar sakranti tomorrow, she is really troubled and senses something wrong is about to happen.

Amma ji understands she has bad memories attached to her childhood, but Ganga must face her fears else it won’t go away from her. She must bear courage to face these memories of hers. She was excited to see Ganga get ready well with makeup and jewellery, she must make new memories there and forget the older ones. Ganga wonders what tomorrow would bring for them.
It was early morning. Ganga brings milk for Maharaj ji. He speaks to her about her wedding, and asks if she has seen her groom to be. There, an old man warned his son if he doesn’t marry Ganga tomorrow he won’t be able to see his face. The son agrees, but
he must mind he is only bringing a daughter in law for himself, as this wedding doesn’t mean anything to him. Ganga wakes up in the midst of night of a nightmare, in which there was water, and she had been suffocating in a closed room. She had been badly sweating actually, and takes a sip of water but couldn’t sleep again.
The next morning, Madhvi reminds Amma ji that Maharaj ji isn’t here anymore. Gagnga comes outside, Madhvi compliments her. Sagar hands her a paper butterfly which is a small gift; and she must be ready for a bigger surprise. Niranjan comes to remind them they have to leave for Switzerland tomorrow, so must return in time. Ganga was about to step outside, then looks towards her house with teary eyes, out of worry. Sagar notices her inside, Amma ji calls Ganga to leave.
There, Maharaj ji was marrying Ganga. She leaves tear eyed with the blessings of Maharaj ji.
At the ghaat, Chatterviedies arrive for poja. Ganga gets a flash back of the accident that took away her father. She runs towards Sagar and family saying she can hear shouts and screams, it seems they must leave this place. Sagar asks Ganga if she took the medicines in the morning; everyone is fine. Niru says he understands what’s going on in Ganga’s mind, but she need not worry as nothing would be wrong this time. They are all with her. He assures to leave for home after the Pooja. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand and takes her along. They all sit for Pooja.
There, Ganga’s wedding also took place at the ghaat. Some ladies passed by the wedding. They gossip that this daughter in law must be prettier than the old one. The other one says first she would do the Pooja at their home, after that only the groom would be allowed to see her face. The Pandit sends Ganga to take the Deepak into water.
There, Sagar asks to join Ganga but the Pandit insists she must do this alone. Ganga steps downstairs and meets the young Ganga, taking her along into the water. She helps her perform her wedding ritual, and afterwards pushes her Deepak into the water…

While going upstairs both Ganga discuss about the bridal saree and recognizes each other. Ganga tells the younger Ganga that Maharaj ji used to work at their home for so long. The younger Ganga was happy to meet Ganga, and calls her someone with great self-respect and keeping the family united. Ganga advices the younger one to have faith over herself, she is sure her new family would dearly respect her. The younger Ganga discuss she is unaware about her new family, she hasn’t even met her husband yet; its his second marriage and he has a daughter as well. Ganga was sure she will get the courage to fulfil his responsibility well. She goes to meet the groom and father in law. The younger Ganga takes a leave, Ganga leaves for her way. The young Ganga return, her father in law instructs Shiv to make Ganga
wear their family necklace. There, Ganga informs the family about the young Ganga. Amma ji suggests to remarry Ganga and Sagar. Everyone including Krishna was excited. The Pandit qualifies if they take rounds with each other now, their wedding would be for lives onwards. Sagar cheerfully says they must do it, he would become tension free as well, and it won’t matter even if he dies. Ganga silently prays, when she foresee a storm coming her way; and tears fill her eyes. They all leave with food for Brahmans. Krishna watches the young Ganga and family getting on a boat for ride, and points towards Sagar. Ganga forbids at once, but Krishna insists. Everyone insists on Ganga to let her go, Sagar takes Ganga along with them. Suddenly there is a storm, the same scenes as Ganga’s nightmare; the three felling off the boat into water. Ganga screaming for Krishna, struggling in water. Sagar drowns. Ganga holds the family necklace that had been gifted to younger Ganga. Ganga’s head hit a boat side, and she faints. After the storm, people come to help Sagar out of the river. Shiv was standing on the river back when two men come to point at the girl wearing the same dress. Shiv brings Ganga out of the river, and not his wife.
In the medical camp, Shiv sat beside his father who had also faint. A lady comes with a necklace, which she found with Ganga. He was moved by this. Ganga gets conscious, two ladies go to inform Shiv. Ganga gets flashes from her childhood of a similar storm at ghaat. She wakes up calling her father, and wants to go to him. The ladies inform her that her husband and his father are here. Ganga doesn’t recognize having a husband, and denies recognizing Shiv as well. She tries to leave, but Shiv arrive by then. Shiv tells Ganga to come with him, as they need to do coronation ceremony.

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