Gangaa Monday Update 30 December 2019


Gangaa Monday Update 30 December 2019

Sagar and ganga meet on the rooftop, and discuss tensedly, while she again clarifies that she needs to do this only for niru as a compromise to fulfill his last wishes.

he clutches hold of her tightly, and asks her to reciprocate as they are being watched by niru. he smiles and leaves. sagar and ganga leave away, while tensedly commenting on how they have to keep this up, till niru needs them.

As ammaji comes by, the nurse shows the magic set up to her and she is petrified. her screams get everyone there and they are equally baffled and aghast. ganga is boggled though Amma ji recognizes the stain as the one of black magic, it is done when you wish to kill someone. Ganga holds the mark and throws it away. She scolds the nurse for believing in such illusions. Amma ji was worried that Ganga touched it, and says she would now apologize Ghunghat wali mata ji. The nurse thinks Amma ji would run to ghunghat wali mata ji and it suggests her trap is working.
In the evening, Ganga brings water to Amma ji. Amma ji was worried that Mata ji isn’t picking her call. She asks her to think about Niru now, he is really happy and is preparing for wedding.

 Amma ji confirms if they are really marrying. Ganga thinks they are both not happy with this wedding, and is doing it only for Niru. Amma ji finally cries out of elation, and goes to prepare for wedding. The nurse thinks they
would mix chemical in the mehndi that would burn Ganga’s hand.
At the Sangeet, Amma ji sends Maharaj ji inside to pour oil in the mehndi. The nurse comes to the hall, and goes into the kitchen. She sends Maharaj ji outside to see someone at the door, then mixes the chemical into henna. She smiles that Ganga would get wrats in hands with this henna.
Ganga and Sagar sat on stage. Amma ji calls Maharaj ji for henna. Everyone was excited. Niru comes there and announces he is waiting for someone. It was Kashish, everyone was shocked watching her there. Niru calls her inside. He requests them all to accept her as their family member, as she has a right to stay in the house. He asks Pulkit and Supriya to accept her. Ganga wonders if Niru wants to give Kashish’s child an identity for Pulkit. Amma takes them all inside. Niru says Kashish is going to give birth to Pulkit’s child, they shouldn’t forget their humanitarian rights. Kashish says she can’t be sinful of aborting the child, she promises to leave after giving birth and the child would stay here. Niranjan says if they deny giving Kashish a place here Kashish will be left with no chance but to abort. Supriya allows Kashish to stay here. Kashish assures Pulkit she would never force a right over this child, or him. Niranjan stops Supriya from leaving and thanks her. He asks Ganga to prepare a room for Kashish. Pulkit leaves the room. Amma ji fears some problems between Pulkit and Supriya’s life..

Ganga goes to prepare the room, Madhvi stops her as guests are waiting for Ganga outside. Amma ji asks to go to Peer Baba, with Sumitra and hands everything to them. Ganga was worried.
The nurse await henna being put on Ganga’s hand. Madhvi brings Ganga for henna, and prays for their happiness. Ganga requests Madhvi to get the henna too. Krishna comes outside. The henna girl asks Ganga to change her place, Ganga slips while Sagar hurries and holds her. Everyone smiles, as they share an intimate eye lock. The henna bowl had fallen on the floor. Madhvi confirms if they are both fine, Krishna thinks Gaga get nervous really soon. The nurse thinks no one should notice about the carpet burning with henna and hurries to clear it. Krishna brings henna from temple to be put in henna.
Later, Krishna and Maharaj ji were dancing. Madhvi looks towards Ganga saying her son’s name is being written not only over her hand but heart as well. Ganga smiles that even there should be Niranjan’s name over Madhvi’s hand. Sagar and Niranjan come downstairs, Niru says he could never make Madhvi realize how important she is for him, he doesn’t want to lose this chance today; as he is unsure he might get this chance again or not. Everyone was moved by the last sentence. Niru wanted to get Madhvi’s name written over his hand. Madhvi gets weepy, and avoids by hurrying towards the kitchen. Sagar looks towards Ganga.
In the room, Madhvi cries while crossing another day. Ganga comes to her, concerned. Madhvi says its really difficult to celebrate, time is slipping her hands like sand. She is happy for Ganga and Sagar. Sagar comes there saying they need to make each moment as memorable, and fill Niru’s life happy and for that Madhvi needs to be strong.

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