Gangaa Monday Update 20 January 2020


Gangaa Monday Update 20 January 2020

Ganga assures Aashi one day she would find a man and will think this is the right man for her. Aashi asks if Ganga felt the same when she first met Shiv.
Later, Shiv arrives home early for dinner. Dai Maa tells Ganga she informed Shiv about her dinner dilemma. Ganga serves food for Shiv. They hear a bell outside, Dai Maa wonders who came so late at night calling for justice. An old lady rung the bell while her son lay injured badly. Shiv comes out to inquire the lady. The lady says Shiv’s father always helped the poor with loans, today her son was beaten badly for not returning her debted loan. The men came from Shiv’s house, Raaju reminded them about PrataDev’s promise for the next two months but he was beaten badly. Shiv looks towards Pratab, then joins his hands in apology to the lady. Lady
was sure Shiv can’t do this. Shiv says he will get punished for such behavior with her son. He calls Birju to bring the stick, takes his shirt off and tells the lady to beat him as much as Raju was beaten. The lady was reluctant. Shiv says there should be equal justice for each of them; if the lady doesn’t Birju must do this. Birju was reluctant as well then beats Shiv till his body bleeds. Jhumki whispers to Pratab he could have been at Shiv’s place if someone knew who was responsible for all this. Ganga hears this, then tells Dai Maa she must tell everyone about it. Its Pratab’s mistake. Dai Maa cries that Shiv also know its Pratab’s mistake, he always does so in love for Pratab. Ganga was upset about this kind of love, she heads on but Savitri steps forward before. She announces if her son committed a mistake, even she must get the punishment. The lady says she doesn’t need such justice, they are well aware Shiv can’t do such unjust to them. Shiv gives the lady time for two months, and if someone come to demand money she must come straight to him. The lady leaves. Savitri asks Shiv why he did such injustice to himself and sends Pratab to get doctor. Shiv forbids him saying he would get fine by placing mud over his bruises.

Ganga watches Shiv placing mud over his bruised back. She gets water and towel saying she needs to clean then first, and sits to help Shiv. She says she can’t understand his justice; everyone understood who did this. It was Pratab, he had ordered beating of Raaju. Shiv replies he knows well. Ganga questions why Shiv put himself in trouble. Shiv insists what matter is that the mistake was committed by a family member. Pratab is irresponsible, Ganga insists if he gives advantages to Pratab he would never learn from his mistakes. Shiv says like Ganga won’t be able to separate mud from water, and both must suffer if one is in trouble. He is the one who must improve Pratab’s mistakes, and requests Ganga not to discuss it with anyone at home.
The next morning, Pratab comes downstairs and was passing by the Pooja. Shiv stops him to speak to him, he says whatever happened yesterday wasn’t good. Pratab was about to deny, but realizes Shiv already knew about the truth. Shiv announces that from now on, Pratab must get his signed orders to take money from anyone.
Radhika and Ganga go out to pick mangoes together. Radhika climbs the tree but was unable to reach any ripe one. Ganga urges Radhika to try climbing up. Radhika asks Ganga to make an attempt. Ganga reaches up on the tree and reaches the upper mango, but while coming down her foot slips. Shiv watches Ganga about to fell off. Radhika was laughing, Shiv also laughs watching Ganga drooling off the tree stem. Everyone from the house gathered. Shiv laughed. Dai Maa was happy Shiv has laughed so after so many years. Ganga calls for help, Shiv runs to rescue her from falling off and takes her into his arms. Ganga thanks him as he places her down. Shiv leaves for some work. Dai Maa comes to Ganga and says she did a miracle, as Shiv laughed after three years just because of her.

Savitri calls Ganga and Dai Maa to go inside. Kushal comes to tell Ganga no one has the ability to climb a tree. Savitri thinks she must control this Ganga.
Inside, Savitri says she likes it that Ganga has started to understand the rules of this family. At first, she thought Ganga can never be a good daughter in law; but she needs learn a lot and fulfil the responsibilities of elder daughter in law. She is thinking about giving Shrivrastri fair responsibility to Ganga, like Parvati held it. Shiv denies, saying Ganga is new to family. Savitri qualifies she would only learn when she would do this work. Shiv tells Savitri he would look after the fair’s responsibility, Ganga can take some other responsibility.
Maharaj ji comes to meet Ganga, his daughter. A servant stops him, then comes in to
inform Savitri someone came to meet Ganga from her mother’s house. Ganga hurries outside. Savitri reminds her of her veil; Ganga touches Maharaj ji’s feet. Savitri asks Ganga who he is, she never discussed about him. Maharaj ji asks Ganga if she didn’t recognize her Mishra Kaka. Jhumki taunts Ganga doesn’t know the name of her relative. Savitri asks Ganga who is he, she needs to reply; does she recognize him. Ganga looks through her veil, confused. She then denies knowing him at all. Savitri sends Maharaj ji outside, everyone might come to meet them as relative. Tears fill Maharaj ji’s eyes, who leaves the house. Ganga goes inside, while the veil fell off her head but Savitri comes between her and Maharaj ji to cover Ganga.
Outside, Dai Maa comes to apologize Maharaj ji about Ganga’s behavior. Maharaj ji was worried about Ganga, Dai Maa says Ganga even didn’t recognize her name and has a memory loss. Maharaj ji was upset that the storm was catastrophic for both Ganga, here she lost her memory and in Banaras the storm took Ganga away altogether. He takes a leave. Savitri over hears this, and wonders why she didn’t know about it.

At night, Pratab and Savitri discuss about Ganga’s memory loss. Savitri was happy she got a god opportunity to remove Ganga from this house and Shiv’s life. Ganga must die, when, where and how is also there in her mind. They watches Shiv enter the room, then questions Pratab if he can’t go for work who would look after her. She tells Shiv about a relative girl who is ill, she asked Pratab to take some money for her. Even Shiv is busy with fair. Shiv assures he would get the money for Lallan, she must only take rest. Savitri agrees, while Pratab smirks.
Early morning, Shiv counts the money and was preparing tea. Ganga comes out of her room. Shiv thinks tea has finished. Ganga goes to get tea for him, in spite of his denial. She insists he never leaves without tea. Shiv was not in the hall. Ganga was upset that Shiv couldn’t stay even for a few minutes, his wallet was there behind.
A man informs Savitri that Mishra sent a few clothes for Ganga; he insists Mishra is always upset that Ganga couldn’t recognize him. Ganga looks at the clothes. The man tells Ganga that Mishra miss her a lot, he brought her up after her parent’s death. Savitri insists Ganga doesn’t recognize him at all. Ganga replies what’s wrong in going to meet him, at least he recognizes her. Savitri allows Ganga to go, but not with the man alone. She points towards the man, then smirks behind him. Riya watches Ganga leave with the man, Savitri says she is going to meet her uncle.
Shiv stops the car as he watches Maharaj ji standing on bus stop. He goes to greet him. Maharaj ji says he was really hurt that Ganga didn’t even recognize him. Maharaj ji was happy that Ganga got a husband like him. He was upset that Sagar still didn’t return home and his second Ganga is also missing. Shiv insists on Maharaj ji to come home with him, Maharaj ji takes a leave saying he would only keep on calling him. Shiv thinks about giving some money to him, but his wallet wasn’t with him. He thinks he has lost his wallet.
Ganga thinks Mishra knows her since childhood. The man with her signals the driver to stop the car. The driver stops the car with a jerk. The man says from here comes broken roads and they must walk. The driver walks behind them with a knife.
Shiv returns home, Savitri inquires him about his return. Shiv says may be Ganga kept his wallet safe. Savitri informs Shiv Ganga went to meet her uncle, Shiv wonders who?

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